10 Secret Areas You Might Have Missed in Elden Ring

There are plenty of secret areas in Elden Ring and most of them are easy to miss especially on your first playthrough.

Elden Ring probably has one of the most confusing maps. What tickles your frustration, even more, is the fact that there are some secret areas in Elden Ring you might have missed. If you thought the Elden Ring map was difficult to understand, your viewpoint will be changing to “Nope, I’m done” very soon after reading this article as it sheds light on some of the hidden areas of the game which players usually are unable to reach or miss during their first playthrough.


Starting off at number 1 we have Jarburg. And yes, this is the place from where those “Jarhead” enemies come from. Although the enemies may be quite aggressive, this town actually gives the wrong impression. This town is very peaceful, maybe the only place where you can actually find peace in the messed up world of Elden Ring. This place towns the Jarhead enemies and they are in a bliss here, until you decide to provoke them or try to steal something from their houses.

This place can be found by dropping off a cliff in the eastern region of the Liurnia of Lakes. Although fall damage is almost non-existent, it does happen quite often than you might think. The only way you will be surviving this fall is by jumping on the gravestones sticking out of the cliff.

Mohgwyn Palace

Since we are talking about natural beauty, there is no place best to be other than the Mohgwyn Palace. This palace is for the space-heads out there who like the space-ey vibe. It can be seen at the Siofra River and reaching this place can require a lot of tactics, planning, and patience.

Accessing this place can be tricky. You can get here by following the White-Faced Varre’s Convoluted Questline. Or you can go here through the Consecrated Snowfield. A hidden teleporter will be waiting for you behind some rocks in the Snowfield so comb it thoroughly. This teleporter will get you inside the palace where you can also fight Mohg, the Lord of Blood.

Subterranean Shunning Grounds

Subterranean Shunning Grounds are a hard miss for everyone. This area can be found in the Leyndell area of the Capital City. These grounds have a special easter egg as well known as the Frenzied Flame. The entrance to this place is through some pretty decent parkour, that is, if you manage to pull it off. You will be dropping from some considerably high and narrow platforms.

First, you will have to go through the field of corpses of Nomads and navigate your way through to the planks from where you’ll be dropping.

This easter egg offers a wall that looks to be made from hell. The only way you unlock this easter egg is, I kid you not, by removing all your character’s clothing standing in front of the wall. The next thing that happens, it’ll be our little secret.

Eternal City of Nokron

The Eternal City of Nokron is talked about by many of the NPCs in the game and little clues regarding the city have dropped everywhere. Yet there is no access to it, which can be seen by the naked eye. Reaching this city can be done but requires a certain amount of progress and requires you to take down the Starscourge Radahn. This maniac is hellishly impossible to defeat but if you manage to do so, a short cutscene plays after his death in which meteors can be seen falling. A specific one will dive closer to land and it will crash. If you follow its trajectory, you can actually find the crash site and use it to access the eternal city of Nokron.

Mequilla’s Haligtree

Mequilla’s Haligtree is unique because it houses a whole colony of different species. Mostly, you can find all sizes of Oracle Envoys and gigantic ants. The special thing is that this tree isn’t even on the map.it is separated from the land part of the map and the initial location is believed to be in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

You can access this tree by collecting the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. The first can be obtained by completing Castle Sol while the other can be found by an old Albinauric in the village of Albinaurics. This old man is hiding inside a giant pot so smash any that you come across while looting this area. Join the two halves, take the elevator to the Consecrated Snowfield, and travel to the Ordina, Liturgical town where by solving a puzzle, you can reach the Haligtree.

The Secrets of Volcano Manor

The Volcano Manor is a weird enough place as is it is where you can’t explore anything at first. You have to build the story by talking to various people in the Manor and work with Lady Tanith.

There will come a time when Tanith’s daughter will start to complain about paranormal activity. Explore the room to find a false wall, which will lead to a lava-infested town run by crazed prisoners and “snake-men”. There is also a boss fight waiting for you to happen at this site.

The Inverted Carian Study Hall

You may have visited the Carian Study Hall. And if you explored it enough you would’ve found that you can interact with a place but cannot go ahead because you do not have the right item to place on the pedestal. Well, it is the Carion Inverted Statue. And it can be obtained by trading it for the Hidden Treasure of Nokron. The Hidden Treasure will take up this whole guide so we will not be covering it here but hopefully, in another one, we do it. This exchange takes place with the witch Ronnie at Carian Manor. Here you can obtain this statue.

Once you place it on the pedestal, the whole room will go upside-down and you will be walking on the ceiling in no time. after exploring around a bit, you will come across an elevator which will take you to Ronnie’s Dead body. You can find a death mark on her body.

The Eternal City of Nokstella

The Eternal City of Nokstella can be found after we pick up the death mark on Ronnie’s body.  After you pick it up, visit the Three Sisters area. Here, you will find an unlocked tower which was previously locked. It will contain a portal that takes you to the inaccessible area over the Ansil River. Follow along the path and you will soon reach the Eternal City of Nokstella.

Deep Root Depths

Deeproot Depths contains the roots of Erdtree and is a colony of giant ants and Basilisks of its own. Many other creatures reside here among them as well. This are can be accessed by a secret passageway found north of the Ancestral Woods. After passing this passageway, you will need to beat a boss and then get into a coffin which will take you up a waterfall. Once this ride ends, you will find yourself in the place. This place has a good amount of loot and particular things you might be interested in so stay a while and explore it fully.

Lake of Rot

Relax, Lake of Rot is not the swamp over at the Caelid Region. this place is unique and can only be found by taking an elevator at the end of Nokstella. This place, as the name suggests, is a place of Scarlet Rot producing liquid except it is a gigantic lake of the liquid. What is so special about this area is that you literally have to run in the liquid to get to a safe zone and at the end of this lake, you can find an Egyptian-looking tomb where several pests are gathered together in a worshipping ceremony. In the tomb, you can find a coffin and by climbing inside, you can actually unlock a boss fight with the Astrel, Naturalborn of the Void.

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