Dragon’s Dogma 2: 8 Best Weapons

Best Weapons for Different Vocations in Dragon's Dogma 2.

As you might already know, the best weapons in Dragon’s Dogma 2 come from the Dragonforged vendor. However, these will cost you Wyrmslife Crystals, which are difficult to get. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t have too many Wyrmslife Crystals and still want to get the best weapon.

I have prepared this guide to help you find the most powerful weapons in your first Dragon’s Dogma 2 playthrough. Some weapons can be purchased from vendors, while others require some exploration.

I will also cover the locations of these weapons in Dragon’s Dogma 2 so that you can find them easily. Not all weapons can be used by all vocations, so I will also add the weapon’s stats and the vocations that can use that weapon.

8. Frigid Finger

MageStrength (308), Magick (431), Strike Strength (100), Knockdown Power (159)  

The Frigid Finger is one of the best staff for the mage, and you can find it for free while traversing the map. This also has a permanent ice element that makes it do 40 more ice damage to the enemies. If you are fighting some fire creature, this is a great staff for you or your main pawn.

This Frigid Finger staff is in the Dragonsbreath Tower in the Wyrmsblood Forest of Dragon’s Dogma 2. You must explore the tower thoroughly to find the chest containing it.

7. Anathema

SorcererStrength (323), Magick (473), Strike Strength (100), Knockdown Power (115)  

Regarding sorcerers, Anathema is the best staff, in addition to the one you can purchase from the Dragonforged vendor. It offers good stats and a Silence debuff that can prevent enemies from casting spells.

You can find this one again in the Dragonsbreath Tower. It is inside a chest behind a breakable wall that is easy to spot.

6. Medusan Spellbow

ArcherStrength (558), Magick (161), Strike Strength (100), Knockdown Power (338)  

The Medusan Spellbow is one of the best bows for archers in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It helps you level up quickly, and with this bow, you will earn extra XP while taking out enemies. You can get this bow by taking out Medusa, whose location is marked on the map.

The downside of this bow is stamina usage, so if you don’t want to compromise on it, you can go for another great bow, Revenant Wail. You can buy this one from the Volcanic Island Armory.

5. Dragon’s Breath

Magick ArcherStrength (258), Magick (511), Strike Strength (100), Knockdown Power (245)

This is the best bow for the Magick Archer vocation and is known for dealing a lot of Magick damage to enemies. You can purchase this one from the Volcanic Island Armory by spending around 50310 Gold.

You may get it for free in Dragonsbreath Tower by taking out the Griffin, but this is not a fixed drop item.

4. Framae Blades

ThiefStrength (548), Magick (161), Strike Strength (100), Knockdown Power (254)

When it comes to stabbing your enemies in a melee encounter, the Framae Blades wielded by Thief are the best daggers in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This dagger costs 54000 Gold at the Volcanic Island Armory.

Those looking for a weapon for their main pawn can also choose the Crimson Teeth. It is found in the Sal’Battahl Cavern, close to the Dragonsbreath Tower, at the very end of the cave, inside the chest.

3. Stalwart Sword

FighterStrength (538), Magick (161), Slash Strength (100), Strike Strength (0), Knockdown Power (315)

If you choose the Fighter vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Stalwart Sword is a weapon you can easily obtain in the first playthrough. You can purchase it for around 42480 Gold from the Volcanic Armory at the Volcanic Island Camp.

If you don’t want this, head to the Mountain Base Cave and find the Molten Fury in a chest. This weapon has almost the same stats as the Stalwart Sword; you can get it for free.

2. Cinderspine

WarriorStrength (695), Magick (424), Strike Strength (100), Knockdown Power (448)

The Cinderspine is one of the best hammers a warrior can wield in the game. This hammer has a permanent fire element that causes more damage, along with some great stats. The best thing about this weapon is you can find it for free in the wild.

The Cinderspine can be found inside a chest in the Mountain Base Cave in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The chest is on one of the cliff edges, so you must traverse a lot.

1. Dead Ringer

Mystic SpearhandStrength (613), Magick (516), Slash Strength (100), Knockdown Power (313)  

In your first playthrough, this is easily the best weapon for the Mystic Spearhand class because of its stats. There are multiple ways to get this weapon. You can get it for free by taking out a lesser dragon that appears quite early in the Melve.

You can also purchase it from different vendors in DD2, including the Volcanic Island Armory, by spending 56000 Gold.

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