Dragon’s Dogma 2 Enhancements Explained

All five enhancements or the Smithing Styles in Dragon's Dogma 2 are explained.

Enhancing is a great way to customize your favorite Dragon’s Dogma 2 gear items with upgrade materials, Gold, and WLC. You will get to see five different enhancement types in the game. Four are available earlier, but one is restricted to the endgame.

You can only upgrade a piece of equipment thrice in Dragon’s Dogma 2 before getting to the endgame, where the last enhancement type will become available. Once the Wyrmfire enhancement is available, you can go for your item’s fourth and final upgrade.

Each enhancement or smithing style in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is better for certain stat upgrades until you get to the final one, Wyrmfire. Whereas the Wyrmfire enhancement boosts all stats, the other smithing styles only boost certain ones, and there is a trade-off in the form of item weight.


The materials required and upgrade costs are also different for each enhancement style in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Some require easy-to-find materials, while others need rarer items or extra gold.

If you go for the Vermundian enhancement, you will get an addition in all stats, and the item’s overall weight will decrease. Elven is more focused on boosting the Magick attack and Magick Defense and decreases weight like Vermundian.

If you want to add all stats along with the Knockdown and Knockdown Resistance to items, you can go for the Dwarven enhancements. On the other hand, the fourth smithing style, Battahli, significantly boosts Strength and Defense. Both these upgrade options also increase your gear’s weight.

If you are still confused about these enhancements and where you can find the shops that offer these, don’t worry. I will cover all the details about each Enhancement type in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the best enhancements, and the shop locations where you can find them.

Vermundian Enhancement

You can go to the Vermundian smithing quite early to upgrade your equipment, as you can find the shop early. These enhancements are good for the early game; as you progress more, you will get better options.

This is a general enhancement that focuses on all stats and lowers equipment weight. While Vermundian-style upgrades are good for armor, they are not a good choice for weapon upgrades.

You can get these enhancements from Roderick’s Smithy in Vernworth. Like the other major shops in the city, Roderick’s Smithy is also in the Merchant Quarter of Vernworth. Bjorn’s Armory, right next to the Smithy, also offers the same Vermundian enhancements. If you have entered the Checkpoint Rest Town, you can head to Celeste’s Smithy.


You can combine Vermundian and Battahli smithing styles to get better stats if you are playing as a caster. Vermundian and Elven are better combinations for physical characters like Fighter, Mystic Spearhand, etc.

Elven Enhancement

Along with the boost in the Magick and Magick defense, Elven lowers the weight of the item you enhance. It means you don’t have to worry about the speed. You can use this smithing style if you play as a character who uses magick attacks.

These Elven smithing upgrades will significantly benefit vocations like Magick Archer, Mage, Sorcerer, and even Trickster. You can boost some stats you think you are missing by going for another type of enhancement like the Battahli.

You can find the armorer that offers this enhancement in Grisha’s Armory in Sacred Arbor. To reach Sacred Arbor, the home of the elves, you will need to complete Glyndwr’s quest chain.

Battahli Enhancement

The Battahli smithing style in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the opposite of the Elven; you will get a considerable boost in Strength and Defense with a slight increase in the Magick Attack and Magick Defense. These enhancements are significant if you use a strength-focused vocation like the Fighter, Archer, Warrior, or Thief.

Gear upgrades or enhancements from smiths in Battahl also increase the item’s weight, so you must keep that in mind if you don’t want to compromise on mobility. Even if you are a Sorcerer or Mage and want to make your character a bit tankier, you can go for the Battahli smithing in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

You can get this enhancement from the Awaran’s Arms in the Bakbattahl area. Note that you must move a little forward in the game story to reach this shop.

Dwarven Smithing

This is similar to the Vermundian as it works across the board regarding increasing the stats. It additionally boosts knockdown power and knockdown resistance. But just like the Battahli style of enhancements, Dwarven smithing will also increase your gear’s weight.


Unlike other enhancement styles, Dwarven smithing needs to be unlocked through a side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

You can go for the Dwarven-style Smithing for Warrior and Archers, so weapons like Black Matter can be more effective thanks to increased Knockdown Power. You can find the merchant (Brokkr’s Smithy) that offers this smithing just south of the Awaran’s Arms in Bakbattahl.

Wyrmfire Enhancement

Once you have done all three enhancements for a weapon, you can go for the Wyrmfire in Dragon’s Dogma 2. To do this, you must get to the Dragonforged Vendor and upgrade your items using the WLC.

The Wyrmslife Crystals are hard to get, so you will need to do a lot of grinding. This smithing type will boost all your stats, so it is best for any vocation. It will also lower the weight of the equipment, which means there is nothing you will need to compromise on.

However, the Dragonforged Vendor will only be available when you reach the endgame. But you can stock up on the WLC earlier by taking out Drakes in DD2 to go for this final upgrade. You can find the Dragonforged vendor at the Bay Wayside Shrine.

Best Enhancements in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The best enhancement will always be the fourth one, Wyrmfire, but what matters the most is the combination of enhancements you chose earlier. If you are a caster, I recommend you go for all three Elven enhancements before you go for the final one.

This way, you can make yourself the most powerful caster who can outclass any enemy. If you are using a vocation like the Fighter, Warrior, etc, that focuses on physical attacks, you can use a combination of enhancements.


Be very careful regarding which enhancements you choose for your gear. The only way to reset enhancements in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is through the Dragonforged vendor in NG+ so if you have the wrong upgrades on your weapon or armor, you are stuck with them for your first playthrough.

You can choose one Vermundian Enhancement, One Dwarven enhancement, and One Elven enhancement before the final Wyrmfire enhancement. You can change the combination according to your needs. For example, if you want more Knockdown Power, you can choose two Dwarven enhancements and one Elven enhancement.

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