Diablo 4 Poison Werewolf Druid Build Guide

There Poison Werewolf Druid build is all about shredding enemies to bits while doing a ton of poison damage per second in Diablo 4.

The Druid class can not only shapeshift between a Werewolf and Werebear, but can also summon companion spirits in D4. If you are interested in the former shapeshifting animal, you will be glad to know that you can run a Poison Werewolf Druid build that shreds enemies with toxic claws.

The major focus of a Werewolf Druid build is to capitalize Poison Status Effect to deal damage to the enemies, and that is precisely what the Poison Werewolf Druid Build does in Diablo 4.

It does a ton of poison damage in the endgame, which is necessary to clear all of the high-level dungeons in Diablo 4.

Poison Werewolf Druid skills and unlock order

When creating a Diablo 4 Build, your main focus should be investing points into the best skills that will make your build even stronger.

Below we have listed the most suitable skills to launch your Poison Werewolf Druid Build in Diablo 4:

  • Storm Strike (basic skill)
  • Blood Howl (defensive skill)
  • Raven (companion skill)
  • Vine Creeper (companion skill)
  • Shred (core skill)
  • Rabies (wrath skill)
  • Grizzly Rage (ultimate skill)
Unlock OrderSkills
1Storm Strike
2Enhanced Storm Strike
3Fierce Storm Strike
5Enhanced Shred
6Primal Shred
7 Predatory Instinct
8Blood Howl
9Enhanced Blood Howl
10Innate Blood Howl
11Ancestral Fortitude
13Poison Creeper
14Enhanced Poison Creeper
15Brutal Poison Creeper
16Call of the Wild
18Nature’s Reach
20Enhanced Ravens
21Ferocious Ravens
23Enhanced Rabied
24Natural Rabies
27Toxic Claws
29Heightened Senses
30Lupice Ferocity
31Vine Creeper

Since the Posion Werewolf Druid build focuses heavily on dealing Poison damage, it is recommended to use the Poison Creeper.


This companion skill captures the enemy, preventing them from moving and dealing with a large amount of Poison damage which will help you in crucial times.

Druid Spirit Boons

The best part is that these bonuses can be changed mid-combat. To unlock class specializations, you must reach level 15 and take part in a class-exclusive questline.

Diablo 4 consists of a unique mechanism, called specialization. It is a class-exclusive mechanism that helps each class choose three passive bonuses that help boost their attitudes and overall performance in a battle.

Each specialization is unlocked at level 15 and after completing the class-exclusive question associated with the given class. Druid possesses the Spirit Boons specialization which is unlocked after taking part in the Spirits of the Lost Grove quest in D4.

After unlocking the Spirit Boobs, you can use them to acquire passive bonuses through your desired Spirits. You will initially be granted four spirits to choose from. Each Spirit provides you with a different set of bonuses.

You can choose from the likes of Deer, Eager, Snake, and Wolf with each spirit associated with a certain Tier level that requires a higher offering from the player. Additionally, you will be given a chance to have 2 active boons simultaneously by bonding with the spirit to choose.  

For the Poison Werewolf Druid build, you must make sure to use the Wolf Spirit as it restores spirit on a lucky hit, provides Fortify, reset the cooldown on critical strike and lastly, allow you to increase the duration of your ultimate skill.

Poison Werewolf Druid playstyle and skill rotation

The Poison Werewolf Druid build in Diablo 4 focuses heavily on dealing AoE damage. Usually, you will be using a combination of your skills to damage multiple enemies that come in waves.

Although Druids are equipped with a mix of weapons ranging from melee to spells, your main focus in this playstyle revolves around using melee weapons such as a Two-handed Axe to cause mayhem. 

Damage Rotation

As a Posion Werewolf Druid, your main focus is to spread poison among your enemies to kill them.

The best way to inflict the most damage that will slay all enemies in the area is through the use of Rabies and Vine Creeper.

Combing the two skills can cause tremendous amounts of damage to several enemies at once. Using Rabies, Druids are able to bite the enemy to infect them with poison. Vine Creeper on the other hand is used to summon vines creepers from the ground that poison the nearby enemy.  

Start off by using Rabies to shapeshift and bitting an enemy from a horde. As the enemy gets infected, follow up by using the Vine Creeper skill to poison and kill all enemies nearby.

If you want, you can use Wolves to summon two wolves to aid you while you take on a horde of enemies.

Gear, Gems, and Stats

Each class in Diablo 4 possesses a total of four stats. Depending upon the build, these stats vary when it comes to investing points

  1. Willpower
  2. Dexterity
  3. Intelligence
  4. Strength

For the Poison Werewolf Druid Build in Diablo 4, you must focus on Willpower as it enhances your skill damage tremendously which allows you to perform skills at a lethal level.

Additionally, you will be able to use critical strike chance using your Dexteiry to cause damage to any nearby enemy. For the rest of the points, you can invest in Intelligence and Strength to increase the rate of generation and gain defensive armor.

  • Weapons: For weapons, you must equip Sapphire. It helps improve critical strike damage against enemies that possess crowd controls.
  • Armor: For additional reduction in damage, you must use Sapphire during a fortified state.
  • Jewelry: For additional armor, use Skull.

For gear affixes, you can choose from the ones given below that will greatly impact your playstyle by boosting your stats:

  • Companion Skill Damage
  • Werewolf skill damage
  • Damage to Poisoned Enemies
  • Spirit Cost Reduction
  • Maximum Spirit
  • Critical Strike Damage with Werewolf Skills
  • Rank of Rabies
  • Fortify Reduction

Paragon Boards

Paragon Boards are unlocked late in the game after you have beaten the main storyline at level 50. Using them, you are able to invest your Paragon points to help build your class into a stronger version of itself.

They also possess Glyph slots which are used to place your favorite glyphs. Below we have given the best picks for the Poison Werewolf Druid

  • Shapeshifter
  • Spirit
  • Bane
  • Exploit
  • Fang and Claw

Start your Poison Werewolf Druid build with the Shapeshifter and use Fang and Claw to increase your damage while shapeshifting in Diablo 4.

These Glyphs are arguably the best choice to initiate your Druids. Next up, you can use Spirit for an increased Critical Strike Damage.

For Poison damage, you can use Bane which allows you to cause additional Poison damage. If you are a vulnerable user, you can apply it on enemies using Exploit and increase your overall damage output.

Unique Items

Although the Poison Werewolf Druid build mostly focuses on melee attacks, you can still equip some weapons and unique items to help make this build even stronger.

Your main focus when choosing unique items for this build is to cause damage while taking minimum damage. Therefore, the best items to select range from a two-handed staff and the Doom Cuisses of Disobedience.

A two-handed staff can be used to inflict increased damage to enemies with crowd control. This staff will help you take on the enemies that have been Poisoned.

Additionally, for damage reduction, the best choice is the Doom Cuisses of Disobedience. This build focuses on dealing with melee enemies but can be a bit challenging when facing ranged enemies, So, using this armor, you deal damage reduction when attacked by enemies from a distance.

Legendary Aspects

Aspects are legendary items in Diablo 4 that can be attached to any of your equipment to provide passive effects.

They are an integral part of a build and are acquired by finding legendary items or making your way through the Codex of Power Dungeon.

  • Mighty Aspect
  • Vigorous Aspect
  • Aspect of the Umbral
  • Accelerating Aspect

Using Mighty and Vigorous Aspect, you will gain damage reduction which is necessary when it comes to staying alive after facing high-level enemies as a Posion Werewolf Druid in Diablo 4.

The Aspect of the Umbral will help you gain an additional Spirit upon using crowd control an the enemy. Since Shred will use up a lot of Spirit the Aspect of the Umbral helps you manage these Spirits for the long run.

After performing a Critical Strike, the Accelerating Aspect will net you additional Attack speed for the next 5 seconds. This helps you quicken your Storm Strikes and Shreds.

Elixirs and Potions

Positions help you last longer in fights, with Healing Potions being one of the most used Elixirs. If you are looking to survive against high-level enemies, then it is certain that you use Elixirs in Diablo 4.

Once crafted, you can upgrade them till level 45 and completely abandon them to focus on upgrading other items. These potions are found in the main town, at the alchemists. Furthermore, they can be acquired as a reward for completing tasks.  

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