Dead Island 2 Best Weapons And Where To Find Them

You can wield a host of different weapons in Dead Island 2 but which of them are the best? This article will answer this question, read on!

In Dead Island 2, you will be given access to a truckload of weapons to use against the zombie hordes. You can wield everything from improvised melee weapons to legendary weapons that make quick work of your targets. Each weapon does a different type of damage that is useful against a certain type of enemy. This raises the question, out of all these weapons which are the best weapons in Dead Island 2? 

Not only that, but there are six characters in total that you can play as and each of them performs differently. So you’ll need to consider the best loadout for your chosen character as well. 

To aid you in answering that question, we have compiled a list of the best weapons in the game.  

Best weapons for maiming  

A maiming weapon is used to mutilate or wound the target seriously. These are usually bladed weapons that have the potential to do massive damage when fighting zombies. 

As you are separating limbs into halves and quarters, you will be rewarded with Critical Hits. If you are successful in doing so, you will get back a part of your stamina back. In terms of maximum damage, the best Maiming weapons are listed below: 

Best weapons for slashing 

If you have the desire for bloodshed and carnage, then slashing weapons are the right choice for you. Due to their quick attack speed, you can easily land critical hits.  

The ideal scenario to use these types of weapons would be close combat where you are facing enemies straight on. You can then easily slash them open and end their miserable lives.  

Based on the damage done, some of the best weapons for slashing are given below: 

  • Hunting Knife 
  • Chef’s Knife 
  • Weighty Claws 
  • Zom-B-Gon 

Best weapons for shock damage 

For Shocking and Stunning enemies, you will need a weapon that has incredible force. By using these weapons, you can easily land Critical Hits due to their ability to deliver Heavy Attacks.   

Additionally, these weapons can be used to create an Area of Effect attack used to distort a group of enemies. These weapons are sometimes difficult to work on due to their slow speed, but the damage potential makes up for it. 

Some of the most powerful weapons for Shock Damage are listed below: 

  • Metal Bat 
  • Black Magic 
  • Improvised Hammer 

Best weapons for headshots in Dead Island 2

A good fighter will choose a headhunter weapon any time of the day due to its ability to do massive damage to enemy heads. Due to the ability to execute swift heavy attacks, you can easily land Critical Hits. This means that you can easily kill enemies even if they have any immunity. 

Some of the best weapons for Headshot Damage are listed below: 

Best weapons for Jacob 

Jacob has an aggressive playstyle which is backed by his high stamina and innate skills. 

For that purpose, the best weapons for Jacob will be the ones with high Slash Damage like Zom-B-Gon. The attack speed of these weapons will increase progressively after use allowing him to deliver Critical Hits on all attacks. Therefore, all the carnage and bloodshed potential of these weapons complement Jacob’s playstyle. 

When it comes to ranged weapons, you can use Assault Rifles and SMGs with a quick rate of fire. 

As you use these guns and land several hits, you will be able to ensure Critical Hits as well as an accuracy boost. Meanwhile, consecutive use of these guns will make them more powerful as they build his Feral Damage skill.  

Best weapons for Bruno 

Bruno is a burst damage dealer best used for delivering high damage and running away. 

He even has a specific skill called the Backstab Skill with which you can deliver high damage in a few hits. Bruno also has high attributes in Critical Damage which you can capitalize by using Headhunter Weapons. 

The good thing about these types of weapons is that they allow guaranteed Critical Hits when you are trying to hit the enemies in the head. 

As for firearms, Bruno can also capitalize from the Sharpshooter Firearms. By using their scope, you will also be able to land Critical Hits by hitting the heads of your opponents.  

You can get your hands on Hunting and Sporting Firearms by traveling to the vendors or progressing through the main story. However, you won’t be able to use his Backstab skill with these firearms. 

Best weapons for Carla 

If you are looking for the best tank in Dead Island 2, Carla is the best choice available. This is due to her attributes that give high toughness as well as resilience to enemy attacks even at low health. 

If you are looking for weapons with crowd control and the best group damage, Bulldozer and Maiming weapons in general are the ones that will work the best. Both types of weapons can be used to knock zombies onto the ground. 

As for other types of weapons, Tactical and Demolitionist firearms will be the best choice. 

By playing as Carla, you will be blocking and dodging a lot which Tactical Firearm can give back in terms of agility and activating Critical Hits. Similarly, Demolitionist Firearms will boost toughness as well as damage against the zombies which are on their last bars. 

Best weapons for Dani 

Dani is another offensive type of character that has a lot of lust for blood backed by deep reserves of stamina. 

She resembles Jacob’s playstyle a lot. However, Dani has lost a little in terms of damage due to his heavy Thunderstruck trait attacks.  

The weapons which will work best with the playstyle of Dani are Frenzy and Bulldozer weapons. By using Bulldozer, all the heavy attacks buffed by the Thunderstruck traits will get a boost. On the other hand, Critical Hits will be rewarded by using Frenzy Weapons. 

Best weapons for Ryan 

Ryan is another tank-type hero, like Carla, but with some differences of course. He has his Retaliation skill which can easily knock down opponents after successfully blocking and dodging their attacks. By using the Seesaw trail, Ryan will easily heal by rolling over the enemies. 

All these strengths mentioned above will be perfect for knocking down enemies and for that, the perfect weapons will be Bulldozer and Maiming Weapons.  

You can also use any Shotgun to send enemies flying off the ground. This will give Ryan the ability to heal using the Seesaw skill. Alternatively, Demolition guns will also be a great choice due to their robustness. 

Best weapons for Amy 

Amy is a fragile hero and can’t take much punishment, but she has high agility making her best utilized as a mobile character. She has her Divide and Conquer skill which gives her a damage boost. Amy will also get part of her stamina back if she throws her weapons at the enemies. 

For the best weapons, choosing Headhunter weapons will be wise as it will boost crit damage. Throwing similar types of weapons in the air will be easier compared to others because of how quickly they glide. 

The best guns to pair with Amy will be Rapid-Fire and Sharpshooter Guns. If you use these weapons to target Limbs and Heads, you will deal Critical Damage. Using Sharpshooter weapons, you can switch between burst mode and Rapid-Fire depending on the number of zombies.  

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