Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Class Explained

This guide will introduce you to all aspects of the Demon Hunter class in Diablo Immortal and outline the best skills, builds and equipment for it.

The Demon Hunter class is one of the six classes available in Diablo Immortal. This guide will introduce you to all aspects of the Demon Hunter class in Diablo Immortal and outline the best skills, builds and equipment for it.

How to Play Demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal

The Demon Hunter Class is a Ranged strength class in Diablo Immortal. Demon Hunters are vigilantes that assault their enemies from afar. They possess high DPS skills and traps that allow you to force your enemies to stay away as you dish out massive amounts of damage.

Demon Hunter features powerful skills as well as primary attacks can deal a lot of damage to a single target and perfect movement speed to flank and kite during fights. The mobility of the class is only made better by the traps that Demon Hunters can use, allowing them to further slow their enemies during the battle.

To balance the class, Demon Hunter lacks efficient escape skills and has very little health, meaning even a few hits will kill you.

In general, Demon Hunter is a glass cannon class and requires a proper strategy to be used in any battle. The class is perfect for the people who want to play a pure DPS, point-and-shoot playstyle in Diablo Immortal.

The primary stat for the Demon Hunter Class is Strength, as it increases the damage output of the class, as well as the Combat rating of the class. The secondary stat for Demon Hunter is Fortitude, as it allows you to increase the armor penetration on your attacks and increase the overall damage of Critical Hits.

Other than these, players can invest in Vitality and Willpower to increase their survivability in combat. Your dump stat for the Demon Hunter class will be intelligence as it’s the least effective stat for it.

The most efficient use of Demon Hunter requires proper attention to your placement in any fight. You need to be far enough to stay safe from any enemy charging at you.

You also need to position yourself in such a way that it is easy for you to defend yourself if the enemy comes for you. This is best achieved by only leaving narrow paths for the enemy to follow you through where you can easily exploit them.

Secondly, don’t forget to change your attacks. Keep in mind that demon hunters will only prove themselves to be a true DPS class when you actually use the attacks that your enemy is weak to, instead of using attacks for which the enemy has high resistance.

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Best Skills

The following are the two primary skills for the Demon Hunter Class:

Crossbow Shot: Shoot an arrow to deal higher damage while moving at a reduced speed.

Explosive Arrow: Shoots an explosive arrow that deals AoE damage.

The Demon Hunter class features some of the best high damage skills in the game, but some are much better than the others. Here is a selection of the best skills that you can use for Demon Hunter class.

Knockback Shot

A bolt of shadow energy that knocks back enemies. If the enemy hits any obstacle after knockback, it will be stunned for 4 seconds.

Since Demon Hunters work best at a distance where they are safe from the melee attackers, this skill works wonders as it allows you to get away from any enemy who manages to get close to you. This allows you to maintain the distance between the enemies and yourself.

Furthermore, using the skill in cramped areas will work even better as you can stun the enemy for 4 seconds and this is ample time to get away for a Demon Hunter.

Knife Trap

This allows you to set an invisible trap that detonates when an enemy gets close. With the ranged damage capabilities of Demon Hunter, enemies will need to tank a lot of damage before they get close to you. This skill allows you to place traps at chokepoints, making them unavoidable and further damaging the already weakened enemies.


You transform into the embodiment of Vengeance and all your primary attacks launch 2 additional shots. The is the only self-buff skill that demon hunter has, and honestly, is one of the best skills that the Demon Hunter has. You will be using Vengeance on every build that you make for demon Hunter to simply increase your damage.


This allows you to summon a sentry for 30 seconds that fires at all enemies dealing damage per shot. Again, the skill allows you to choke your enemies at tough points, allowing yourself and even your team some respite if you are pushed back or hold a spot.


Allows demon Hunter to Spin rapidly while shooting in all directions. The skill allows you to deal with enemies when you are surrounded.

Though you will be moving around as a slower pace, Strafe makes it nearly impossible for anyone to even flank you as your high damage fire in all directions will surely kill most of them, allowing you an opening to escape.

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Best Weapons

Demon Hunter has access to a variety of crossbows in the game as his primary weapon for attacking, however, few of the weapons stand above the rest.

Flamespite Legendary Crossbow

The best weapon that we can suggest using for Demon Hunter is the Flamespite Legendary crossbow as your main hand weapon.

The main reason behind this choice is that it grants you an additional scaling of 1-3 in a random Primary Attribute and 1-3 scaling in a random Special Attribute. You will be getting additional Strength, Fortitude and Vitality using this crossbow on your Demon Hunter.

Additionally, you will also get increased Critical Chance and Critical Damage when using the Flamesprite, which serves a lot to a high DPS class like Demon Hunter.

The Multishot skill of the weapon fires multiple flame arrows at your targets that set them on fire and deal ticks of damage after the first hit as well.

The weapon comes with one socket for a Gem. We suggest using the Berserker Eye Legendary Gem along with the weapon. This gem will further boost your Armor Penetration, Critical Chance and Critical damage immensely on top of providing a minor boost to all your basic stats as well.


The second weapon that we recommend going after is the Hellbinder. The main skill of the weapon allows you to fire Explosive shots that set your enemies on fire for 2 seconds. The shots also have an AoE range and will also hit any other enemy that’s close to your target.

The weapon is perfect for chaotic fights where you are having a hard time dealing with swarms of enemies.

The weapon also grants additional bonuses to your Fortitude and Vitality whilst also increasing the Critical Damage of your Demon Hunter.

Diablo Immortal Best Demon Hunter Armor Sets

Demon Hunter has access to a variety of armor that provides different buffs to your hero stats when equipped. Though you can make any combination by mixing and matching your armor set, here is a selection of the best armor pieces that we recommend in the game.

Plate of Lethal Intent

This legendary chest piece allows you to reduce the arming time of your Knife Traps by 85%. The biggest drawback of the Knife Traps is the long arming time of the traps, before which they become invisible and armed, ready for exploding.

Using this chest, you will drastically reduce the arming time of the traps, allowing you to set the traps on reaction to enemy attacks instead of setting them up hoping someone will come and set on the trap. This allows you to even use the trap by running in a fight, setting the trap and then running out.

Heart of Vengeance

The Heart of vengeance chest plate will decrease the cooldown of your Vengeance skill by 15%. Though it doesn’t seem much, Vengeance is your go-to skill most of the time due to the immense damage boost that the skill provides you.

Heart of Vengeance allows players to use Vengeance much faster, especially when the armor piece is paired with other pieces that boost Vengeance cooldown.

Cuirass of Death Watch

This chest piece increases your Strafe damage by 10%. Strafe allows you to engage multiple enemies at once and from all sides as you will be rapidly spinning while shooting your Crossbow in all directions.

The 10% damage increase will further improve your chances of, not only getting kills but also increasing your chances of making an opening to get away.

Coff’s Unrelenting Fury

Coff’s Unrelenting Fury provides a massive boost to your Vengeance skill. For every 2 Primary Attacks, you will launch 1 additional rocket that deals massive damage.

Cowl of Absolute Punishment

The Helm increases the damage of Multishot by 10%. The cowl is best used with the Multishot ability of the Flamespite crossbow. All your Multishot uses will deal additional damage and, if you manage to land all your hits, you can even one-shot some enemies.

Day’s frightful Persona

The helm will increase the damage of Knockback Shot by 10%. When used properly to push your opponent into an obstacle, the increased damage can be followed up by another skill allowing you to absolutely destroy your enemies.

Cowl of Focused Hatred

The Cowl of Focused Hatred allows you to shoot four additional shots in your Multishot skill. These shots can make up a huge difference in your damage output, especially with the increased chance of landing a critical hit.

Visions of the Lost

The Helm provides a buff to your Vengeance skill again. When using the Vengeance skill with the helm equipped, each defeated enemy increases the remaining duration of Vengeance by 0.2 seconds, up to a maximum increase of 2.4 seconds.

When Vengeance is used when most of your enemies are already at low health to both wipe them out and further increase your vengeance timer allowing you to keep the onslaught going on.


This Legendary Shoulder piece allows you to shoot 2 homing rockets in your Multishot as well. Both of these rockets deal good damage when paired with the fact that you have just landed multiple hits on your enemies.

Bombardment’s Toll

Bombardment’s Toll allows you to summon bomb-dropping beasts when using Rain of Vengeance. These dropped bombs deal damage and stun enemies.

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