How To Use Horse Manure Gift In Fire Emblem Engage

Horse Manure is one of the giftable items in Fire Emblem Engage that is not liked by any of the characters. However, not all hate it too much; some can give you hilarious reactions if you gift it to them in Fire Emblem Engage.

In this FE Engage guide, we will discuss all the locations where you can find Horse Manure and details about whom you should never gift the Horse Manure to in Fire Emblem Engage. 

Where to find Horse Manure

In FE Engage, players have to make very little effort to find Horse Manure. You can find this useless item in many places across the map. However, below are the locations where it might be a bit easier to find horse manure.


The most common place to find Horse Manure in FE Engage is Elyos. Players can find the item while trekking there. Horse Manure will lie around Elyos like the other sparkling items on the ground. Players can stuff this in their inventory and then use it later whenever they want.


The second place where players can find a lot of Horse Manure is Somniel. In FE Engage, Somniel is home to so many animals. Most of these animals poop out Horse Manure, and thus players can collect the horse manure from the actual animal poop.

The best place to look for horse manure is close to the stable, so don’t forget to check out for the glowing sparkles on the ground there.

Flea Market

One of the easiest places to find the Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Enagage is Flea Market, which you can enter in Chapter 15. You need 100 Gold to buy Horse Manure from here.

In case you do have a lot of gold, and you can’t decide what to buy, then you can use this method; otherwise, it would be insane to buy something useless in exchange for gold in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to use Horse Manure as a gift in Fire Emblem Engage

While a lot of items in FE Engage can be gifted to various characters to improve your relationship with them, horse manure is not one of them. In fact, it is more of a gag item to elicit different reactions from characters.

Once players have collected the Horse Manure, the next thing is how to utilize it as there doesn’t seem to be anything players can do with it apart from gifting it to different characters; in fact, they won’t be so happy to have it as a gift.

As mentioned before, you can use horse manure to play a prank on your allies, and they won’t be mad at you except for one. This gift will not affect your relationship with most of the characters; you will also get to see their hilarious reaction. You can also gift it to someone you don’t like and want to show how much you hate them in FE Engage.

Thus players can use the horse manure as a gift to the allies and thus enjoy their hilarious reactions to it. However, not all the characters will hilariously react to this gift, as some of them mind this and get upset. Below is the reaction of all the characters to horse manure:

  • Alfred will get super upset on receiving the horse manure; therefore, players should never gift this to Alfred, not even for fun.
  • The rest of the characters will accept it and give different reactions. However, these reactions won’t be too good or very harsh. They are just hilarious in their ways so just enjoy the reactions.

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