Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Tips: Buy All Seeds

Farming is a very crucial element in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only can farming be used to boost friendship levels but also provides you with ingredients for meals to restore energy. This guide has all the details which help you understand farming and all sorts of seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to farm

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to farm by digging a patch of ground, planting a seed, watering it with your Watering Can, and then waiting for the plant to grow.

This process requires Royal Tools; a Shovel, a Watering Can as well as Seeds, and an unobstructed patch of ground.

You’ll be able to obtain these items during the first few missions of the game as they are essential to progress in the game.

Even in the starting area, there are many patches of clear ground, so this will be no problem whatsoever.

Simply find a suitable spot, dig it with the shovel and plant any seeds you might have. Once done, water the planted seed and wait for it to grow to harvest it.

How to raise friendship level through farming

It can take a while to plant and harvest crops, and though reaping them can be rewarding in and of itself, involving a friend can make it even more rewarding.

When you bring NPC characters with you into the party, you can assign them specific roles that enhance your friendship level with them. Digging and Harvesting are two of these roles that are extremely important for farming.

Having a friend with you regardless of their role is still worth it since any activity they perform with you raises your Friendship Level.

Where to buy all seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you are looking to buy extra seeds, Goofy is the only character in Disney Dreamlight Valley who can provide you with any seed you want. In each biome of Dreamlight Valley, Goofy has set up stalls where you can go to purchase seeds.

Do keep in mind that the seeds offered at each stall are different so you won’t be able to get them all from just one place.

In this section of the guide, we have listed down all of Goofy’s stall locations with the seeds available in each stall along with their cost.

Peaceful Meadow Seeds

  • Lettuce Seeds (3 Coins)
  • Wheat Seeds (1 Coin)
  • Carrot Seeds (10 Coins)

Dazzle Beach Seeds

  • Sugarcane Seeds (5 Coins)
  • Tomato Seeds (8 Coins)
  • Corn Seeds (15 Coins)

Forest of Valor Stall

  • Bell Pepper Seeds (12 Coins)
  • Canola Seeds (25 Coins)
  • Onion Seeds (50 Coins)

Glade of Trust Stall

  • Rice Seeds (35 Coins)
  • Spinach Seeds (45 Coins)
  • Okra Seeds (135 Coins)

Sunlit Plateau Seeds

  • Chilli Pepper Seeds (20 Coins)
  • Cotton Seeds (42 Coins)
  • Zucchini Seeds (30 Coins)
  • Soy Seeds

Frosted Heights Seeds

  • Cucumber Seeds (60 Coins)
  • Eggplant Seeds (95 Coins)
  • Asparagus Seeds (150 Coins)

 Forgotten Lands Stall

  • Pumpkin Seeds (275 Coins)
  • Potato Seeds (55 Coins)
  • Leek Seeds (120 Coins)

How long do crops take to grow?

Crop Name Growing Time Amount Per Harvest Sell Price
Lettuce 3 Minutes 1 8
Wheat 1 Minute 2 2
Tomato 25 Minutes 3 22
Corn 12 Minutes 2 16
Cotton 25 Minutes 1 37
Okra 120 Minutes 3 114
Onion 75 Minutes 1 170
Potato 35 Minutes 1 126
Rice 50 Minutes 2 61
Soya 90 Minutes 3 69
Spinach 60 Minutes 3 41
Sugarcane 7 Minutes 1 19
Zucchini 40 Minutes 2 52
Leek 120 Minutes 1 309
Eggplant 180 Minutes 1 308
Carrot 15 Minutes 1 44
Bell Pepper 15 Minutes 1 33
Asparagus 165 Minutes 3 133
Chili Pepper 45 Minutes 1 78
Pumpkin 240 Minutes 1 664
Canola 35 Minutes 1 109
Cucumber 75 Minutes 1 159

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