Diablo Immortal Wizard Class Explained

In this guide, we will tell you each and everything related to the Best Wizard builds in Diablo Immortal. We will also tell you the best skills, best weapons and best armor sets for Wizard Builds in Diablo Immortal.

How to Play Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal

Wizards are one of the most powerful classes in Diablo Immortal since they can use a variety of Area of Effect and Crowd Control spells. You will be able to manipulate your opponent, make flawless combinations, and obliterate foes with the assistance of these talents.

With the Wizard Class, you’ll be able to use numerous elements like fire, ice, and air to unleash devastating attack combinations on your opponents. Wizards are among the most powerful long-range combatants, but they are also extremely vulnerable, similar to traditional glass cannons.

The Wizard class in Diablo Immortal is particularly beneficial in a group where other players will collect hostile creatures and you may nuke them down.

Wizards have a lot of single-target damage spells and are quite mobile. So, if you know how to play Wizard, you’ll be a PVP juggernaut. Wizards can teleport and one of their lightning powers may also give you a lot of mobility, so they can move around quickly.

In PVP, you can use teleport to control opposing players and remain at a safe distance from them, and you can also do an enormous amount of damage in a short amount of time using the Wizard Class. The wizard class is more difficult to play than other classes since you must complete skill combinations in order to do considerable damage.

A lot of their skills have either very long cooldowns or are channeled. That is just not good enough in most cases for Diablo Immortal. You don’t want to cast one thing and then not be able to do it for 15 seconds.

You don’t want to stand there, channeling a skill that’s almost never good in this game. You need to be mobile and need to be doing a lot of things simultaneously.

This is one of the biggest problems with this Wizard class. It relies on combos and if you don’t combo, you lose a ton of damage. You have to learn to do it. In addition to that, you have to skill shot a lot of your casts.

You have to land the Meteor exactly where the monsters are going to be because there’s a little bit of a drop time. They’re very squishy and you have only got one buff from disintegrating which is honestly a lot to give up just to give up, just to give one buff to the group.

They’re pretty good at AoE but every class is good at AoE. They’re incredibly good at Crowd Controlling. Wizards have some very nice synergies and move very well but the long cooldowns and channeled skills are a problem.

To speed up your growth and leveling, you should equip stronger gear as soon as you get it. Your inventory will begin to flash as you earn stronger items from foes you’ve slain.

If you didn’t know, Diablo Immortal features a battle pass that you can purchase. In the battle pass, you will acquire a legendary item that will considerably improve your Wizard’s strength, so equip it as quickly as possible.

While leveling, you will come across a lot of gems, so make sure to equip them all to gain that additional boost. Legendary equipment such as the Siphon, Unrepentant Gale, and Windshaper, all beneficial for the Wizard class, can be found if you’re lucky.

Diablo Immortal Wizard Best Skills

The following are the two primary skills for the Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal.

Magic Missile: Magic Missile is a skill that allows you to do damage to an adversary while also gaining Hardened. Launch a missile of magical energy that deals damage. The Magic Missile skill has a level requirement of 1.

Electrocute: Electrocute is a skill that allows you to fire lightning from your fingers, doing full damage to the first opponent hit and then leaping to three other targets for 30% damage. The skill level required for Electrocute is 34.

Wizards have up to 12 skills to select from in addition to their primary attack, and they can equip up to four of them at once.

Arcane Wind

Arcane Wind is a skill with a cooldown of 9 seconds. The required level for Arcane Wind skill is level 1. Use the Arcane Wind skill to send a gust of wind in a specific direction, causing damage and pushing foes away. Charging for a longer period of time improves range, knockback distance, and damage. Burning foes will take 50 percent more damage.


Scorch is a skill with a cooldown of 9 seconds. The required level for Scorch skill is level 1. Launch a fiery ball that causes damage and pushes foes away, leaving a Burning trail that deals damage over 6 seconds with the Scorch skill.

Lightning Nova

Lightning Nova is a skill with a cooldown of 6 seconds. The required level for Lightning Nova skill is level 3. Toss 10 lightning balls away from you in all directions with the Lightning Nova skill, causing damage as they travel outward and return to your new location. Per target, a maximum of 6 hits is allowed. Hits 2 and higher on a target only deliver 30% damage.


Teleport is a skill with a cooldown of 15 seconds. The required level for Teleport skill is level 15. With a maximum of three charges, the Teleport skill allows you to teleport ahead.

Black Hole

Blackhole is a skill with a cooldown of 20 seconds. The required level for Blackhole skill is level 38. The Blackhole skill lets you summon a black hole for 3 seconds at a specific place, which will draw in all local foes and do damage over the course of that time.


Meteor is a skill with a cooldown of 9 seconds. The required level for Meteor skill is level 41. The Meteor Skill lets you create a massive meteor from the sky that does damage and stuns all foes in its path for 3 seconds. It scorches the ground it touches, inflicting damage on opponents for 6 seconds.

Arcane Torrent

Arcane Torrent is a skill with a cooldown of 0.5 seconds. The required level for Meteor skill is level 47. Arcane Torrent lets you to fire a barrage of magical missiles at nearby adversaries, causing damage to them.

Diablo Immortal Wizard Best Weapons

For the Wizard Class, we have compiled a list of the best weapons to use.


Windshaper is used as the main weapon. When you use Windshaper with Arcane Winds, the whirlwind formed by Arcane Winds will now chase down a target and do damage to everyone in its path.

The Siphon

The Siphon is used as an offhand weapon. When used in conjunction with Lightning Nova, the Siphon increases your movement speed by 60%.


Electrospike is used as the main hand weapon. When used in conjunction with Electrocute, Electrocute gains access to three extra foes.

Force of Harakas

Force of Harakas is used as the main hand weapon. When you use Magic Missile with Force of Harakas, the damage of Magic Missile increases by 20%.

Unrepentant Gale

Unrepentant Gale is used as an offhand weapon. Maximum Arcane Wind charges are raised by 1 when Arcane Wind is combined with Unrepentant Gale.

Diablo Immortal Wizard Best Armor Sets

For the Wizard Class, we have compiled a list of the best armor sets to use.

Starcaller’s Drapery

Starcaller’s Drapery is used as chest armor. Meteor radius increases by 20% when Meteor skill is combined with Starcaller’s Drapery.

Shoulders of the Cataclysm

Shoulders of the Cataclysm are used as shoulder armor. Meteor radius increases by 10% when Meteor skill is combined with Shoulders of the Cataclysm.

Riftdancer’s Stride

Rift Dancer’s Stride is used as leg armor. Teleport now targets a place where it additionally hurts all adjacent foes when Riftdancer’s Stride is used in conjunction with the Teleport Skill.

Mask of Illusions

Mask of Illusions is used as head armor. When Teleport is used in conjunction with Mask of Illusions, you will become invisible and leave a mirror image behind.

Cowl of the Abyss

Cowl of the Abyss is used as head armor. When combined with Cowl of the Abyss, the Black Hole’s radius increases by 20%.

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