Dead Island 2 Carla Build: Best Skill Cards For Carla

Carla in Dead Island 2 not only has the looks of a tough fighter but has the chops to back it up as well when using our ideal build.

Among the 6 Slayers in Dead Island 2, Carla is the most fearless, confident, and tireless character. She is a motorcycle mechanic from Los Angeles. Although Carla is pretty tough and strong, if you want to witness the true strength of Carla, then you should refer to our Dead Island 2 Carla build with a set of skill cards that will unlock her abilities to tackle the strongest of the zombies.

Best Dead Island 2 Carla skill cards

Carla loves to perform stunts on her bike and is bored if she doesn’t get to kill zombies for a long time. She has high morale and is never afraid to combat big groups of zombies. Carla can stand strong and stubborn even when she is heavily injured. She loves to put herself in dangerous situations. 

Because of her fearless attitude and energetic behavior, many players choose Carla as a zombie slayer in Dead Island 2 which means the need for a high-quality skill deck loadout for Carla is very high.

Below are the best skill cards we would recommend for Carla in Dead Island 2

Mosh Pit: This ability increases her damage boost when she is attacked by multiple zombies.

Big Deep: The Big Deep ability gives Carla a moderate toughness boost when her health is critical.

Block: This skill card with grant her the ability to block the enemy attacks without using stamina.

Drop Kick: By using this ability, Carla can knock out multiple enemies by landing a kick when in the air.

Dash Strike: By using the Dash Strike skill card on Carla, she can make the enemy weakened by hitting an attack.

Served Cold: Served Cold can make Carla block enemy attacks or build her Fury when taking damage from the enemies.

Spitting Cobra: This ability will make Carla to vomit caustic fluid on enemies when in Fury mode.

Heavy Hitter: As the name suggests, this will give a huge damage boost when she can land an attack on the enemy. But, it will also drain a  little bit of her health.

Greased Pig: This skill card will give Carla the ability to break from the grabbing of zombies.

Short Fuse: Carla can unleash her fury immediately when her Fury Meter is half full. You no longer need to wait for the Fury Meter to get full.

Ravenous: Carla can stay in fury mode by using this card as long as she keeps slaying the zombies.

Pay it Forward: This is another skill card that will grant Carla the ability to give a major boost in damage during a Status Effect.

Corpse Bomb: This is a very powerful skill card that will grant Carla the ability to make the zombies explode when slaying them in Fury Mode.

Janus Rage: Carla will get a minor boost in damage when her rage meter is not full and a mediate boost in toughness when her rage meter is full.

Born Survivor: This skill card will allow Carla to gain a second chance at survival when she is about to die. This will drain your Fury but you can regain health by killing the enemies.

Corpse Blossom: This card will allow Carla to make the enemies explode when they are hit by Fire, Shock, or Caustic Damage.

Dead Island 2 Carla build explained

As Carla has a fearless and stubborn attitude in Dead Island 2, Pay it Forward, Heavy Hitter, Corpse Bomb, and Janus Rage gives a boost to her fearless slaying abilities.

Mosh Pit and Big Deep are Carla’s Innate Skills that will give her a boost in health and attacks when her health is critical.

If we talk about her survival skills, then the block skill card allows her to prevent enemy attacks. Also, she can use damage given by the enemies to her advantage by using a Served Cold card. Born Survivor will prolong her survival in the game.

Carla already has a strong attacking ability but it cannot get better if you combine her fighting abilities with Drop Kick, Dash Strike, and Corpse Blossom.

The party gets better when she fights in Fury Mode. Spitting Cobra, Short Fuse, Ravenous, and Janus Rage are the skill cards that you should use to boost her abilities in her Fury Mode.

By following this skill card build of Carla in Dead Island 2, you can build an almost invincible character. The skill deck loadout will prove deadly to any zombie in any challenging situation you will face.

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