Elden Ring Roderika Questline Walkthrough

From Stormhill Shack to Roundtable Hold. From unlocking Spirit Tuning to Crimson Hood, we have covered everything.

Roderika is an NPC in Elden Ring who has an unfortunate backstory as she had lost everything. In the Roderika Questline, you will help Roderika deliver her message to the Chrysalids and help her find her purpose. Our guide will help you complete the Roderika Questline in Elden Ring.

Roderika is an important NPC in Elden Ring, as you will require her to upgrade your Spirit Ashes. So, it is recommended that you interact with her to unlock that feature.

How to start Roderika Questline in Elden Ring

To start the Roderika Questline in Elden Ring, you must arrive at the Stormhill Shack, located in the northwest of Limgrave. This is an early area in Elden Ring, so you won’t have to go far into the game to reach her.

stromhill shack location roderika

Before reaching Stormhill Shack, you have to acquire Torrent from Melina at the Gatefront Site of Grace. Afterward, you can continue your path toward the northwest to access the location. ‘

Go inside the Stormhill Shack and talk to Roderika, sitting in a corner. She will tell you that she has lost everyone and is alone now. All her companions have been grafted into Chrysalids in the Stormviel Castle. During the dialogue, you will unlock the sitting sideways pose. She will also give you Jellyfish Spirit Ashes. She will ask your help to deliver a message to the Chrysalids. This will start the Roderika Questline.

Roderika Questline Walkthrough

Roderika Questline is a little time-consuming, and you might often get confused about what must be done in the quest. To complete the questline, you will need to complete the following objectives:

Travel to Stormveil Castle

First, you must travel to Stormviel Castle to acquire the Chrysalids’ Memento. Stormveil Castle is located in the westernmost part of the Limgrave region. From the location of the Stormhill Shack, where you met Roderika, continue along the road towards the northwest.

stormveil castle location

After covering some distance, you will reach the castle.

Defeat the Margit the Fell Omen and Retrieve the Chrysalids’ Memento

Enter from the eastern door. Lines of archers and knights will surround the castle. You can avoid engagement with them. However, you have to fight a main story boss called Margit the Fell Omen at the entrance. Defeating him will be challenging, but like most of the bosses in Elden Ring, you will eventually get him. You can refer to our guide for further guidance on how to defeat Margit.

After defeating him, enter the lobby. From there, enter the second room on the right side. There, you can collect the Chrysalids’ Memento from the piles of corpses.

Bring the Chrysalids’ Memento to Roderika

After Acquiring the Chrysalid Memento from the Stromveil Castle, you have to take the Chrysalid Memento to Roderika in the Stormhill Shack.

Show her the Chrysalid Memento. She will thank you and decide to travel with you to the Roundtable Hold to find her purpose.

Travel to Roundtable Hold

It is to be noted if you missed Roderika in the Stormhill Shack, you can find her in the Roundtable Hold. But for that, you have to unlock the Site of Grace in Liurnia after defeating Margit.

Now, you have to fast-travel to the Roundtable Hold and talk to Roderika, standing near the fireplace. Roundtable Hold can only be accessed through Fast Travel. She will tell you she needs to find a purpose and ask for your help.

Talk to Master Hewg

Go to the next corridor in the Roundtable Hold and talk to Master Hewg. Ask her about Roderika. He will tell you that Roderika possesses a talent for spirit tuning.

Talk to Roderika

Return to Roderika and tell her what Master Hewg told her about her. She will ask you to tell Master Hewg she is willing to learn spirit tuning from him.

Return to Master Hewg

Talk to Master Hewg and tell him that Roderika is willing to learn spirit tuning, so you should look after her. He will say that she will not stay with me. Tell him that she has made her choice. After your dialogue with Master Hewg, Roderika will become a Spirit Tuner. She can now upgrade your Spirit Ashes using Ghost Gloveworts and Grave Gloveworts. You might have to rest at a Site of Grace after your last dialogue with Hewg, so keep that in mind.

Meet Roderika, the Spirit Tuner

Now, return to meet Roderika in the Roundtable Hold. She will thank you for everything you have done for her. Also, pay a visit to Master Hewg next to Roderika. He will tell you that Roderika is doing a great job.

Retrieve the Crimson Hood

Completing Roderika’s questline to this point will reward you with the Crimson Hood that Roderika was wearing throughout the questline.

To retrieve the Crimson Hood, travel to the Stromveil Castle and go to the same room where you got the Chrysalid’s Memento. Collect the Crimson Hood. After you have upgraded a Spirit Ash to +4, you can talk to her again to get the “Curtsy Gesture.”

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