Should You Buy The Ornate Box In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Should you hand over 1000 Gold or gift the Ornate Box to Sven in Dragon's Dogma 2?

After being interrogated by Captain Brant in Dragon’s Dogma 2 upon reaching Vernworth, you will run into a boy by the name of Sven. Sven is being chased by a guard who asks if you have seen a young boy around. If you lie to the guard, after meeting Flora (the kid you gave the Fruit Roborant to for the Medicament Predicament quest) and her grandfather, you will be able to start The Ornate Box quest.

When you approach the shop, you will see an argument between Flora’s grandfather and Sven. The merchant will tell the boy to go away and stop bothering him. You can talk to Sven, who will tell you he wants to buy The Ornate Box. Here, you can either hand Sven 1000 Gold or buy and deliver this item.

You don’t have to worry if you skip talking to Sven or sleep and don’t find him at the Merchant Quarter again. You can still progress in the quest, but you must visit Sven’s Chambers in the Castle, pick Sven from there, and bring him in front of the merchant shop in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Ensure you do this during the day; if you do this at night, you can’t progress in the quest. To avoid interference from the Guards, ensure you drop and pick up Sven every ten or fifteen seconds.

If you are wondering whether you should give Sven the gold or simply buy the Ornate Box in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and then give that to him, let us help you out.

Should you give Sven the gold or buy the Ornate Box for him?

The rewards for paying Sven or purchasing The Ornate Box for him in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are the same. However, to save some Gold, you must ensure you have helped Flora during the Medicament Predicament quest in Melve.

The merchant Auriol is the grandfather of Flora, so you will get an additional 20% discount if you complete Medicament Predicament, which means you can save 200 G if you purchase The Ornate Box yourself. I recommend you purchase The Ornate Box and deliver it to Sven.

Once you have done that, he will say that he will pay you back in the future. It may seem like this is where the Ornate Box quest ends, but to fully complete it and claim all your rewards, you will need to wait and talk to Sven over multiple days.

How to receive rewards and complete The Ornate Box quest

You will need to rest for a few days before heading to the fountain, where you can find him facing the Riftstone. Either rest at an inn, pass time at a bench as shown above, or simply go around on adventures and return to Vernworth a few days later.

After two days, when you talk to Sven at the fountain, you will receive your first reward, a Jasper. You can sell the Jasper gemstone at any shop, but to get the maximum profits, sell it to a vendor in Battahl instead of Vermund.

After the first reward, you must skip a day and talk to Sven again at the same fountain in the Merchant Quarter.

During the second conversation, Sven will give you the Ring of Accural that boosts your weight Carrying Capacity in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Wait another day to repeat the above process and talk to him at the fountain to get your last reward, x1 Ferrystone. This will allow you to fast travel to any Portcystal and save time. Collecting the Ferrystone will also complete the quest. All these items are worth a lot more than the Gold you spend, so you should complete The Ornate Box quest.


If you have been paying attention to Sven’s dialogues, you will realize that he isn’t just some ordinary boy and is, in fact, the prince of Vernworth and the son of Queen Regent Disa, the one plotting against you. So, while he could have easily afforded the ornate box, you buying it for Sven is a powerful gesture, and he truly appreciates you.

Since Sven now considers you a friend, he will also send a few rewards to your house when you do manage to buy one. On top of that, he will aid you further in some main story quests so make sure to help out him as soon as possible.

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