Elden Ring Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle Guide

After obtaining both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion in Elden Ring, use them on the Grand Lift of Rold. Doing this will take you to the hidden path of the Haligtree, and inside it, you will reach the ghost town of Ordina Liturgical and get to solve the Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle. This guide will tell you complete details about the Elden Ring Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle.

How to solve Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle in Elden Ring

On the map below, you can see the Ordina Liturgical Town. This town is located in the Consecrated Ground, north of the Consecrated Snowfield in the lower plains of the Mountaintops of the Giants.

You have to go to the location encircled on the map below to solve the Ordina Liturgical puzzle in Elden Ring.

Once there, you will see an arcane plate. Stand on the arcane plate, and the town will turn into its Evergaol variant. Now your task is to light all four figures, basically the statues in the Ordina Liturgical Town to solve the puzzle.

Where are the Four Figures in Ordina Liturgical Town

The location of all four figures in Ordina Liturgical Town to solve the puzzle is given below.

Figure #1

From where you get this puzzle in the Evergaol, jump down from the west side of the roof and move forward.


Go around the structure you see, and you will find a ladder on the edge of the building next to a blue-lit torch. Climb the ladder, and you will see another ladder. Here you will find the statue you have to light.

While lighting the first figure, beware of the Lesser Black Knife Assassin that can attack you. You won’t be able to see this enemy as he will be invisible but Sentry Touch can be used to reveal him.

Figure #2

From where you get the puzzle, you can go towards the south side, and after getting down the stairs, you can find this statue. To light up this statue, drop down near the ladder and then climb it.

The location of this statue can be seen in the picture above, along with the stairs to make things a little easy for you.

Figure #3

Right from the location of the second figure, go downstairs and head west. When you reach the stairs again, jump onto the balcony on the left side, and you will see a ladder going up, which can be seen in the picture as well next to the stairs.

Elden Ring Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle

Climb the ladder, and you will see another ladder. Climb the other ladder and reach the top of the tower with the statue on it. Beware of the Albinauric Wolfback Archers found here that can attack you with their arrows. You need to fight them and protect yourself by equipping a shield.

Figure #4

From the third statue’s location, get down the ladder, and now you have to use the connected roofs to go in the North-East direction to reach the ladder next to a blue-lit torch which is shown in the image as well.

Elden Ring Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle

Here you will get attacked by some enemies as well. You will need to take out the soldier on the roof before climbing the ladder.

Once you have defeated that enemy, climb the ladder and after that, climb another one. Watch out for the Archer’s Arrows while doing so. Eventually, you will reach the fourth and the last figure in Ordina Liturgical Town.

Once you start the fire on all four figures to complete the Ordina Liturgical Town puzzle, the central pathway will open up. Take the path and you will find a teleporter there that will take you to Miquella’s Haligtree.

It is another secret area in Elden Ring where you will find a Legacy Dungeon and Shardbearer Boss.

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