Dead Island 2 Jacob Build: Best Skill Cards For Jacob

Jacob is the cover star of Dead Island 2 and with the correct build and skill cards, you will realize his importance in the game.

Gracing the cover of Dead Island 2, Jacob is one son of a gun. The toughest character to kill and a total badass, Jacob lives for killing the undead ones and does it with style. Combined with the correct skill cards and our best Dead Island 2 Jacob build, he can play the role of a tank or a destroyer for the whole party.

Always throwing himself first into the fray without a single thought about self-preservation, Jacob embraces change and a good challenge with open arms. Jacob has the highest health pool in Dead Island 2 which makes his recklessness justified.

Best Dead Island 2 Jacob skill cards

The Dead Island 2 skill deck loadout for Jacob which we will be discussing will mostly lean towards Jacob sacrificing his HP in favor of more damage and taking down massive enemies with ease. Most of Jacob’s skills can be unlocked by completing the game’s story and side quests. With the recommended skills equipped, Jacob can be used as bait during co-op sessions.

Critical Gains: Jacob gains stamina and a chance for critical hits when attacking enemies with low stamina.

Dodge: This skill allows Jacob to recover stamina by dodging enemy attacks timely.

Drop Kick: Jacob can kick enemies and make them drop to the ground (smaller ones only) by using this skill.

Dash Strike: This skill allows Jacob to hit enemies with palm strikes at lightning-fast speeds making them weak.

Surgical Focus: Jacob gains Fury for maiming zombies, however, loses it if he gets hit. This one is a dual-edged sword.

Scream. A fearful scream that weakens the nearby zombies. Jacob can only use this skill in Fury mode.

Corpse Bomb: This survivor skill makes zombies to explode when killed by Jacob in Fury mode.

Hot Footed: Put the zombies on fire by hitting them with a drop kick. Jacob will lose his health for using this skill.

Lightning Strike: Another skill that drains HP at the cost of inflicting electrical damage to enemies combined with Dash Strike.

Serial Killer: Jacob receives a damage boost that can be stacked by killing zombies.

Group Therapy: This skill restores Jacob and the party’s stamina for killing the zombies.

Hack and Dash: This skill increases Jacob’s attack speed with every successive kill.

No Mercy: Attacking zombies inflicted with status effects will make Jacob receive a damage boost.

Voltaic Scream: This slayer skill allows Jacob to let out a scream that can shock any nearby enemies.

Corpse Blossom: This numen skill makes the zombies explode spreading the status effect they died of in the first place.

Anger Mismanagement: This skill allows Jacob to continue using Fury mode at the expense of his health bar up to critical level.

Dead Island 2 Jacob build explained

Hot Footed and Lighting Strike skills in Dead Island 2 do a massive amount of damage to zombies at the cost of Jacob’s HP. Given his high health pool, this is a fair trade-off.

Serial Killer, Hack and Dash and No Mercy make Jacob’s attacks powerful beyond words. Combined with his ability to absorb a hell lot of damage, Jacob can wreak havoc on a zombie horde without breaking a sweat.

Fury mode is where Jacob really shines. Scream, Corpse Bomb and Anger Management can and will shift the balance of the fight in the favor of your party if used effectively and at the right time. Killing enemies while clearing the area for the team makes Jacob the best party member to have in Dead Island 2.

Jacob’s skills play an important role in clearing the area of enemies and give the party a chance to escape from the confines of zombies’ hordes. Voltaic Scream and Scream not only damages the enemies but also stun them giving Jacob a brief chance of escape.

Jacob can be used as support to help recover the stamina for the whole party and himself by using Group Therapy and Dodge skills.

Best weapons and curveballs for Jacob

Weapon drops in Dead Island 2 are random. So go with any weapon you want to use. Melee weapons, especially the hammers, do a lot of damage in Jacob’s hands. We recommend using elemental weapons to activate Corpse Blossom as much as you can.

Jacob is equally good with guns and curveballs. Ranged weapons with Jacob’s stacked damage output can kill most of the zombies with a single well-placed headshot.

Military Grenades play an important role in Jacob’s hands as he can absorb their damage in case of encountering them accidentally.

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