Diablo 4 Best Druid Weapons Guide

In Diablo 4, the best weapons for Druid will depend on the Aspects they are carrying. All classes in Diablo 4 get as good as their gear ...

In Diablo 4, the best weapons for Druid will depend on the Druid Aspects they are carrying. All classes in Diablo 4 get as good as their gear. Selecting the best options will make you stronger and better equipped to deal with Lilith‘s forces.

In your battle against evil, your weapons will play a huge role, so it’s only natural for players to try to get the best weapon they can get. This guide will list the best weapons you can get for the Druid class in Diablo 4. As said, we will focus on what Aspect you need to look for rather than the weapon itself.

Best Druid weapons in Diablo 4

Being a hybrid class between melee and magical attacks, we will focus on weapons that provide buffs to a Druid’s magical abilities and shapeshifting. Since weapon stats are random, the most important thing to look for is the required aspect.

Unique weapons for Druid in D4 are different as they provide the same exact benefit with no random aspect rolls on them.

Weapon with Aspect of the Alpha

As the name suggests, this will turn your wolf companions into werewolves. These werewolves will deal 76-100% extra damage and can even spread Rabies in D4.

Any weapon with this Aspect will be perfect for any player who prefers bringing some help in the fight and has wolves. Turning elemental wolves into werewolves makes them much more robust and deals with status ailments, making all your fights much easier.

Weapon with Aspect of the Stampede

This Aspect allows the player to bring in an additional companion and increases the damage of all companion-based skills up to 20%.

As Druids in Diablo 4 revolve around bringing animals as companions to fight against demons, bringing more friends along will also help you fight hordes of enemies coming at you. The Aspect is perfect for Crowd Controlling or swindling stronger enemies.

Weapon with Dire Wolf’s Aspect

With this Aspect, you can turn into a Dire Werewolf while using Grizzly Rage in Diablo 4. Instead of damage reduction, you get a 15-25% movement speed increase and heal 10% of your max HP for every kill you get. The spirit cost of all your abilities is also reduced by 30-50%.

This Aspect will allow you to make quick work of all enemies. Not only will you be faster, but every kill will let you heal. Since the spirit costs are reduced, you can almost spam all your other abilities, taking out multiple enemies simultaneously.

The Aspect is best used when fighting off hordes of enemies when you are getting overwhelmed. The Aspect will let your clear out hordes while healing in Diablo 4.

Weapon with Nighthowler’s Aspect

Blood Howl will increase the Critical hit chance by 5-10%. Blood Howl allows your Druid to turn into a power Werewolf while recovering some of your HP in D4. As such, a higher critical chance will make a huge difference, significantly, when all your companions benefit from the ability.

Druid can already summons several dependable companions, and all of these dealing critical hits will make a huge difference when fighting powerful enemies and bosses.

Weapon with Shockwave Aspect

The Aspect allows players to create a shockwave in front of them when they use Pulverize. The Shockwave travels ahead and deals damage to any enemy in its path.

Best used with Ranged weapons where you try to maintain a distance and get enemies directly in front of you, the Shockwave can damage many enemies in a limited area. Although the Aspect seems situational, you can use it in narrow areas.

Weapon with Aspect of the Trampled Earth

The Aspect allows you to summon six landslides when using Trample. Each slide deals 70-80% of the attack’s damage. Earth is the most potent magic skill in Diablo 4 Druid’s arsenal, and increasing its effect by six-folds is the best thing you can get. The attack will practically obliterate all the mobs caught in the attack.

The Butcher’s Cleaver

This is a unique Druid weapon in D4. It has a chance to be dropped from The Butcher Boss. As a unique weapon, it comes with the Lucky Hit stat, which allows players to Fear ailment and slow down enemies when they land a critical hit. The effects of Lucky Hit last for 4 seconds.

Here, we deviated from selecting a weapon depending on the Aspect, but this stat of The Butcher’s Cleaver is too helpful to ignore. Furthermore, you can add any Aspect you want, further increasing the weapon’s effectiveness.

Remember that this weapon is rare, so there is no guaranteed way to get it. The weapon has higher drop chances in a higher world tier in Diablo 4.

Weapon with Lightning Dancer’s Aspect

This Aspect causes 3 Dancing Bolts to target other enemies when you land a Critical Hit. Dancing Bolts are ranged attacks, and the bolts that appear from Lightning Dancer’s Aspect are not random.

They target enemies and have decent tracking, moving around to hit their target. This can allow you to damage nearby enemies or even land a few lucky hits on far-away enemies.

The Grandfather

Another unique weapon in Diablo 4, The Grandfather, is only found in World Tier 3. The Grandfather is a pretty powerful weapon. It offers a boost to your damage ranging from 9% to 16%. It boosts all your stats from 12 to 20 and increases your max HP from 147 to 235.

Lastly, the weapon also increases your critical damage by up to 100%. The collection of all these stats makes The Grandfather an excellent weapon for all Druids in D4.

Greatstaff of the Crone

The Greatstaff of the Crone is a Druid-specific legendary weapon and comes with one of the most potent stat options for the Druid class in Diablo 4. Greatstaff of the Crone turns your claw attack into a Storm Skill, and you can cast Strom Strike, which deals 120 to 150% damage.

Claw is a pretty basic move. When you transform into Werewolf, all your claw attacks will become immensely powerful. Claw skill charges up fast, and Spirit cost is low, so turning it into a decisive one-shot move will help you with stronger Elite enemies and bosses.

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