Diablo Immortal Crusader Class Explained

In this Diablo Immortal guide we will be going through the best skills, weapons and armor sets for the Crusader Class.

If you’re looking to start a crusade against the onslaught of Hell Spawn in Diablo Immortal, then look no further than the Crusader class! In this Diablo Immortal guide we will be going through the best skills, weapons and armor sets for the Crusader Class.

How to Play Crusader in Diablo Immortal

If you’re interested in farming groups of enemies in Diablo Immortal, then Crusader just might be the best class for you. This class is unique for its wide variety of AOE skills. Defense and speed are the major perks of this class, and they can help you easily clear out large mobs of enemies.

The enemy-pulling skills of The Crusader make it ideal for battle, especially at the start of a fight. Skills such as Draw and Quarter and Spinning Shield allow the Crusader class to control the amount of enemies around it.

One of the strengths of the Crusader class is its wide range of AoE skills that can help you play multiple roles in PvE mode.

You can use different AoE skills to inflict follow up attacks on your enemies. These skills allow you to deal a huge amount of damage. You can switch between different skills to see what fits you the best according to your group’s current needs.

The Crusader class is ideal for team roles in the battlefield. This class provides the best party buffs and deals with a great amount of damage during combat. Skills like Holy Banner and Conjuration of Light are great for team buffs. These skills enhance your team’s damage and protect them from enemy damage.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Best Skills

The following are the best skills for the Crusader class in Diablo Immortal:

Spinning Shield

Using this shield will help you deal with 4626 damage to all enemies in the path. This shield requires a maximum number of 3 charges. It returns to you and pulls enemies in its path towards you after dealing with an additional damage of 3084.


This helps you consecrate the ground in your surroundings and deals with 20868 damage to all the neighboring enemies.


You can cause a huge explosion by using this skill and deal a damage of 9094. You can activate it for another round but this time the radius remains small.

Draw and Quarter

With this skill you can mount a celestial war horse, you can get rid of all movement impairing effects, your speed is increased by 65% and you can inflict a heavy amount of damage.

Diablo Immortals Crusader Best Weapons

These are the two best weapons for the Crusader class in Diablo Immortal:


This weapon summons a blade storm around the Falling Sword. Consequently, it deals with a huge amount of damage against enemies.

Pavise of Ten Wings

Spinning Shield spirals around the player and does not return.

Diablo Immortals Crusaders Best Armor Sets

The following are the best Armor Set picks for the Crusader class in Diablo Immortal.

  • Many-Eyed Aegis
  • Iron Suzerian
  • Wind-Blessed Pauldrons
  • Cavalier’s Courtwear

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