Diablo Immortal Monk Class Explained

The ever-popular pugilist of the Diablo series, the Monk, is a fast-paced and hard-hitting class in Diablo Immortal. This guide will introduce you to all aspects of the Monk class in Diablo Immortal and outline the best skills, builds and equipment for it.

How to Play Monk in Diablo Immortal

Monks are martial artists with a fast and agile fighting style. They engage their enemies in fast-paced combat and use their impressive AoE attacks skill to blast away groups of enemies quickly.

The true strength of a Monk lies in weaving together moves and skills to make long and powerful combos, while easily avoiding all the attacks from their enemies.

Monks works best to protect flanks as they can hold out on their own against enemies and have great mobility. Furthermore, your AoE attacks allow you to deal with groups of enemies if you get to the center of a fight.

Unfortunately, Monks have no ranged pressure and struggle against ranged classes. Furthermore, Monks require using long combos and hence, constant inputs from the players to be effective. If not, Monk class falls apart and becomes worthless. Monks are only good for players who don’t get fazed and don’t make mistakes in their combos.

The best-recommended stat investment for Monk is Strength, as it further increases the damage that you deal and also contributes towards your Combat rating.

Secondly, we recommend leveling up Fortitude as it allows you not only to have higher resistances to damage but also to get higher armor penetration on your attacks making them more effective on stronger enemies.

Diablo Immortal Monk Best Skills

The following are the two primary skills for the Monk Class:

Deadly Reach: Allows you to project lines of piercing force that deal damage can hit multiple targets that are lining up.

Fist of Thunder: Teleport to an enemy and unleash a fury of punches. You have the option to teleport to another target after every third punch.

The monk class features many unique and hard-hitting skills, but below we’ve listed the best of the bunch to use in Diablo Immortal.

Cyclone Strikes: This is the must have skill for the Monk class. The skill allows you to create a vortex and pull in enemies close to you. The range from which you can pull in enemies depends on how long you hold and charge the skill. Since Monk features a variety of AoE attacks, this skill allows you to place your enemies in your attack radius and then immediately blast them off.

Shield of Zen: The shield of Zen allows you to cast a proactive barrier around you and one of your teammates that absorb damage and prevents all effects which cause loss of control of a character. This skill also causes you to teleport next to your ally that you are casting the shield on and can also be used as a mobility option.

Mystic Strike: You will dash forward and all the enemies around you will be pulled with you. The skill allows you to push all the surrounding enemies away from you whilst also damaging them. You can use this skill to push enemies into specific spots where either you or your allies can corner them by using traps or other strategies.

Wave Strike: You launch a wave of energy that carries all your enemies away from you and then explodes. The skill’s range increases depending on how long it is charged and will carry away all the hellspawn. When fully charged, the skill will also knock away all the enemies there were not completely in the blast radius.

Seven-Sided Strike: You will rapidly teleport and dash between enemies and kick them. If you strike the same enemy multiple times, each subsequent hit after the first deals 50% of the first hit damage, so it’s best to keep on changing targets.

Mystic Allies: Allows you to summon 2 spirits to fight by your side. They have life equal to yours, meaning they only get stronger as you level up.

Diablo Immortal Monk Best Weapons

Though Monk lacks a lot of damager buffs on his equipment, we will be focusing on the best support buffs that Monk’s weapon provides him in Diablo Immortal.

Intervening Law

Our first choice for the Monk’s main hand weapon will be Intervening Law. The weapon will provide you with 1-3 Random Primary Attribute buffs and Random Special Attribute buffs.

Additionally, the weapon will allow you to provide Shield of Zen to multiple allies at once. You will teleport to a general area and all the allies in your skill AoE will be blessed with the shield. You will also enjoy a cooldown reduction on the skill.

Spirit’s Reach

Spirit’s Reach is our second choice. This allows you to place a runic circle when using the Seven-Sided Strike, and all the enemies inside the runic circle will be attacked by the player’s spirit allies. The skill allows you to get additional targets, along with a 10% cooldown on Seven-Sided Strike skill.

Eye of the Storm

For the off-hand weapon, we only recommend Eye of the Storm weapon. It allows you to increase your Cyclonic Strike radius by 20% and also decreases the cooldown by 10% allowing you to use it more effectively and quicker.

Diablo Immortal Best Monk Armor Sets

Monk has access to a variety of armors that provide different buffs to your hero stats when equipped. Though you can make any combination by mixing and matching your armor set, here is a selection of the best armor pieces that we recommend in the game.

Pensive Crown

Pensive Crown will increase the duration of Shield of Zen by 30% whilst also decreasing the cooldown for Shield of Zen by 10%.

Purity’s Though

Using Shield of Zen will remove any harmful effects that your targeted ally is suffering from in the game.

Storm Spirit

The Chest piece upgrades your Cyclic Strike so that it creates a powerful tornado that deals damage to all the enemies in the range of the attack.

Tempest’s Heart

With this chest piece, your Cyclic Strike will detonate after it pulls in all the enemies knocking them away.

Breath of Incense

This chest piece allows Seven-Sided Strike to trigger an Exploding Palm if you kill a Bleeding enemy with the skill.

Enlightenment’s Blessing

Shield of Zen will increase your movement speed by 25% and you can also pass unhindered through all your enemies.

Discipline’s Weight

The damage for every hit of the Seven-Sided Strike is increased by 10%

The First Wind

Each hit in your Seven-Sided Strikes will increase your defense against attacks by 3.5% and will be stacked up to 7 times, providing a total of 24.5% defense against attacks.

Path of the Storm

Cyclic Strike will decrease all incoming damage by 20% for a small duration and decrease the cooldown for Cyclic Strike by 10%.

Companion’s Melody

When summoned, the duration for all your mystic allies increases by 30%.

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