How To Get The Blue Silver Set In Elden Ring

You need to find all four armor pieces to complete the Blue Silver Set in Elden Ring. Here is how you do that.

The Blue Silver Set is a medium-weight armor set that boosts your defenses against both physical and magical attacks in Elden Ring.

You particularly get a lot of robustness to increase your resistance against hemorrhage and frostbite status effects, both of which can be bothersome if not removed in time. What you do not get are equally decent boosts to the other resistances.

The Blue Silver Set carries a lot of similarities with the Targray’s Set from Dark Souls 2. In Elden Ring, the armor set is worn by Latenna, the Albinauric. You will encounter her after completing the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon in Liurnia of the Lakes where she agrees to join you as a summonable Spirit.

There are four armor pieces (Blue Silver Mail Hood, Blue Silver Mail Armor, Blue Silver Bracelets, and Blue Silver Mail Skirt) that you need to find to complete the Blue Silver Set in Elden Ring. Here is how you do that.

Where to find the Blue Silver Set in Elden Ring

You can get all four pieces of the Blue Silver Set by farming Albinauric Wolfback Archers in Elden Ring. You will find these humanoid enemies in the Consecrated Snowfield which is a late-game secret area for you to unlock.

Every Albinauric Archer has a 2 percent chance to drop a Blue Silver Set armor piece. There is no guaranteed drop of any kind.

The only way to complete your Blue Silver Set in Elden Ring is to keep killing Albinauric Wolfback Archers until they drop all four pieces.

Blue Silver Set farming locations in Elden Ring

There are two main locations in the Consecrated Snowfield where you can farm Albinauric Archers.

Make your way southwest from Ordina, Liturgical Town and you will come across three Albinauric Archers alongside some Wolves on the rock formations.

Additionally, you can head southeast of Ordina to find two more Albinauric Archers on the rocky slopes for your Blue Silver armor pieces.

There is also one Albinauric Archer just north of the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. However, this location is a bit outside of your main farming route.

A quicker way of getting the complete Blue Silver Set in Elden Ring without farming Albinauric Archers is to simply kill Latenna.

Latenna's Slumbering Wolf's Shack location in Elden Ring

You will find her in the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack after finishing the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon in the north. Head inside the Wolf’s Shack and attack her with your weapon.

Latenna drops the complete Blue Silver Set upon death. However, this also means that you will not get her as a Spirit by completing her quest line in the game. You will have to start a new playthrough in NG+ for a second chance.

Best way to farm Albinauric Archers

Albinauric Archers deal substantial damage because they can rapidly fire up to three arrows from long ranges. Be ready to dodge all of their arrows because you will aggro all archers in the area as soon as you attack one of them. They like to protect each other, which means that you will also have to deal with their wolves.

You can use a Sleepbone Arrow to temporarily put out an Albinauric Archer. That will give you some time (and breathing room) to take care of the other enemies.

You can also equip the Beast-Repellent Torch to keep the wolves away, giving you fewer enemies to worry about while you target the archers for their Blue Silver armor pieces in Elden Ring.

Remember that you can always increase your Item Discovery rate to make farming more efficient. If you have any items that increase your Discovery stat, equip them before farming the Albinauric Archers. This will give you a higher chance of looting a Blue Silver Set piece from a dead archer.

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