How to Summon Jellyfish in Elden Ring

Spirit Ashes are a great asset in Elden Ring. They can prove to be quite useful in a combat situation. If used correctly, they can completely turn around a difficult situation. This guide will look at how to summon the Jellyfish Spirit in Elden Ring.

How to Get Jellyfish Spirit Summon in Elden Ring

The Jellyfish is a large floating spirit that appears on your screen when you summon it. The Jellyfish can inflict poison on enemies and serve as a distraction during boss fights.

It has enough HP to last a long time and tank damage for you, allowing you to recover from attacks or go in for backstabs, making it a formidable companion.

To obtain the Jellyfish, you need to head over to the Stormhill Shack in the Stormhill region, as shown on the map.

Once you reach the location, head on inside the broken shack, where you will find Roderika sitting on the floor, you need to go and talk to her. Unfortunately, talking to Roderika once might not give you the Jellyfish, so you have to exhaust all of your dialogue with her to receive the Jellyfish.

Roderika will become a Spirit Tuner in the future if you pursue her quest at the Roundtable. She will help you upgrade your Spirit Ashes, making them even more powerful.

There is also another way to obtain The Jellyfish by going to a mass gravesite also present in the Stormhill Region. You will have to find a particular body with an item that you can loot in that area. Once you loot that item, you will obtain the Jellyfish Spirit.

How to Use Jellyfish

Every time you obtain some Spirit Ashes that you can summon, you get a summoning bell with it. Once you have the Jellyfish spirit, you will also receive the summoning bell to summon it.

Before you can summon the Jellyfish, you will have to add it to your pouch, which you can simply do by going in the menu and adding the Jellyfish Spirit in an empty spot in your pouch.

Just to be clear, you cannot summon the Jellyfish anywhere and anytime. You can only summon it at particular locations or during particular times, such as during a boss fight.

A purple arch will appear on the left side of the screen, indicating that you can now summon the Jellyfish

Bring out your pouch when that arch appears and select the Jellyfish to summon it.

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