Elden Ring Mohg the Omen Boss Guide

Mohg, the Omen is one of the many optional bosses in Elden Ring. Defeating him is not required to advance...

Mohg, the Omen is one of the many optional bosses in Elden Ring. Defeating him is not required to advance the main storyline but if players still do so, they will be able to make good use of the loot he drops upon death. The following guide will explain everything that you need to know about Mohg, the Omen boss in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Mohg, the Omen Location

To get to Mohg the Omen, players need to go to Subterranean Shunning Grounds. You will start from the Lane Dell Capital City by reaching the Avenue Balcony site of grace. Follow the map image below to reach the exact location.

Keep moving straight and then jump to pass through a roof towards the left. Try to ignore the mobs as much as you can on the way.

Now, jump inside the well to the right after moving a little ahead from this point. Open the door on the left side and move inside in a straight direction.

Jump down after moving a little ahead and run through the hallway located on the right side after moving ahead a little.

Keep moving straight. A torch or a lamp is recommended before you reach this location. After moving straight for a while, you will reach Subterranean Shunning ground.

You will find some rats here, but you can easily ignore them. Go straight and down after turning left. Now, take a few steps and turn left again to move inside the door. Move straight ahead to get the first item here from the site of grace.

Next, move from that point and turn left after getting out of the gate. Turn right to pass through the door and then take the next left. Jump down from here by first going through the pipe. Ignore the monster that appears on the way.

Turn left after crossing the stairs and moving a little ahead. You will observe a huge lobster on the way as well. Try to dodge it and then take the Mohg’s Shackle item.

Mohg, the Omen Recommended Level and Weaknesses

The recommended level to fight Mohg, the Omen Boss in Elden Ring is 70-80. You should try to defeat Mohg once you have reached or are close to the recommended level.

Mohg the Omen is weak against all physical damage dealing attacks so basically, any melee weapon will be highly useful in this boss fight.

Mohg, the Omen Attacks and Counters

Trident Thrust Attack

In this attack, Mohg will thrust his trident towards you for dealing damage. You can dodge or block this attack easily. Staying out of its reach or dodging to either side is effective.

Blood Flame

This attack has two variations. In the first variation, Mohg the Omen will throw bleed fire in a wide arc. In the second variation, he will throw bleed fire in a straight line.

To dodge the wide arc, what you can do is hide behind some pillar or move towards the boss for dodging. Straight-line throws can be dodged easily by rolling towards the left or right.

Trident Combos

This is a combo attack in which first Mohg will swing the Trident followed by a ground stab combo and then a swing with the overhead slam. To dodge this attack you have to keep your eyes on the Trident and time your dodges.

Blood Flame Claw Explosive

This is a combo attack in which first Mohg will claw the air in the direction of the target that will explode. This attack is followed by a spear thrust attack as well.

To counter this attack, first, you have to dodge the explosion attack; you can also block it.  After that, you need to either dodge the second part or block it if you have enough stamina

How to Defeat Mohg, the Omen in Elden Ring

Mohg’s attacks will be slow but powerful. Those bulky animations will help players move out of the way in time.

Furthermore, he will sometimes get stuck in the pillars or ceiling while performing his overhead slam. Hence, there will be a chance to do as much damage to him as possible before he recovers.

When Mohg is stuck, get close and use Mohg’s Shackle. Make sure to get a good combo in as he winds up again to strike back. Repeat this whole sequence twice.

Mohg will also trigger his Bloody Flame ability to surround himself. Refrain from attacking him while this ability is activated because doing so will only stagger you. Hence, just wait for the ability to be over and press R1 to deal with him effectively.

You should pay attention to the movement of his right hand to guess his attack patterns in time to dodge.

Except for his Rush ability, there are no double-handed physical attacks that players can expect Mohg to do.  It can attack you with a probability of both Bloody Flame and Rush Bull ability. So, just be careful and keep a distance at this point.

Next thing that it can try is to use two blood flame sprays. Players can roll through them easily, so either roll left or right to avoid much damage from this move.

Be careful of the second Blood Flame spray, as it will directly roll towards you. Make sure that you do not roll forward and backward at this point.

There are two different kinds of Blood Flame Claw ability that it can try; the first one is quick, and the other is one is a bit delayed.

You can roll through the quick one easily, but make sure you do not get too deep into combos and get one or two hits only. With the delayed one, the boss will try to lure you by pausing the claw and then hit you when you get close to it. it can attack you with forehand and backhand both.

In the forehand attack, it will put the staff down and then starts readying the spell.

Next, it will attack in a forehand motion coming from the back and moving forward. You cannot roll through this one, as it will track you and then you can get hit.

The other is backhand in which it puts the hand forward and hit you once it rakes it back. You can easily roll through this attack.

That is all there is to know. There is no second phase to the fight and hence, players can keep their focus on him from the start to the end without having to break away.

Mohg, The Omen Boss Drops

For defeating Mohg the Omen, you will be rewarded with the Bloodflame Talons and 100,000 Runes.

How to Cheese Mohg, the Omen

To cheese Mohg, the Omen in Elden Ring the first thing you will need is Arrow’s Reach Talisman and Rock Sling spell along with some staff so you can use it.

So, what you have to do is when you reach the door to the boss arena don’t enter it. Instead of entering the boss area, you have to use the Rock Sling spell by standing outside the door.

You can put all the tears you have in the Flask of Wondrous Physick. Just continue to use the spell by standing outside the door and eventually the boss will fall.

How to Enter Secret Room Below Mohg, the Omen Boss

In order to enter the Secret Room below Mohg, the Omen boss arena, first you have to defeat the boss. After defeating the boss, discover the site of grace there in front of the throne.

Now you have to hit the throne with your weapon to open the path to the secret room. You can also open the chest in front of the throne to collect Erdtree’s Favor. That area is linked to the Flame of Frenzy ending, one of Elden Ring’s several endings. So accessing the secret room is pointless unless you are going for that specific ending.

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