Diablo Immortal Necromancer Class Explained

In this detailed guide, we will tell you each and everything related to Best Necromancer builds in Diablo Immortal.

In this guide, we will tell you each and everything related to Best Necromancer builds in Diablo Immortal. We will also tell you the best skills, best weapons and best armor sets for Necromancer Builds in Diablo Immortal.

How to Play Necromancer in Diablo Immortal

Summons, support, crowd control, AoE, and single target are all things that necromancers excel at. They have the highest level of Crowd Control of any class in the game, which makes them excellent at halting attackers in PvP. They have super high damage.

Necromancers deal massive damage but have very bad movement. The thing about the Necromancer is they are the ultimate pet class. If you like to use pets in the games that you play, the Necromancer is absolutely for you

Necromancer’s raid buffs are great, and its ultimate is the finest in the game. Necromancer has minions for all kinds of situations. It also rewards Tactical Play in PvP. Their mobility sucks and can be Corpse Reliant. You might have to swap between builds constantly.

Necromancers can be kind of hit or miss in PvP. If you can learn to use their abilities, they summon a really annoying wall or tower that can really disrupt teams. But it takes a little bit of getting used to. Some of your summons die very easily in PvP. So, it takes a little bit of practice.

The Necromancer has the ability to conjure creatures that can tank all damage while still dealing enormous amounts of damage.

The Necromancer class is ideal for groups. It will provide a wide range of bonuses to your party members. Necromancer’s ability Bone Wall, which allows you to lock down opponents and deliver huge damage, makes him incredibly effective in PVP.

Necromancer is a difficult class to play since most of your skills demand you to be near to the enemy’s mid-range. What’s more, is that it is a sluggish class with no escape talents, you’ll have to play cautiously in that range.

You must first summon your golem and skeletal mage before the combat can begin. Then assault the opposition group with your skeleton troops and golem. Continue to call your golems and skeletons to benefit from their perks.

When as many pets as possible are in the target region, you always use the Dark Curse. Keep this ability on cooldown at all times. You can spam your primary attack into the crowd the rest of the time.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer Best Skills

We will primarily use Soulfire, Command Skeletons, Command Golem, Dark Curse, and Skeletal Mage skills. Summon all these to bring havoc on your enemies. In Necromancer, you can pick from 12 skills, but you can use 4 at any given time in addition to one primary skill. The skills listed below are the best skills for Necromancer build.


This is the best primary skill for beginners because you can unlock it in level 1. This skill launches a ball of Soulfire that bursts when it hits the opponent.

With the help of this skill, you will be able to deal 25% more damage to the target enemy and all the adjacent enemies

This skill has a Hungering Soulfire ability that increases the time span of Soulfire for 12 seconds and simultaneously launches Bone Spirits.

Command Skeletons

This skill can increase your speed of the attack by 80% for 4.5 seconds with the help of the Skeletal Champions.

It also has the drawback that it only summons Skeletal Champion four times during a fight. And each takes 8 seconds to reload.

Skeletal Mage

This skill spawns a skeletal mage for a total of 13 seconds. And it can fire Soufire shots in the enemy direction. Soulfire damage is not limited to one enemy, but it causes damage to all the enemies in its course.

The only drawback to this skill is that you are limited to summoning 6 Skeletal mages per fight.

Dark Curse

Dark curse with Mournful Destroyer will curse the ground and consistently deal damage as we group up to our huge clump of enemies for over 6 seconds. We’re going to lay this down and just burn them alive. Corpses explode once we get the corpses on the ground.

In addition to delivering damage, this skill will significantly obstruct the enemy’s view.

Command Golem

This skill will damage all of the surrounding enemies by spawning Bone Golem for 24 seconds. The Bone Golem will also stun the enemy while doing the damage

This Golem will distract the nearby enemies by making them attack him for 6 seconds. You can unlock this skill at level 50.

The only drawback of this skill is that it needs 36 seconds to reload.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer Best Weapons

Necromancer has plenty of weapons to choose from, but we have made a list of what we think are the best weapons for this build

Baleful Trinity

Ever heard of the proverb two birds with one stone. Baleful trinity does just that. It deflects your Soulfire so that after it has struck one enemy, it hits another in one single hit.

There is a downside to that. After Hitting the first target, it loses the damage power by 30%. It is best used as your off-hand weapon. It also increases your total Soulfire damage by 10%.


On the main hand, the best weapon you can choose is Desolatoria. It will transform your command golem skill to summon an improved Golem that will deal more damage and burn all enemies alive.

This weapon is best used when you want to kill a large group of enemies in a short amount of time. Another ability of this weapon is that it shocks the enemies, disabling them for a few moments and allowing players to kill them in one go.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer Best Armor Sets

Choosing armor can be difficult sometimes, so we have listed the best armor for Necromancer build.

Crown of the Gilded Leash

This is the best headpiece armor that you can choose. You can wear this armor to guard against any oncoming opponent assaults.

This armor allows you to summon a single strong skeleton commander to make a tornado at a specific spot where your enemies are, making their attacks useless.

Parting Gift

You can wear this armor to protect against all single hit damage. It also allows your nearby party members resistance from the enemies’ attacks if they are from a single hit.

It also decreases the cooldown effect of the Bone Armor by 10%.

The Inviting Tomb

If you have destroyed your first chest armor Parting Gift for some reason, this is the second-best substitute chest piece. After wearing that, it will provide a better immunity against enemies.

This will create a stone wall that will turn into cages and capture the enemies, preventing them from escaping. Then you can easily kill them as they won’t be able to attack back.

Covet Nothing

This armor utilizes Bone Armor to inflict strong damage to the nearby enemies and ultimately destroy them as a result. So, this armor serves both purposes. It protects and also attacks the enemies.

The only downside to this armor is when the opponents receive the damage dealt by this armor. It will fail to provide its basis shielding feature.


This is the best shoulder piece you can go for in Necromancer because it renders useless the corpse explosions attack.

Instead of an explosion, this armor releases a plant poison that will slowly poison the enemy and cause a continuous drop in their health. And finally killing them completely.

Sacred Chausses

While providing a basic shielding effect from enemy buffs, this leg armor also provides Bone Wall skill. It even increases the total duration of the skill by 10%.

The best thing about this armor is that it provides skill while simultaneously shielding you from enemies’ attacks.

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