Diablo Immortal PvP Tier List

In this guide, we have made a Tier List for all the Diablo Immortal classes that work best in the Battleground PvP mode of the game

Choosing the right class is essential for your success in Diablo Immortal. It determines the types of builds that you’ll opt for and what will be your major strengths and weaknesses. There are a total of 6 classes in Diablo Immortal right now and in this guide, we have made a Tier List for all the Diablo Immortal classes that work best in the Battleground PvP mode of the game.

Diablo Immortal PvP Tier List

The classification of these classes into different tiers is done on the basis of some key factors such as Difficulty, Class Dynamics, and Damage Output.

The tier list for the Diablo Immortal PvP classes is as follows.

Tier Class
S-Tier Monk
A-Tier Crusader, Demon Hunter
B-Tier Wizard, Barbarian
C-Tier Necromancer

Barbarian Class

The Barbarian class focuses mainly on AoE and sweeping attacks. This class can take a great amount of damage and dish it out equally on to its foes. This class will be perfect for you in Battleground PvP mode since you’ll be facing enemies from up close constantly, especially considering how useful its crowd control can be when used with certain skills.

The primary attacks for this class are Frenzy and Lacerate. Frenzy deals with 945 damage and with each hit, its speed increases by 8% for 3 seconds. Lacerate helps you deal with a series of attacks that deal with 1050 to 1512 damage. With every third heal, you get a considerable amount of healing as well.

The best skills for this class include; Hammer of the Ancients, Sprint, and Undying Rage. Out of these three, Hammer of the Ancients is the most suitable skill for PvP scenarios. It helps you destroy enemies in front of you with a massive hammer dealing with 535% weapon damage.

Despite being one of the most powerful classes, Barbarians do face issues when it comes to sustaining themselves for long battles. They can also be kited all over the arena by the other more mobile classes. When facing stronger enemies, Barbarians tend to go into defensive mode and rely on long cooldowns for key abilities.

Crusader Class

Crusader class is mainly focused on providing you with defense and armor. It does not deal with the same amount of damage as the Barbarian Class but it surely soaks up more damage with its heavy shield and armor. This class has the most survival rate out of all the other classes in the game.

Crusader works perfectly for PvP as it allows you to support your teammates with different types of strengthening buffs. This class works best for beginners but if you’re someone looking to deal heavy amounts of damage, then this might not be the right choice for you.

Some notable skills for this class include Spinning Shield, Draw and Quarter, and Condemn. You can deal with a heavy amount of AoE damage with Condemn in this class. You also have strong Crowd Control mechanics in this class which is ideal for PvP.

Although this class is best suitable in a group, they still rely on long cooldowns and short-ranged damage, making them weak against Helliquary bosses.

Also, possessing weak primary attacks causes the Crusader to reply fully on particular skills and gear which play a huge role in their survival against larger opponents.

Necromancer Class

Necromancer works in a very different manner as compared to all the other Diablo Immortal classes. With Necromancer’s skills, you can summon undead allies, which help you in wiping off the enemies. This works perfectly for players who plan on playing alone without any team support. The undead allies can help in keeping the enemies occupied while you can simply move around and kill more enemies.

The primary attacks for this class include Bone Spear and Soulfire. The skills include Bone Wall, Bone Spiked, and Dark Curse. All of which are ideal for Crowd Control and give you an immense amount of support when dealing with enemies.

Despite the Necromancer mastering the solo play, it still lacks mobility skills as compared to other classes, and considering the main way to deal damage is by summoning undead allies, without this skill, this class is almost useless against enemies.

Apart from relying on its summons, Necromancer kits also heavily depend upon Bone spells, which places them in a support role rather than a typical PvP DPS role in Diablo Immortal.

Monk Class

Monk is the class that is mainly focused on speed and works best in PvP when you want to deal damage very quickly while using skills with short cooldowns, and keeping AoE attacks as a secondary option.

The Monk class is mainly focused on speed. With its lightning-fast kicks and punches, you completely destroy one enemy before moving to the next. The Monk is a middle ground for players who want melee combat but find Barbarian too difficult and Crusader too slow.

Monk’s skills are focused on speed which can overwhelm and stun the enemies with rapid and confusing attacks. However, you might have to be careful since the ability of this class is greatly affected once it is low on health.

When playing in co-op, Monk is probably the best class however, it depends heavily on its combos when playing solo which can be quite hectic when going up against strong targets.

Additionally, Monks possess low single target damage and have minimum health which is why they are mainly focused on their mobility skills.

Wizard Class

Wizard is the ideal class if you’re not interested in melee but want to deal with elemental and magic damage. Wizards focus on keeping enemies away, unlike other classes that grab enemy attention. With this class, you can freeze enemies, stop them from reaching the front lines, and stun their movement.

With the use of its mobility skill such as Teleport, you’ll have a higher chance of defeating above-average bosses and other enemies.

The Wizard class uses powerful spells to inflict great amounts of damage which are theoretically possible. With its status debuffs and spells, you can rip through enemies but it isn’t the best choice if you’re someone who enjoys melee combat. The damage output of Wizards is considerably held back once they run low on health.

The Wizard class possesses long skill cooldowns which you must focus heavily on while going up against hard-hitting opponents which may include main story bosses.

Although Wizards focuses on DPS, it still relies on the use of multi-state spells, and without their synergies, Wizards aren’t capable of withstanding their opponents, especially if they lack good buffs.

Demon Hunter Class

Demon Hunter works best in PvP when you want to stay at a distance from the enemies and play a supporting role. Most of Demon Hunter’s skills are focused on trapping the enemies. This class works best as support for melee combat classes like Barbarian and Crusaders that can grab enemy attention and fight them up close.

The Demon Hunter class is a glass cannon with a fair share of AoE ranged attacks which help you make precise attacks from a distance. This class works best for anyone who avoids melee combat.

The major downside of playing as the Demon Hunter is that it doesn’t have any good escape skills which are a major part of any Diablo Immortal PvP class.

When playing in a group, the best way to survive longer but the Demon Hunter class possesses a low health rate which causes them to die in an early stage of a battle if not used properly, mainly because it doesn’t have any noteworthy buffs that it can use for group plays.

Best PvP Class In Diablo Immortal

Out of the six classes in Diablo Immortal, we would recommend going for the Necromancer as this class is arguably one of the best PvP classes to choose based on strength and damage rate.

Also, the Necromancer has several useful skills that you can use to survive for the longest in any battle, and although it depends upon their summons, you will find a Necromancer more attuned to a PvP arena compared to any other class.

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