Dead Island 2 Dani Build: Best Skill Cards For Dani

Dani is one of the easiest slayers to pick in Dead Island 2 but with our build and the correct skill cards, she can become the best.

Dani is the most balanced of all six slayers available in Dead Island 2. Dani has access to most of the skills available in the game and some of the special ones only available for her. Unlike the rest of the slayers, the best Dead Island 2 Dani build can be built around melee and ranged weapons combined by using the skill cards effectively.

Our Dead Island 2 Dani build is the most colorful build so far in Dead Island 2 with lots of different skills and weapons. This makes it one of the most accessible builds for newcomers who just want to have some good zombie-smashing fun toward the endgame and beyond.

Best Dead Island 2 Dani Skill Cards

The purpose of the build we will be doing is to convert Dani into a heavy hitter with loads of stamina and health pool. This Dead Island 2 Dani build also recovers health and stamina both automatically without using additional perks or items.

Combined with increased damage output, Dani can smash any enemy in her path to bits with just a little effort. Her skill set can be unlocked by finishing the main storyline and doing side quests. Some of the skills can be obtained by opening locked safe boxes post-endgame.

Thunderstruck: An innate skill that triggers a powerful explosion when Dani lands a heavy attack.

Bloodlust: Slaying multiple enemies will allow Dani to regain some of her health.

Dodge: Precise dodge timing allows Dani to regain stamina

Drop Kick: This skill allows Dani to perform a drop kick on an enemy and send it flying (smaller ones only).

Ground Pound: This special attack skill allows Dani to smash the ground forcefully resulting in the surrounding enemies losing their stability.

Blood Rush: Dani can build Fury by countering enemies’ attacks using this skill.

Scream: Dani will scream in Fury mode to weaken the zombies around her. This skill is particularly effective against big enemies.

Safety First: Dani can recover a small amount of HP by blocking enemy attacks using this survivor skill card.

Invigorating: Countering zombie attacks recovers even more of Dani’s HP by using this skill card.

Serial Killer: Killing zombies will increase Dani’s damage output. This survivor skill allows Dani to kill multiple zombies to stack the damage output.

Safe Space: Dani creates an explosion to repel enemies after using a med kit by using this ability.

Juggernaut: This slayer ability requires an overhead smash perk to be equipped. Dani’s force and damage get a major boost with overhead smash attacks in addition to gaining a little Fury.

Deadeye: Dani gets a recharge boost for hitting the zombies with the curveballs. Deadeye skill allows the recharge boost to stack up if Dani uses multiple curveballs.

Corpse Bomb: Enemies killed by Dani in Fury mode explode causing damage to nearby zombies.

The Limb Reaper: Regens health when chopping off a zombie’s limbs

Corpse Blossom: This numen skill makes the enemy explode causing the same status effect they are killed with in the first place.

Anger Mismanagement: It is an autophage skill that drains Dani’s HP but allows her to remain in Fury mode when the Fury meter runs out. This skill only triggers up to critical health level.

Dead Island 2 Dani build explained

With the skill deck loadout for Dani explained above, this is not going to be a stacked build. Rather it will mainly focus on having varied attributes that everyone can use on the fly. Bloodlust, Safety First, Invigorating and Limb Reaper allow Dani to recharge her health by blocking and hitting enemies. This comes in handy with Dani’s up close and personal style of combat.

Dodge can be used to regain stamina while putting enemies in a position where Dani can dish out massive damage using Juggernaut skill with her melee weapons. She can always free up some space to avoid getting swarmed by zombies using Ground Pound and Thunderstruck.

Dani’s attack power can be increased using Serial Killer and Blood Rush skills and she can unleash hell on the undead with Anger Mismanagement. All these skills grant Dani a goddess status among the living dead as no one will be able to touch her let alone damage her.

Best weapons and Curveballs for Dani

Emma’s Wrath with 467 power and 1031 damage. Use this weapon to deliver an overhead smash to activate Juggernaut skill for Dani. Apply Rare Melee Punctuator Mod to apply bleeding effect to this hammer. It can only be obtained by finishing the storyline first. Perks should be balanced, damaging and empowering. Sturdy handle as a fixed perk for Emma’s wrath.

Charged Electrocutor Claws with 495 power and 527 damage. Apply Superior Melee Electrocutor mod for shock damage. Perks should be Slaughter, Static Charge and Hazardous in addition to High Impact as fixed perks.

For guns, we recommend Damaging Electrocutor Sporting Rifle, Peggy or any powerful gun you come across. Once again, they are basically random drops so take whatever fancy your imagination. For Peggy, add Superior Ranged Punctuator Mod to take down bosses instantly.

For curveballs, we recommend Military Grenades and any bombs that can inflict shock damage to stack it up with our melee weapons.

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