Dead Island 2 Lost Weapons Locations Guide

Looking to find all the unique Lost weapons in Dead Island 2? We have their locations to help you out.

Among the many quests in Dead Island 2, Lost and Found is an entire category of quests that is separate from other side quests. The Lost and Found quest series has players looking for either Missing Persons or Lost Weapons. While there are a total of 15 Lost and Found quests in Dead Island 2, only 6 of them fall under the Lost weapons category.

While the Lost Weapons in DI2 aren’t always legendary weapons, they are still pretty good and worth the time you invest in completing these quests. For that very reason, we are going to provide you with all the DI2 lost and found weapons locations and information on how to complete the quests.

Dead Island 2 Lost Weapons locations

All of these lost weapons are found through different side quests. Unfortunately, getting each lost weapon in Dead Island 2 will take some time as these side quests unlock at different intervals in the game. Some of these side quests even have different prerequisites you must meet or quest chains you need to complete.

Once you have completed a Lost and Found weapon quest in DI2, simply head to the weapon stash and claim your prize to complete the quest.

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