Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Guide

Farming is a very crucial element in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only can farming be used to boost friendship levels...

Farming is a very crucial element in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only can farming be used to boost friendship levels but also provides you with ingredients for meals to restore energy. This guide has all the details which help you understand farming and all sorts of seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to farm

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to farm by digging a patch of ground, planting a seed, watering it with your Watering Can, and then waiting for the plant to grow.

This process requires Royal Tools: a Shovel, a Watering Can as well as Seeds, and an unobstructed patch of ground.

You’ll be able to obtain these items during the first few missions of the game as they are essential to progress in the game.

Even in the starting area, there are many patches of clear ground, so this will be no problem whatsoever.

Simply find a suitable spot, dig it with the shovel and plant any seeds you might have. Once done, water the planted seed and wait for it to grow to harvest it.


How to raise friendship level through farming

It can take a while to plant and harvest crops, and though reaping them can be rewarding in and of itself, involving a friend can make it even more rewarding.

When you bring NPC characters with you into the party, you can assign them specific roles that enhance your friendship level with them. Digging and Harvesting are two of these roles that are extremely important for farming.

Having a friend with you regardless of their role is still worth it since any activity they perform with you raises your Friendship Level.

How to get more seeds in Dreamlight Valley

Are you wondering where you can buy corn seeds from in Dreamlight Valley? Or maybe you want to buy lettuce seeds? Or maybe you’re wondering how to get Carrot seeds?

Then you just need to remember that Goofy is the only character in Disney Dreamlight Valley who can provide you with any seed you want.

In each biome of Dreamlight Valley, Goofy has set up stalls where you can go to purchase seeds. Do keep in mind that the seeds offered at each stall are different so you won’t be able to get them all from just one place.

In this section of the guide, we have listed down all of Goofy’s stall locations with the seeds available in each stall along with their cost.

Peaceful Meadow Seeds

  • Lettuce Seeds (3 Coins)
  • Wheat Seeds (1 Coin)
  • Carrot Seeds (10 Coins)

Dazzle Beach Seeds

  • Sugarcane Seeds (5 Coins)
  • Tomato Seeds (8 Coins)
  • Corn Seeds (15 Coins)

Forest of Valor Stall

  • Bell Pepper Seeds (12 Coins)
  • Canola Seeds (25 Coins)
  • Onion Seeds (50 Coins)

Glade of Trust Stall

  • Rice Seeds (35 Coins)
  • Spinach Seeds (45 Coins)
  • Okra Seeds (135 Coins)

Sunlit Plateau Seeds

  • Chilli Pepper Seeds (20 Coins)
  • Cotton Seeds (42 Coins)
  • Zucchini Seeds (30 Coins)
  • Soy Seeds

Frosted Heights Seeds

  • Cucumber Seeds (60 Coins)
  • Eggplant Seeds (95 Coins)
  • Asparagus Seeds (150 Coins)

 Forgotten Lands Stall

  • Pumpkin Seeds (275 Coins)
  • Potato Seeds (55 Coins)
  • Leek Seeds (120 Coins)

How long do crops take to grow?

Crop Name Growing Time Amount Per Harvest   Seed Price Sell Price   Energy
Lettuce 3 Minutes 1 3 8   56
Wheat 1 Minute 2 1 2   19
Tomato 25 Minutes 3 8 22   21
Corn 12 Minutes 2 15 16   30
Cotton 25 Minutes 1 42 37   –
Okra 120 Minutes 3 135 114   31
Onion 75 Minutes 1 50 170   146
Potato 35 Minutes 1 55 126   113
Rice 50 Minutes 2 35 61   59
Soya 90 Minutes 3 60 69   58
Spinach 60 Minutes 3 45 41   60
Sugarcane 7 Minutes 1 2 19   46
Zucchini 40 Minutes 2 30 52   48
Leek 120 Minutes 1 120 309   228
Eggplant 180 Minutes 1 95 308   451
Carrot 15 Minutes 1 10 44   57
Bell Pepper 15 Minutes 1 12 33   79
Asparagus 165 Minutes 3 133 133   42
Chili Pepper 45 Minutes 1 78 78   39
Pumpkin 240 Minutes 1 664 664   187
Canola 35 Minutes 1 109 109   59
Cucumber 75 Minutes 1 159 159   145

How farming works in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Farming is a very simple task at the Disney Dreamlight Valley. With the help of farming, you can plant and harvest a huge variety of crops. As mentioned above, you will only need three items: A shovel, a Watering Can, and seeds of whatever crop you need to plant.

Follow these simple steps to farm your favorite Dreamlight Valley crops:

  • Gather the seeds of the crop that you need to plant.
  • Using the shovel, dig a hole and put the seed in the trench.
  • The seed placement button can be long-pressed to put the seeds in all the holes if you have dug multiple holes.
  • Afterward, water the seed that you have put inside the trenches by using the watering can. Long press the console button to water all your plants.
  • The next step is to wait for the seedlings to grow into full-size plants. You can watch them grow by standing in front of them. But there is a way to track how much they have grown and the remaining time to harvest by going to the Collection tab.

How to get new types of crops

You will get access to new crops after you unlock the new regions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each unlocked region will reward you with 3 new crops. The seeds for the new unlocked crops need to be purchased from the Goofy Stall.

Initially, you will unlock one crop on any region. Then you just need to upgrade the stall from Scrooge McDuck’s sign. Each upgrade will cost some money and unlock the new crop up to the 3 per region.

Below is the list of all the crops that you can get in each region.

Crop Goofy’s Stall Location No. of Scrooge McDuck’s upgrades required
Carrot Peaceful Meadows 0
Lettuce Peaceful Meadows 1
Wheat Peaceful Meadows 2
Tomato Dazzle Beach 0
Corn Dazzle Beach 1
Sugarcane Dazzle Beach 2
Onion Forest of Valor 0
Bell Pepper Forest of Valor 1
Canola Forest of Valor 2
Okra Glade of Trust 0
Rice Glade of Trust 1
Spinach Glade of Trust 2
Cotton Sunlit Plateau 0
Soya Sunlit Plateau 1
Zucchini Sunlit Plateau 2
Eggplant Frosted Heights 0
Asparagus Frosted Heights 1
Cucumber Frosted Heights 2
Potato Forgotten Lands 0
Leek Forgotten Lands 1
Pumpkin Forgotten Lands 2

How to get bonus crops

Usually, you can harvest one crop from one seed sown in the trench. In some cases, you can harvest as many crops as you like from the same trench. This phenomenon is called Bonus Crop and it is available for a limited amount of time.

To identify when your crops have the Bonus Crop, you can look for shining golden and orange light emitting from the crop. The intensity of the light will reflect the amount of time left for the Bonus Crop.

How to unlock Wall-E’s garden

There is a garden in Disney Dreamlight Valley that belongs to Wall-E’. You can easily unlock it by first increasing the friendship with the Wall-E’ and then doing all the connected missions with him.

As soon as you complete all the missions, you will be asked to do repair work on the Wall-E garden. After that request, the Wall-E’s Garden will be unlocked in the game. The next thing to do is the repair work.

Repairing the garden will require you to make an elevated wooden platform for the plants. This will require the following materials:

  • 3 Soil
  • 15 Softwood
  • 2 Pink and White falling Penstemon

Then you need to craft 3 Burlap Bags. For that, you will need the following items:

  • 10 Soil
  • 20 Fiber

You need to hand in all the above items to Wall-E’s Garden along with 5 Sugarcane Seeds and 5 Wheat Seeds. The request to repair will be finished after the handing in of all the items is done.

Farming With Friends

Farming the crops does get lonely sometimes as it is a repetitive process. Sowing the seeds and then waiting for the crops to bear fruit is a quite lengthy process. To make the wait more rewarding, you can involve your friends in the process of farming.

Luckily for you, you can create friendships with almost all the NPC characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The friendship level can be increased by assigning the NPC character different garden-related tasks such as harvesting and digging.

To start a friendship with any NPC character in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can select the “Let’s Hang Out!” prompt. This prompt will appear when you interact with them.

Best Seeds to Earn Star Coins Quickly

To calculate which seed earns seed quickly, you need to consider growing time, seed price, selling price, and yield. After considering all the mentioned factors, we have made a list of crops that will earn the coins quickly:

  • Wheat: It will earn you coins at a rate of 3 per minute
  • Carrots: Coin Rate of 2.27 per minute
  • Tomatoes: Coin Rate of 2.32 per minute
  • Canola: Coin Rate of 2.4 Per Minute

Where to Find Crops, Berry Bushes, and Fruit Trees in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As most of you already know that the seeds of the crops need to be purchased from each zone’s Goofy Stall. As for the Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes, you need to find them in each zone

The location of Fruit trees and Berry Bushes are mentioned in the table below.

Region Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes
Plaza Apple Tree
Raspberry Bush
Peaceful Meadow Banana Tree
Blueberry Bush
Coconut Tree
Dazzle Beach Banana Tree
Raspberry Bush
Glade of Trust Cocoa Tree
Lemon Tree
Forest of Valor Blueberry Bush
Lemon Tree
Sunlit Plateau Cherry Tree
Cocoa Tree
Frosted Heights Cherry Tree
Gooseberry Bush
Forgotten Lands Apple Tree
Gooseberry Bush

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