Dead Island 2 Amy Build: Best Skill Cards For Amy

Amy relies heavily on mobility to dispatch zombies and keeping that in mind we have prepared the best build for Amy in Dead Island 2.

Skill Deck and its associated cards basically act as a skill tree for your chosen Slayer in Dead Island 2. Amy being a slayer with the highest agility and relies on mobility needs the perfect build to make her abilities shine. To help you get the best out of her skill deck, we have compiled some of the best skill cards to use for a Dead Island 2 Amy build.

Best Dead Island 2 Amy skill cards

Amy lacks the physical strength or endurance to survive an onslaught of enemies in Dead Island 2. Her character is more geared towards agility and her ability to dodge incoming attacks. Due to the lack of her health pool, the Dead Island 2 skill cards we have chosen for Amy will lean more toward her survivability while inflicting as much damage as she could from a distance.

Dodge: This card gives the ability to dodge enemy attacks at the very last second making them vulnerable to counterattacks.

Drop Kick: Allows Amy to perform a drop kick and clear out crowds when surrounded

Dash Strike: This special skill attack card allows Amy to hit enemies at a rapid pace putting them in weakened status.

Surgical Focus: This fury skill card is an autophage card. This allows Amy to build fury by maiming zombies, however, taking damage reduces Fury meter.

Scream: This fury special attack card allows Amy to scream in her zombie form stunning all the enemies in the process.

Lightning Strike: This survivor skill card inflicts electrical damage to zombies with Dash Strike at the expense of Amy’s health.

Vivisuction: This survivor skill allows Amy to regain health after a successful Dash Strike.

Pain Magazine: This skill builds up a recharge boost on every successful dodge or block, allowing Amy to throw more active curveballs.

Ravenous: The final survivor skill which allows Amy to gain more fury by killing a zombie while in Fury mode.

Carnage: This slayer skill is an autophage that increases damage with each attack at the cost of Fury.

Corpse Bomb: This slayer skill makes the zombie you killed go boom damaging the nearby enemies. Amy must be in Fury mode for this.

Surgeon: This slayer skill increases Amy’s attack power when chopping off a zombie limb.

Hammerfist: This slayer skill makes the weak zombies go flying with Dash Strike and significantly increases its damage.

Born Survivor: This numen skill card is an autophage. Upon nearing her death, Amy will set a massive explosion at the expense of her Fury. The more enemies come in contact with the explosion, the more health you regain.

Corpse Blossom: Killing the zombies with any status will make them blast causing the exact same status explosion. This numen skill is also an autophage.

Dead Island 2 Amy build explained

Due to Amy’s low health and ability to take a lot of punishment from enemy attacks, using Block as a skill card is ill-advised. Dodge is the perfect option for Amy who can move fast on her own. Combining her agility with the dodge skill only enhances her movements.

We recommend Drop Kick over Flying Kick as it is easier to pull off and gives Amy enough room to move away after its successful execution. When combined with Pain Magazine, it gives Amy two bonus effects. Making enemies vulnerable to counterattacks and allowing Amy to throw more curveballs which play an important role in surviving a zombie horde.

Dash Strike stacks up with Lightning Strike and Vivisuction in addition to deadly Hammerfist. The health lost by using Lightning Strike can be recouped by Vivisuction while pushing the smaller enemies away from Amy.

Most of the cards for Amy’s skill deck loadout that we have recommended work well with each other. For Amy, Fury meter leading to her Zombie form is extremely important to inflict a lot more damage on powerful enemies. Ravenous and Surgical Focus offsets Carnage which depletes Amy’s Fury meter while still increasing Amy’s attack power with each successive strike.

As Amy lacks the ability to fight close to the enemies, Corpse Blossom and Hammerfist skill cards in Dead Island 2 allow Amy to fight from a distance and Scream lets her escape an otherwise deadly encounter.

As a last-ditch effort, Amy can use Born Survivor to take down zombies and regenerate her health while doing so.

Best weapons and curveballs for Amy

Before winding this all up, we need to discuss a bit about the curveballs and weapons for Amy in this guide. Some parts of our suggested skill deck loadout for Amy in Dead Island 2, like Corpse Blossom and Pain Magazine, rely heavily on her arsenal.

For curveballs, we recommend Chem Bomb and Military Grenades. Chem Bomb inflicts fire damage to zombies and killing any zombie with this effect will make them explode with fire status effect. Military Grenades are extremely handy as they go off on contact. In case Amy is surrounded by enemies, Dash Strike your way out and throw a Military grenade to say goodbye to all the zombies attacking you.

The weapon of choice for the best Amy build in Dead Island 2 is Blood Rage with 587 power and 1080 attack damage. This weapon can be obtained by completing lost and found missions.

Charged Electrocutor Pike is another good weapon that inflicts electrical damage making an enemy die with an electric explosion and causing shock damage to nearby enemies.

For firearms, you can choose any weapons that match your playstyle as most of these weapons are random drops. We recommend finding Big Shot as it is an extremely powerful weapon in Dead Island 2.

This is the most powerful Amy’s build in Dead Island 2 that you can use to take down even the strongest enemies during endgame with ease. This build can further be used even after completing the main questline and you still won’t come across any problems.

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