How to Get Crimson Hood in Elden Ring

You can get Crimson Red Hood by completing Rodericka's quest. You will first encounter her in Stormhill Shack in Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring.

A red cloak from a land far away gifted to the unwanted ones so that they won’t ever return, Crimson Hood was once worn by a damsel in distress named Roderika. Upon finding her true calling, she decided to shun this piece of cloth made to disgrace and shame her.

Crimson Hood is a part of Noble’s Armor Set in Elden Ring and can only be obtained by completing a particular questline. Below is the guide on how to get the Crimson Red Hood in Elden Ring and what benefits players can obtain from using it in the game.

Crimson Hood Location in Elden Ring

crimson hood location elden ring

Crimson Hood belongs to a Noble Roderika, and can only be obtained by completing her questline. This includes a lot of backtracking so make sure to follow all the steps mentioned below in exact order.

  • Roderika is first encountered by players inside Stormhill Shack on Stormhill. This shack is in the Northwest region of Limgrave, on the path leading to Stormveil Castle. Talk to Roderika multiple times (she has a crimson hood and appears as a lady in distress) to start her questline.
stormhill shack location
  • Go to Stormveil Castle and search the Rampart Tower area (if you are already here, simply fast-travel to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace). Go out and run across the bridge with a lot of Falcon enemies. Drop down from the right stairs on the rooftops. Turn right from the last rooftop to enter the tower and drop down a hole into a small room.
  • From the small room, go outside until you come across two enemies (one strong castle guard and his torch bearer). Run past these enemies to enter a small room. Leave the room from the door to the right to enter a corridor leading to a dark hall.
  • Don’t drop into the hall as it houses a mini-boss, Grafted Scion. Go outside the hall and look to the left to find a pile of corpses below. Drop down from the bridge and kill the dogs in the area to obtain Chrysalids’ Memento for Roderika.
  • Return to Stormhill Shack and deliver Chrysalids’ Memento to Roderika who will then disappear from the shack and will be available in the Roundtable Hold from now on.
  • Talk to her until she gives you a Golden Seed. Talk to smithing master Hewg about Roderika and deliver his message to Roderika. This will prompt her to become a spirit tuner and discard her old identity.
  • This event is followed by Roderika also abandoning her Crimson Hood, a sign of her noble lineage. To find the Crimson Hood of Roderika, return to the place where you found Chrysalids’ Memento earlier (pile of corpses inside Rampart Tower).

This marks the end of Roderika’s questline with players now in possession of her Crimson Hood.

Crimson Hood stats and builds in Elden Ring

Crimson Hood weighs only 1.7 and has a unique ability to increase players’ Vigor stat by 1, making it an extremely enticing option as a Helm in early-game sections.

Crimson Hood provides decent protection against magic, Fire, Light, and Holy damages (4.6 each) and Nominal protection against Physical Strikes (1.4). It also provides 16 Immunity, 29 vitality, and 3 poise once equipped.


Crimson Hood is a unique gear item in Elden Ring and can be sold for 500 runes to any merchant.

Mostly, the Crimson Hood is used by players for its fashion outlook. +1 Vigor of course will increase the health stat which can come in handy in the early game however, as your progress more in Elden Ring, there will be other, better options you will be inclined to for your builds. Being a lightweight and cool-looking helm, Crimson Hood can do well with any build that doesn’t rely much on armor.

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