Dead Island 2 Bruno Build: Best Skill Cards For Bruno

Bruno is a native of LA so knows all the ins and outs of the area but pairing him our best Dead Island 2 build makes him even deadlier.

Of all the slayers in Dead Island 2, Bruno is the only one born and raised in LA, the place of infection and where the event of the game takes place. With a smile on his face and a dagger in his hands, Bruno is fast, sharp and extremely cunning. Pair those traits with our best Dead Island 2 Bruno build and you have a versatile killer on your hands.

Bruno’s strength lies in speed and attacking the enemies from behind. This makes him an ideal choice for the people who like to experiment with sandbox games by trying new gameplay strategies.

Best Dead Island 2 Bruno skill cards

The skill deck build for Bruno in Dead Island 2 is mostly geared towards him surviving the odds by sheer force of will. Most of the skill cards we will be using in this guide will help Bruno escape difficult situations with the help of his speed and regain his health and stamina to stand a chance against difficult foes.

Bruno is a jack of all trades and master of none. He can use most of the skills available in the game in addition to a couple exclusive to him. All his skills can be unlocked by finishing the main story and completing lost and found side quests.

Don’t forget to check out locked safe boxes to find a few additional ones.

Backstab: This is an innate skill which gives Bruno a damage boost for attacking the enemies from behind.

Rapid Reprisal: Another innate skill that allows Bruno to gain a boost in agility and heavy attacks for dodging enemy attacks timely.

Dodge: This skill allows Bruno to regain stamina after dodging an incoming attack right before it lands. This results in stunning the enemies with some heavy punishment.

Drop Kick: This skill allows Bruno to kick enemies to push them behind and create some space for himself.

Dash Strike: Bruno can attack zombies with a rapid palm strike using this ability. This usually results in weakening the zombies. It is particularly effective against bosses and strong enemies

Blood Rush: Bruno builds up Fury by killing zombies. This skill allows Fury build up to stack with each successive kill.

Overhead Smash: Bruno smashes the group in Fury mode to decrease the stability of surrounding enemies using this skill.

Bob and Weave: This skill is exclusive to Bruno and belongs to the survivor category. Bruno gains agility and attack power for every successful dodge.

Lightning Strike: This survivor skill allows Bruno to inflict electrical damage at the cost of losing some HP.

Safety First: Bruno recovers health with every successful dodge (near miss only).

Vivisuction: This skill allows Bruno to gain some health after striking the enemies with Dash Strike.

Air Assault: A massive increase to Bruno’s critical attack after landing a flying kick on a zombie.

Cull The Weak: This skill allows Bruno to do more damage to weaker enemies.

Second Wind: Bruno gets a boost to his damage after attacking a zombie while running.

Pyro: This skill allows Bruno to inflict burn damage on enemies when hit with melee weapons but at the expense of his Fury meter.

Corpse Blossom: Zombies that are killed by status effects will explode causing the same status effect on nearby enemies. One of the best numen skills.

Seismic Stomp: This skill causes a zombie to explode when stomped by Bruno. Enemies that encounter the explosion are inflicted with Bleed damage and lose stability.

Dead Island 2 Bruno build explained

Most of Bruno’s skills can be stacked with each other or by successive dodges. Safety First and Vivisuction allows Bruno to recover his HP after losing it during Dash Strikes combined with Lightning Strike.

As Bruno’s main strength lies in his speed and agility, most of the skills we are using help him regain stamina innately. This proves a game changer for Bruno as it gives him ample time to get away from the enemies after landing a few strikes in between.

Due to his low HP and being susceptible to damage, Corpse Blossom, Seismic Stomp and Overhead Smash allow Bruno to put some distance between him and the zombies.

The focus is to keep Bruno on the move while inflicting as much damage as possible from afar. Some of the skills stack up to increase the damaged output of Bruno’s attacks making him extremely fatal in Fury mode.

Best weapons and curveballs for Bruno

The One is an extremely overpowered maim weapon with 572 power and 1271 damage. Equip it with Headhunter perk to regain health and stamina after decapitating enemies.

Smashing Electrocutor Katana with 453 power and 702 damage. Equip it with Uncommon Melee Electrocutor Mod to apply stun damage to the zombies. Lightweight, Slaughter and Shock wave perks with High Impact as a fixed perk to make this weapon unstoppable with this high stamina, high power build

As always you can never go wrong with Big Shot and Punctuator Nail Gun in Dead Island 2. This stands true for Bruno also. Weapon drops in Dead Island 2 is extremely random, so we always recommend experimenting and going with the ones that match your style.

Dead Island 2 is extremely rewarding towards the experimentation with the weapons. For curveballs, go with anyone you want. Bruno doesn’t have the skill to aid him specifically with the curveballs, and all those projectiles are supremely powerful in the game no matter which character uses them.

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