All New 2.0 Weapons In Cyberpunk 2077

A new piece of DLC is incomplete without new gear and weapons. In this guide, we will let you find all the new weapons introduced in Phantom Liberty DLC of Cyberpunk 2077

With the new DLC available for Cyberpunk 2077, which is named the Phantom Liberty, the franchise has added multiple new weapons into the game keeping in view the interest of the players. All the weapons added belong to diversified classes and in this guide, we are going to provide you a heads-up info about all the weapons in 2.0 update for Cyberpunk 2077.

List of all new Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 weapons

The 2.0 update for Cyberpunk 2077 is massive. Not only does the base game get new weapons but with the release of Phantom Liberty, you have another set of new weapons to collect. We will continue to update as we discover more new weapons added to Cyberpunk 2077 with Phantom Liberty and 2.0 update but for now, these are the ones we have discovered.


The first weapon on the list is the Grit auto pistol. Being a fast-firing pistol with an automatic feature allows it to resemble the old famous Uzi. In Phantom Liberty DLC, this pistol comes with a pre-installed extended magazine which helps in increasing the firepower of the weapon.

With the label “Illegal” associated with the Grit, it is suggested that this weapon is not free to use throughout the game. Rather you can only use this weapon for particular regions or under restricted conditions.

Hercules 3AX

The next new weapon on the list for 2.0 update is the Hercules 3AX in Cyberpunk 2077. This is quite a lethal weapon considering its firepower and stats. In appearance, it looks like some advanced shotgun having multiple buttons near the stock.

Additionally, the weapon has quite a big scope attached to it which is quite useful while targeting some headshots. This weapon is available from the armory while progressing through the Roads to Redemption mission.


Order is the new double-barrel fancy-looking shotgun introduced in the Phantom Liberty DLC. This shotgun has multiple electromagnetic coils embedded in its barrels. This makes it look like an electrically powered shotgun. However, if we talk about the bullets in this gun, they are just the normal shotgun shells.

To get your hands over the Order shotgun in the game you must pay a visit to Herold located in the Dogtown area. Like the Grit pistol, this weapon is also an “Illegal” one as well.

NDI Osprey

NDI Osprey is the next weapon on the list of new weapons in the Cyberpunk 2077 update. It is a very powerful Sniper Rifle with long range and damage. It has explosive rounds which allows this weapon to target multiple enemies with just a single round in use. The magazine is mounted near the stock which helps in reducing the recoil of the gun as well.

You can obtain this weapon by visiting the armory located in Alex’s Safe House while going through the Birds with Broken Wings mission in the game.


Rasetsu is a Sniper Rifle in the game which you can get as a reward during the You Know My Name mission. It’s a really cool sniper rifle with advanced tech instruments attached. The magazine can be inserted like a cassette in an old radio which makes the reloading visuals pretty enjoyable.

This new weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 comes with some unique mods that help make it effective, especially against advanced technological foes.

Errata Thermal Katana

Errata is a Thermal Katana that has the capability to penetrate even through the bulkiest opponent’s armor. Additionally, it has the ability to provide burn damages to the opponent and make them suffer to death. It belongs to the Melee class of weapons which can cut pretty much through everything.

This weapon is quite similar to the Thermal Mantis Blades which provides pretty much the similar looks and effects in the game.


The last weapon on our DLC Phantom Liberty list is the Warden Sub-Machine Gun. This weapon is pretty strange in its looks making it appear like a craftsman tool. Like some previous weapons, this is also an “Illegal” one.

This weapon cannot be found during the exploration rather you need to craft it while playing the game. The special thing about this weapon is its firepower, which gets a boost after every shot is fired. This takes the consecutive shot damage to a higher level.

Bald Eagle

The next weapon among the newly added ones in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Eagle is the Bald Eagle Revolver. The Tier 5+ Iconic power weapon Bald Eagle has a massive 900 ammo carrying capacity with a unique feature that helps the bullets fired to rebound after striking the surfaces. 

The looks of the revolver involve a light combination of golden and silver. Coming up to the weapons stats, the Bald Eagle can provide 120 damage along with a 250% Headshot damage multiplier which makes it one of the most lethal revolvers. Additionally, it also possesses a 75% Armor Penetration multiplier as well.

To get your hands over this weapon, you need to go through the Firestarter main quest where it is dropped by Hansen. However, to fight Hansen you will have to betray Songbird and go with Reed’s plan. This will result in Alex dying and you get to fight Hansen as a boss in Cyberpunk 2077 who drops Bald Eagle.


Ambition is the Tier 4+ Iconic Pistol belonging to the ranged weapon group in the Cyberpunk 2077. This Tech pistol can carry up to 859 ammos with a weight of 4.3. Compared to the others on the list, this pistol has comparatively low base damage which stands at 29.33.

The important feature possessed by the Ambition is the charged shots. The weapon can be charged up for firing a powerful round. This pistol also allows the integration of a unique Zetatch scope with it.

Ambition can provide a +150% Headshot damage multiplier along with a +25% Armor Penetration multiplier as well. You can get Ambitision as a reward for the Go Your Own Way quest.


Sparky is the Tier 5+ Iconic Sniper Rifle. This power weapon is capable of delivering a whopping 275 damage to the enemies. However, the attack speed is quite low which is usual for sniper rifles, but the effective range makes it one of the lethal long-range weapons.

Further, it has a 250% Headshot damage multiplier and 50% Armor Penetration multiplier as well. The rounds fired from the Sparky rifle can provide electric shocks with a +30% Shock Chance for the headshots.

You can get Sparky in Cyberpunk 2077 from one of the increased criminal activity areas in Dogtown.

Militech Ticon

The next weapon on our list is the Militech Ticon Tier 3 Ranged Pistol with a 4.3 weight. This Tech pistol has the capability to charge and fire many powerful shorts penetrating through the enemy.

The Pistol possesses a unique feature that allows it to release 3 rounds at the same time and each of the rounds provides full damage which is the cherry on top. Additionally, the weapon can carry 572 ammo but the damage is only 19.03 which is quite low compared to the other weapons.

This Tier 3 Militech Ticon can be purchased from the Stadium Black Market vendor in Dogtown. Militech Ticon has a +150% Headshot damage multiplier along with +50% Armor Penetration and a +35-39% critical damage bonus as well.


Pizdets is a Tier 4+ SMG. This ranged weapon has a 900 ammo carrying capacity. Like the Skippy pistol, Pizdets also has the ability to shoot self-guided micro-projectiles.

The good thing about the weapon is its fire rate. It increments with every shot fired and for the last couple of rounds in the mag, it is quite high.  

The damage for the SMG is 58.55 with a 6.23 weapon handling. The weapon has only a +85% Headshot damage multiplier. The Pizdets SMG can be taken from Boris Rybakova while progressing through the Spy in the Jungle Gig.


The next weapon on the list is the Raiju Machine Gun. The appearance involves a sleek design. The red-colored weapon can carry up to 898 ammo. The association with the Tech side allows the Raiju Machine Gun to wire the charged shots as well.

It has a 32.86 base damage but the effective range is quite moderate. Coming up to the multipliers, it can provide +100% Headshot multiplier damage and +33% critical damage as well. The weapon has a charge time of 0.75 seconds.

Raiju can be obtained as a reward from one of the Increased Criminal Activity areas.

Her Majesty

Her Majesty is the Tier 5+ Iconic Pistol in Cyberpunk 2077. This is a power pistol the rebounding bullets as well. The pistol has quite a good ammo capacity standing at 847, With the Optical Camo, the chances of headshots are increased significantly.

Coming up to the damage, it can provide a whopping 89.23 base damage and a moderate weapon range. For the additional bonuses, it can only prove + a 150% Headshot Damage multiplier. You will automatically get it from Alex during the main Phantom Liberty quest Get It Together as you are grabbing the diving suit and other essentials.


Crimestopper is another smart pistol in the game. Like the Pizdets and Skippy, it can also fire self-guided micro-projectiles. Pretty much similar to the other ones, it can carry 859 ammo rounds. The unique feature associated with the Crimestopper pistol is its ability to lock an additional target while aiming.

The base damage is 23.99 with an attack speed of 10. Crimestopper provides two additional bonus damages which include the +25% Headshot damage multiplier along with the +50% critical damage. The weapon can be obtained during the Heaviest of the Hearts side gig.


The next weapon on the list is the Fang. Belonging to the Knife class, Fang is a Melee weapon with 2.3 weight. This Blade can be thrown towards the ranged enemies. While in combat, attacking with this weapon continuously increases the damage of the weapon as well.

The base damage of the weapon stands at 123.59 with a 3.08 attack speed. Being a melee weapon, the Fang costs about 4.9 stamina for the attack as well. The effective range for the blade is 25.8 with a +50% headshot damage multiplier.

The Fang can be obtained during the Firestarter main quest in Cyberpunk 2077. For this, you need to betray Songbird and defeat Hansen. You get Bald Eagle and Fang through the same method.


Carmen is an assault rifle in the game. Being a ranged weapon, it is most beneficial if you have a stabilized aim towards your opponents. It provides an additional +100% headshot damage multiplier along with +50% armor penetration.

The unique feature of the Carmen is the bonus damage it provides while attacking the opponent’s limbs. Carmen can be obtained by completing the Balls to the Wall quest in the game.


Nehan is a knife just like the Fang. This melee weapon is sharp and has only 2.3 weight. The Tier 3 Iconic blade possesses 41.13 base damage and a 23.65 effective range for melee attacks. The Nehan knife can provide a +150% headshot damage multiplier along with the bonus melee damage as well.

The weapon also has a +21% bleeding chance as well. Make sure to use it carefully so you don’t end up cutting yourself with this weapon.

There are two ways of procuring this weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. First is during The Heist mission where you can get it from Saburo Arasaka’s dead body. The second method is buying it from the Black Market vendor located in Dogtown.


The next weapon on the list is the Ranged Assault Rifle named Hawk. This Tier 5+ Iconic weapon has a 900 ammo carrying capacity along with a 7.2 weight.  Similar to other weapons, the bullets fired from the Hawk can deflect and rebound after striking off the surfaces.

Coming up to the base damage, this weapon has 62.94 with an attack speed of 5. The weapon is also capable of providing a +175% headshot damage multiplier and 25% armor penetration. You can get the Hawk iconic weapon in CP2077 once Reed has managed a secure way of transporting Myers. Once this is done, you can have it by visiting the Dogtown apartment.


Dezerter is a double-barrel shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077. This tier 5+ Iconic ranged weapon has the ability to fire some exploding rounds as well. With a weight of 9.6, it can carry up to 150 ammo.

Talking about the damage, this weapon has left all the weapons in this list behind. With an immense 657.17 damage, this weapon can be regarded as the king of combat. Being a shotgun, the effective range is limited to 12, but a single can knock off the opponent easily.

Additionally, it has a +85% headshot damage multiplier, +75% armor penetration, and +2% burn chance as well. It can be obtained while going through the Addicted to the Chaos side quest.


The Cut-O-Matic is kind of a unique melee weapon in the game. Instead of having a sharp blade, it has a running chainsaw in place. This weapon belongs to the Blade type and is very lethal.

It has the typical chainsaw engine sound associated with it. When in use, you don’t have to care about the opponent’s stealth because its spikey blades can penetrate through pretty much everything.

The base damage stands at a whopping 770 with +2% critical chance and +15% critical damage. This is an uncommon weapon and can be bought from the Rancho Coronado and Coach Freed vendors. 


The last weapon on our list is the Ogou Pistol. This Tier 5+ Iconic pistol can carry up to 854 ammos and has 4.3 weight. Like the Skippy, it can also fire self-guided micro-projectiles which can trace the target. It has the capability of firing two burst rounds which can lead to bleeding.

It has a 51.04 base damage and 24 range. With an attack speed of 3.33 rounds, Ogou can provide a +50% headshot damage multiplier along with 50% crit damage and +25% armor penetration. You can get the Ogou iconic pistol as loot from Robot R during the Treating Symptoms gig.

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