Best Frostbite Weapons In Elden Ring

Frostbite weapons can inflict Frostbite to make enemies take additional damage based on their maximum health in Elden Ring.

Frostbite is one of the best Status effects you can use with weapons against your enemies in Elden Ring. This status effect allows you to deal massive damage along with reducing their damaging absorbing capacity in the game.

Several weapons in Elden Ring allow you to build Frostbite. Some of them are more powerful and efficient in filling your Frostbite meter quicker to help you trigger the status effect as soon as possible in combat.

Before looking at those best Frostbite weapons, let us understand the mechanism behind Frostbite in Elden Ring.

How Frostbite works in Elden Ring

You can build the Frostbite status effect by repeatedly targeting your enemies using weapons, spells, or skills that inflict Frostbite on your enemies. Each strike builds up your Frostbite meter, and you need to fill it to trigger the status effect in Elden Ring.

After triggering, the regular enemies receive damage that equals 10 percent of their maximum health. The effect decreases the damage absorption capacity for those enemies by 20 percent for the next 30 seconds.

However, for the Elden Ring bosses, the maximum damage you can deal is equal to 7 percent of the maximum boss’s health. Still, they also take additional 20 percent damage over 30 seconds in Elden Ring.

Remember that enemies can inflict your character with Frostbite as well. You can always cure and mitigate Frostbite in Elden Ring with the right consumables, items, or spells.

Best Frostbite weapons to use in Elden Ring

Frostbite weapons allow you to kill your enemies more creatively, reducing their stamina regeneration and damage absorption for a specific period in Elden Ring.

The best Frostbite weapons ensure you fill the Frostbite meter quickly to trigger the status effect as soon as possible during combat in Elden Ring.

5) Royal Greatsword

The Royal Greatsword is excellent when it comes to dealing substantial damage to enemies, even at higher levels in Elden Ring.

Its weapon skill of the sword allows you to perform a mighty slam, launching an explosion of magic damage and Frostbite on your enemies. You can quickly build your Frostbite status effect by landing a few clean hits from this weapon in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Strength (26), Dexterity (18), Intelligence (22)

How to get: There’s only one way to get the Royal Greatsword in Elden Ring. You have to kill Blaidd, the Half-Wolf, to get your hands on this weapon.

You cannot kill Blaidd during your first interaction and must wait until he moves to Ranni’s Rise. This occurs during the ending part of Ranni’s quest in Elden Ring.

4) Frozen Needle

The Frozen Needle is a thrusting sword that helps you in the build-up of the Frostbite even when the physical damage of the blade is low.

However, you can launch heavy attacks from the Frozen Needle to unleash a projectile, helping you take care of the enemies even from a distance. Each strike of Frozen Needle enables you to build 60 Frostbite against your enemies in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Strength (11), Dexterity (18)

How to get: You can get the Frozen Needle pretty early in Elden Ring. Make your way toward the Kingsrealm Ruin and move south from where you first met Ijii in Elden Ring.

You have to defeat the Royal Revenant guarding the sword. These enemies mostly rely on the rage to impact their foes, so bringing an AOE healing spell can help you during the combat with the Royal Revenant in Elden Ring.

3) Icerind Hatchet

The Icering Hatchet is an axe that allows you to build up Frostbite quickly in Elden Ring. Each strike from the weapon builds 65 Frostbite against the enemies and fills the meter on your screen.

The weapon skill of this axe is the main highlight, as it allows you to hit several enemies simultaneously with your Frostbite buildup. Additionally, each hit deals more damage to bosses in Elden Ring, providing you with a double advantage in combat.

Requirements: Strength (11), Dexterity (16)

How to get: The best thing about Icerind Hatchet is that you can get your hands on this weapon pretty early in Elden Ring. You must explore the Liurnia of the Lakes region and move toward the Temple Quarter. The temple is found by moving southeast from the Site of Grace.

The Icering Hatchet is present inside a chest in the Ruined Bell Tower, found on the opposite side of a ring of flowers in the Temple Quarter in Elden Ring.

2) Dark Moon Greatsword

The Dark Moon Greatsword is one of the best swords that one can wield with the Intelligence build. You can combine the magic damage from the sword with the Frostbite buildup to inflict substantial damage on your foes.

Each strike from the sword allows you to build 55 Frostbite, and if you use the weapon skill, the Frostbite build-up increases to 70, along with the increased magic Damage. The Dark Moon Greatsword is deadly even against enemies that have high resistance against Magic or Frostbite in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Strength (16), Dexterity (11), Intelligence (38)

How to get: To obtain Dark Moon Greatsword, you must complete Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring. You need to reach the Cathedral of Manus Celes after finding the ring and giving it to Ranni. The ring is not so easy to find as you have to complete several other objectives before reaching this part of the quest.

After handing the Dark Moon Ring to Ranni, go through all the dialogues and interactions to receive Dark Moon Greatsword as a reward from Ranni.

1) Zamor Curved Sword

The Zamor Curved Sword is a greatsword to have when it comes to building Frostbite quickly in Elden Ring. The spin attacks allow a pleasing experience to its users due to the on-point animations, but the weapon skill of Zamor Curved Sword makes it the top choice for the Frostbite weapons in Elden Ring.

The weapon, Zamor Ice Storm, skill allows you to build a storm around your character and build Frostbite very quickly against the enemies. Additionally, each hit from Zamor Curved Sword will enable you to inflict 65 Frostbite buildup against your enemies.

Requirements: Strength (16), Dexterity (18)

How to get: You must fight the Ancient Hero of Zamor to get this weapon in Elden Ring. To interact with the boss, you have to move toward the Giant-Conqeuring Hero’s Grave. Keep moving in the cave until you reach the end of it to begin your battle with the boss for the best Frostbite weapon in Elden Ring.

How to mitigate and cure Frostbite in Elden Ring

You can mitigate the Frostbite build-up by investing your points in the Robustness attribute. This attribute provides resistance against the Frostbite buildup and makes it challenging for the enemies to build up the Frostbite meter to unleash the status effect on you.

The mitigation against Frostbite can be increased by having consumables, skills, items, or spells in your Elden Ring inventory. Such items include the Invigorating Cured Meat and Stalwart Horn Charm.

Invigorating Cured Meat

Invigorating Cured Meat is a consumable item that allows you to restore your HP and removes debuffs from your character in Elden Ring. Your Robustness attributes increase by 100, and it lasts for 60 seconds. So you get some resistance against the Frostbite status effect.

To obtain the Invigorating Cured Meat, you have to move toward the Liturgical Town found in the Consecrated Snowfield region of Elden Ring. There you will find a dead body toward the north stairs that provides you with this consumable item.

Additionally, you can also craft Invigorating Cured Meat in Elden Ring. For that, you need the following items:

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
  • 3x Golden Rowa
  • 1x Silver of Meat
  • 1x Crab Eggs
  • 1x Land Octopus Ovary

Stalward Horn Charm

This particular item comes under the Talisman category in Elden Ring. Stalward Horn Charm is perfect to have against enemies that cause Frostbite buildup. The Talisman increases your Robustness by 90/140, improving your resistance against Frost in Elden Ring.

You can find Stalward Honr Charm, my moving toward the Uld Palace Ruins in the region of Liurnia. You will find the Talisman on a corpse hanging by the edge of the cliff in Elden Ring.

Additionally, you can also get the +1 variant of Stalward Horn Charm by exploring the southwestern area of Consecrated Snowfields in Elden Ring. You will find a corpse carefully guarded by Ancestral Follower and the Shaman. So you have to bypass your enemies to pick the item from the corpse.

The above-mentioned items mitigate the Frostbite Status effect, but you need some items that completely cure you against the Frost in Elden Ring. There are a few items that you can get or craft to cure Frostbite in Elden Ring.

Bestial Constitution

This spell requires 10 FP along with one Memory Slot in Elden Ring. The Bestial Constitution completely removes the Frostbite and Hemorrhage buildup in Elden Ring.

You can obtain the item by moving to the Dragonbarrow. The Bestial Constitution is dropped by a unique creature called Teardrop Scareb. To find this creature, you need to drive northeast from the Minor Erdtree and try to keep it close to the cliffside. You will see the beast on the west side of the bridge in Elden Ring, and killing it will allow you to gain Bestial Constitution in Elden Ring.

Thawforst Boluses

The Thawforst Boluses is a tremendous consumable item that cures you against the Frostbite status effect. The properties of this item allow you to restore your HP along with moving all the negative status effects in Elden Ring.

There are several ways to obtain this consumable item in Elden Ring. You can find two Thawforst Boluses below the Heretical Rise in Mountaintops of the Giants. You must explore the area to find a few corpses to get the item.

You can also get the exact item by reaching Castle Sol and finding the corpses between the two buildings, accessible using the wooden walkways. Apart from finding Thawforst Boluses, you can buy or craft this item.

To buy the item, you need to visit the Hermit Merchant in the Mountaintops of the Giants, and each item costs 1,200 runes in Elden ring. To craft the item, you need the following items.

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook
  • 1x Cave Moss
  • 1x Crab Eggs
  • 1x Herba

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