How To Get Nomadic Merchant’s Set In Elden Ring

You can find all three pieces of the Nomadic Merchant's armor set in the Cathedral of the Forsaken in Elden Ring.

The Nomadic Merchant’s Armor Set is a three-piece armor set in Elden Ring. It is known to be worn by the Nomadic Merchants whom you encounter at the Lands Between. It is slightly different from the original set as it consists of a different shade of color.

Also, being made out of mostly fur, it only weighs 14.6. This makes it a good late-game choice for a lightweight armor set to equip.

You can also pair it with the Lusat’s Glintstone Staff in a One Cast Kill Mage build to stay protected from the likes of Magic, Fire, Light, and Holy damage while also dealing damage using your own Staff.

With that said, if you want to know where to find the entire Nomadic Merchant’s Armor Set, then we have prepared the best guide for you below.

Where to find the Nomadic Merchant’s armor set in Elden Ring

You can find all three pieces of the Nomadic Merchant’s armor set in a single location in Elden Ring. You need to make your way to the Cathedral of the Forsaken in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. However, getting there is not an easy task as it requires a couple of objectives to complete.

Nomadic Merchant's Set map location in Elden Ring

The Nomadic Merchant’s Amor set is said to be one of the most difficult pieces to find in Elden Ring. Especially considering how they are a part of the Hidden equipment.

To find this set, you must first gain access to the Leyndell Royal Capital. To get access to the location, you must visit Altus Plateau. Acquire both the pieces of the Dectus Medallion from Fort Haight and Fort Faroth as shown in the Elden Map above.

Route to reach Grand Lift of Dectus in Elden Ring

Take both pieces of the Medallion to the Grant Lift of Dectus. To reach the location, follow the marked location on the map below using which you will travel through the Western Luirnia and make your way to the Main Caria Manor Gate. Go east and across the bridge to arrive at the Grand Lift of Dectus.

The next step is acquiring the two Great Runes from Godrick the Grafted and Rennala: Queen of the Full Moon making your way to the Capital of Rampart.

Make sure to defeat the boss guarding the area and visit the West Capital Rampart. You can follow the marked location on the map above to see where to find the exact location to arrive at.

How to reach Subterannean Shunning Grounds for Nomadic Merchant's Set in Elden Ring

At the West Capital Rampart, head down the set of stairs and jump down to the broken houses. Head over to the northeastern side to find a well that you can use to head down to the sewers.

Keep following the path till you come across the Underground Roadside site of grace at the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds as shown in the map above.

Head left from the site of grace and into the underground tunnel below. Keep following the path to the right of the tunnel till you enter through a gate that leads you to an area where you will fight three Ogres. Defeat them and climb the ladder behind them.

Enter through the door in Infront and head down the set of stairs below. Go right into the opening and make your way to the left side and down the stairs into the tunnel behind the stairs.

Head right of the tunnel and follow the wooden path leading you to another Ogre. Kill the Ogre and climb up the set on the left.

Cross the wooden bridge and open the door to unlock this shortcut. Once this shortcut is unlocked, make your way back to the wooden bridge and head up the pipeline to the top.

Jump down to the left and make your way through the passage on the right platform and drop down into the tunnel gap below.

Follow the wooden path to the left and head down to the right of the tunnel. Drop down from the first gap and head left till you reach a ladder to climb down from.

There is an elevator that takes you even below the Forsaken Depths. Here you will encounter Mohg, the Omen. Defeat him in a boss fight, and make your way to the Cathedral of the Forsaken.

Collect the Erdtree +1 Talisman from the chest ahead. Now attack the altar behind the chest to open a hidden path that leads you to the Nomadic Mechant’s armor set. However, do note that this area of Elden Ring perhaps consists of the most horrifying visuals.

Head down and right across the thin wooden bridge taking you to the Tent on the left with several corpses surrounding it. Behind the tent is the entire Merchant’s Set, however, you cannot destroy the tent yourself.

Therefore, you must lure the Frenzied enemy to attack you while dodging his attack, you will destroy the tent revealing the entire Nomadic Merchant’s set in Elden Ring.

Nomadic Merchant’s set stats

Below we have given the stats of each piece of the Nomadic Merchant’s Armor Set in Elden Ring:  

Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau

  • Immunity: 24
  • Focus: 31
  • Vitality: 20

Nomadic Merchant’s Finery

  • Immunity: 57
  • Robustness: 32
  • Focus: 71
  • Vitality: 46
  • Poise: 13

Nomadic Merchant’s Trousers

  • Immunity: 35
  • Robustness: 20
  • Focus: 44
  • Vitality: 29
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