How To Increase Carrying Capacity In Palworld

Increase your lifting power.

In Palworld, collecting items and raw resources is a must to build your base and survive. However, if your character is carrying too many items, they will become over-encumbered and move slowly. Each item has a different weight value, and the more you collect, the more carrying capacity you will need in Palworld.

Your max carrying capacity will restrict how much stuff you can carry when out in the wild farming for resources. The more carrying capacity you have in Palworld, the less frequent your trips will be to your base. This way, your farming trips can be efficient as you return with more loot.

Level up to increase inventory limit in Palworld

The basic way to increase the original carrying capacity in Palworld is by using Stat points received after gaining XP and leveling up. Every level comes with one stat point that you can spend to upgrade your weight capacity on the stats screen.

Every stat point invested in Weight increases inventory by 50lbs in Palworld. Even though there is no limit to how much weight you can increase, Palworld has a level cap of 50. Considering there are five stats that need to be considered along with weight, You can’t just spend all those points to increase your carrying capacity. This makes the limit of at most weight points going up to 20-25.


If you have allocated stat points in the wrong category or need to balance things out and increase your carrying capacity, you can reset your stats in Palworld through Memory Reset Drug

You can also use Mods to increase the weight from 300 to 1000 and increase the weight increase for each point by 250 rather than 50.

Can any Pal increase the carrying capacity?

Another way to increase the inventory capacity is by having the Pal Cattiva in your party. Cattiva has the ability to increase the carrying capacity by 50. This is a character trait that is the same for all Cattiva as no passive skill affects that.

Cattiva can be easily found on the islands, both north, and south of the map. Go to any of these locations, and you’ll find a wild Cattiva pal. Fight and capture the pal to get its benefits. They are mostly low-level, which makes them easier to be caught.

Cattiva isn’t valuable for anything else, so you can swap it with one of the party members when planning to go for a mining or loot trip. If you want more inventory capacity in Palworld, have 2 to 5 Cattiva, the highest being 250+ weight capacity. After the trip, you can drop it back and the weight would be down to the original score.

Apart from leveling up, also find other means to keep the items rather than carrying them around. Make a chest to store products. Also, resort to picking up items and taking them black to the base to store in the beginning to avoid the weight problem.

When heading to dungeons, add Cattiva to the party to use her temporary storage capacity rather than committing to increasing stat points. On the way, pick what is needed and sell extra stuff to make money. Sort through your storage often to do this.

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