Elden Ring New Game Plus (NG+) Guide

The campaign for Elden Ring takes well above 30 hours to complete, and once it is completed, you can start...

The campaign for Elden Ring takes well above 30 hours to complete, and once it is completed, you can start a New Game Plus. This guide will explain what New Game Plus (NG+) is and how to unlock it in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring New Game Plus (NG+) Explained

Elden Ring has become one of the most famous and played games of this generation, and there are many reasons for it. The soulsborne genre has become popular among the players because of the variety of game styles it offers and the sense of success that you feel after defeating an enemy above your skill level.

Every other souls-like game has the option to unlock and start a New Game Plus mode after completing the story campaign. The same feature has been included in Elden Ring but with a different mechanic.

In Elden Ring, each playthrough of the story campaign is called Journey. When you play through the first journey, the act of starting another game will be called Journey 2.

Once you defeat the game’s final bosses and get one of the endings, your first journey will be completed. After that, you have to choose from one of the two options.

You can either continue the journey to fight the optional bosses or complete side quests that are remaining. You can also upgrade your weapons, Spirit Ashes, collect new armor and gear, and more.

Or, you can begin Journey 2, where you will keep all of your current equipment except items that are related to quests or have any ties with the main story, e.g., keys, Sites of Grace, Great Runes, e.t.c.

How to Start New Game Plus (NG+) in Elden Ring

To begin the New Game Plus mode, head to the Roundtable Hold after completing the story campaign and interact with the Table of Lost Grace in the middle.

This is where you usually come to rest or perform other actions. One of the options will be to Begin Journey 2. Choose the option, and the New Game Plus mode will begin.

The game will start from the beginning with stronger enemies than before and more Runes to find and collect. The difficulty will be 10 times more than before, but you will have all of your weapons and equipment on you.

Each time you begin another journey, the difficulty will keep increasing from before, and you will keep finding more unique items than before. Also, anything that you upgrade, collect, or complete will be carried to the next journey.