How To Get/Plant Wheat Seeds In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a ton of resources for you to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game, after all, features life...

There are a ton of resources for you to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game, after all, features life simulation mechanics. In that vein, be ready to find and plant some Wheat Seeds to grow Wheat in your garden or on your farm.

Wheat is an ingredient used in certain recipes and several quests will task you to make dishes with Wheat as one ingredient. Hence, you need to know how to get Wheat Seeds for an ample supply of Wheat in the game.

How to get Wheat Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wheat Seeds are used to farm and grow wheat resources that are used in quite a number of cooking recipes and can be obtained while completing quests. Players come across different characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley who assign different tasks and one such quest is Goofy’s questline.

Where to buy Wheat Seeds?

While completing the quest, the players will come across the task of helping Goofy setting up a stall. In the stall, there would be items on sale that the Dreamers can buy. Among those on sale items, one is Wheat Grain.

The Wheat Seeds can only be purchased after the stall is upgraded with 1000 coins. This unlocks the Wheat Seeds and the players can purchase them for 1 coin only. Goofy will charge 500 coins from the players to allow them to buy from the stall.

Other ways the players can get the seeds is through different errands where they’ll be tasked with different works. Completing these tasks can yield different seeds but it is not a recommended way of getting the Wheat Seeds as most of the seeds will be of other plants and vegetables.

How to plant Wheat Seeds

The process of plating the seeds is very simple. The players need to find a good place first where they can grow their field. After getting the appropriate land, players are required to prepare it for cultivation by digging it with the help of a shovel and other things that can also be bought from Goofy’s Stall.

After getting the land ready, the field must be watered from time to time until the crop is ripe. After that, the field is farmed and used for producing and using wheat whenever needed.

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