Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Vocations Ranked

In Dragon's Dogma 2, it is important to know which are the best vocations in the game so you can make your choice better. We explain more.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features 10 unique Vocations for the player to take out towering enemies. These are effectively classes that you may have gotten used to in traditional RPGs. Given the abundance of skills each Vocation possesses and the fact that they have their strengths and weaknesses, it can be hard to figure out which Vocation is the best.

In this guide, we’ll review all 10 Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and rank them based on their strengths, weaknesses, and skills.

10. Warfarer

The Warfarer kicks off our list of the best Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This class is extremely unique because it can wield all weapon and armor types in the game and be capable of using Skills from all of the other nine Vocations. This feature makes this class highly flexible and affords players distinct versatility in crafting their builds. You can make a thief that utilizes heavy armor or a Mage that also doubles as an Archer, and the choices are limitless.

The Warfarer is a jack of all trades, but as the saying goes, it is a master of none as it cannot use Meister Skills. Meister Skills are some of the strongest skills in the game, and being unable to use them prevents The Warfarer from truly capitalizing on its abilities. Furthermore, this Vocation can only have three skills equipped at a time instead of four, hindering its utility during combat.

Additionally, to access the skills from the other classes you’ll have to unlock them while playing as their respective classes. This means that if you’re after specific skills from certain classes, the grind to build your perfect character can take a very long time. While this class’s versatility is unparalleled, the tradeoffs don’t justify picking it over other Vocations.

9. Trickster

The Trickster Vocation works excellently if you want to take a backseat during combat and let your Pawns do all the work. With its Sweeping Shroud skill, it can draw the attention of all enemies away from your Pawns, letting them do their thing without getting interrupted. This class also features some of the best survivability, making it an outstanding tank, which perfectly complements its Sweeping Shroud Skill.

However, that’s all there is to this class. While you can provide excellent support to your Pawns, that’s all you’re good for, as this Vocation offers little to no damage output. Most of your time will be spent buffing your Pawns and clearing the way for them to take out giant enemies on your behalf.

While some players may enjoy this combat loop, it isn’t for everyone. The Trickster has potential, but due to its limited usage outside of its qualities above, it ranks number 9 on our list.

8. Fighter

dragon's dogma 2 best vocations fighter

The Fighter Vocation takes the eighth spot on our list. This class encompasses the classic hack-and-slash style of combat seen in similar games, as you’ll mainly be using a sword and shield to attack and block your enemies. Blocking is a major upside for this class, allowing you to block nearly every attack type, including magic. Furthermore, this Vocation is also very easy to use, allowing you to approach the game without worrying about augments and complicated skill combinations.

The main struggle with the Fighter Vocation is Stamina management. Since you’ll be using several melee attacks and blocking, your stamina will deplete quickly, which can easily leave you vulnerable. This is especially true when fighting larger groups of enemies.


Take a couple of Stamina potions with you to quickly replenish your stamina during combat.

The Stamina management also greatly hinders this class’s effectiveness as a Tank, further removing its usefulness in combat. The Fighter isn’t a bad Vocation per se, but there are better options.

7. Archer

The Archer is a ranged Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Unlike the Fighter, the Archer is excellent regarding stamina management because using a steady shot consumes zero stamina, and this is the type of shot you’ll take in most situations. Even standard shots don’t consume a lot of stamina, which further helps with stamina management. The ranged nature of this class means that you’ll be able to easily target weak spots on larger enemies. This fact, coupled with the decent damage output, makes the Archer a fairly strong

However, not all enemies are susceptible to taking damage from arrows, which can sometimes hinder the usefulness of this class. In such cases, you’ll have to rely on your Pawns. Additionally, enemies tend to move around a lot in Dragon’s Dogma 2, making landing consistent shots very hard.

There is a definite learning curve involved here, one that won’t be very easy to master, this coupled with some of the limitations we’ve described above lands the Archer the seventh spot on our list of the best Vocations on our tier list.

6. Warrior

dragon's dogma 2 best vocations warrior

The Warrior is a heavier and tankier version of the Fighter. It can inflict massive damage on larger enemies, making it an invaluable squad member when taking out larger enemies. The Warrior can also easily stagger enemies due to its slow and hard-hitting attacks. Staggered enemies are left vulnerable to any follow-up attacks, which can make taking them down very easy. Additionally, staggered enemies take increased damage.

While the Warrior’s attacks hit extremely hard, they can take very long to charge up. During this charge-up period, you’ll be left vulnerable to any attacks from enemies around you, which can become extremely egregious when facing a large group of enemies.

Like the Archer and the Fighter, there is a very steep learning curve here that can be hard to master, but once you do, you’ll be able to easily dispense larger enemies.

5. Mystic Spearhand

The Mystic Spearhand kicks off the top five of our tier list. The main advantage of this Vocation is its ability to deal with large groups of enemies at once. The Spearhand’s skills are mainly centered around large AOE attacks that deal devastating damage. This class is also excellent at movement with skills like Dragoun’s Stabbe and Dragoun’s Foin, allowing you to cover large areas relatively quickly.


You can change your Vocation at any time by visiting a Vocation Guild.

This Vocation is also good at tanking and survivability. The only downside (which is also true for many of the other Vocational Options) is that it can be hard to master, as the learning curve is quite steep.

4. Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is an excellent class for dealing raw damage. Most of Vocation’s spells can clear out large swathes of enemies and take out significant chunks of a boss’ health bar. The spells in their arsenal are good for almost every situation, meaning you’ll rarely find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to rely on tactics other than your spells. Sorcerers have a move called “Galvanize,” which allows them to quickly recover stamina, completely negating the use of stamina potions.

Sorcerers usually have long casting times, which is a major downside to using this Vocation. However, if you have a Sorcerer Pawn in your party that has the same spell, you can use Spell Synchronization, which essentially allows you to cut down on casting time significantly.

The Sorcerer’s ability to deal devastating damage, negate the use of potions, and have few to no downsides lands it the fourth spot on our list.

3. Magick Archer

dragon's dogma 2 best vocations magick archer

The Magick Archer is a mix between the Sorcerer and the Archer and it takes the third spot on our list. This Vocation combines the Sorcerer’s high damage and the Archer’s accuracy for a class that can completely switch the tide of battle. In addition to its damage-dealing capabilities, the Magick Archer can also heal its allies.

This allows you to take on a dual, aggressive, and support role, maximizing your potential in battle and outside of it. Like the Archer, the Magick Archer also has an easy time managing its Stamina because a lot of the time, you’ll be using basic attacks that don’t eat into your stamina bar too much.

2. Thief

The main advantage of playing a Thief in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is its quick mobility and attack speed. The combination of these things makes the Thief a devastating Vocation when played correctly. Being able to move quickly means you’ll be able to get behind enemies super-fast, and the fast attack speeds, coupled with this Vocation’s dual weapon setup, means you’ll be able to deal a ton of damage quickly.

Additionally, thieves are very good at climbing enemies. When coupled with their high damage output, you’ll be able to deal lots of weak spot damage without worrying about falling off. Lastly, this Vocation has a skill called Smoke Screen that blinds enemies. This lets you become invincible quickly as your enemies struggle to locate you. The fast attacks, high damage, and quick mobility earn the Thief Vocation the second spot on our list.

1. Mage

dragon's dogma 2 best vocations mage

The Mage takes the coveted top spot on our list of the best Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. There isn’t much that the Mage can’t do. They can cast supportive and offensive spells, heal allies, remove debuffs, apply buffs, grant their party speed and damage increases, and much more. Like the Sorcerer, their spells deal tons of damage, and by using the Spell Sync feature, you can cast several of them quickly to quickly defeat your enemies.

A Mage is a must-have for any group in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Due to their versatility, they can fill in the roles of several Vocations without compromising on effectiveness.

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