Dead Island 2 Bodycount Location: How To Get

In Dead Island 2, Bodycount is a legendary rifle that will allow you to engage enemies from a safe distance. Here is how to get it!

Rifles are always a great mid to long-range option when thinning out zombie swarms. They can take out enemies from afar and keep you from getting swarmed. If you are looking for one of the best rifles in the game then Bodycount in Dead Island 2 is the answer.

Bodycount is a legendary-level rifle that boasts great stats and damage potential. You can get it after you complete certain side quests and a Lost and Found weapon quest in Dead Island 2.

To make it easy for you, we have written the entire process down so that you can easily follow it.

How to Get the Bodycount legendary rifle in Dead Island 2 

Legendary weapons are considered a bit overpowered to be used in the first playthrough. As such, you’ll have to complete the main questline of Dead Island 2 before you can get them. These consist of 24 missions in total.

Your efforts to obtain Bodycount in Dead Island 2 will begin by completing a couple of quests given to you by W.O. Rodriguez. The main side quest in question here is the [REDACTED] side quest. But you need to do both the Cremains of the Day and Diaries of the Dead before you can get to it. 

You’ll have to head to the Venice Beach Tower and speak with W.O. Rodriguez to start both of them. The quests are fairly easy, so we suggest you get them done as soon as possible. 

How to complete the Redacted Lost and Found Quest 

So now that the prerequisites for the Redacted side quest are met, you can go ahead and start this quest at the Military Barracks. 

Once you get there, your objective will be to kill Lt. Ford. To find him you’ll have to search the west barracks. You’ll see that the lieutenant has turned into a zombie. So end his sorry existence and start the side quest.

On the off chance he doesn’t spawn, try completing all the remaining side quests in Dead Island 2 before searching again. You must then kill the Lieutenant to collect a Journal that he drops. 

Next, you’ll have to follow the path this journal takes you to. This paper trail will lead to you a location you must be familiar with since you saw it during the Cremains of the Day quest.  

You will find the same fire pit here, you’ll need to approach it and take a right to find a set of containers. You must then search for the container reading 66 which will be crowded by a swarm of zombies. 

Eliminate them all to allow you to safely search the contents of the container, which are wooden boxes. As you break them you’ll reveal the Bodycount Rifle which you can then pick up. 

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