Cyberpunk 2077 You Know My Name Walkthrough

The You Know My Name quest in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the infiltration and stealth focused missions in the game. You crash a party in a club to gather intel.

You Know My Name is one of the main missions is Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and immediately follows up the previous main mission, Get it Together. This is where you have to earn the trust of Mr. Hands. In You Know My Name, V and Reed infiltrate a party in the Black Sapphire Club. Their goal is to obtain valuable information to further their cause.

This mission challenges you on all fronts between swimming, stealth, and wit. This is an hour-long mission, so you will be at it for some time.

In this guide, we will go over how you can successfully compete in the You Know My Name main mission in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.  

How to complete You Know My Name in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty 

To Complete You Know My Name in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, you must go to the Black Sapphire Club with Reed and successfully infiltrate it to reach the party. To do so, you must traverse a large body of water and eliminate a host of guards and enemies.

At the party, you will meet Reed Hansen in the flesh. This mission is fairly long as it comprises two segments. Additionally, you will need to be very meticulous in how you approach certain scenarios.  

Enter the Flooded Tunnels 

flooded tunnels location cyberpunk 2077

You Know My Name picks up directly after Get It Together. For the first objective, follow Reed into the elevator. The quest marker will lead you there. Exit the elevator, continue forward, and follow the quest marker again. You will arrive at the Black Sapphire Club. Continue straight past the entrance of the club and look towards your right.


Beyond the orange roadblocks placed along the road, there will be a caved-in section of the road. Drop down and then follow your quest marker once again. It will lead you to a door. After a brief exchange with Johnny, follow the path until you are prompted to put on your diving suit.  

Proceed down the Tunnels 

The water is extremely toxic, so putting on the suit is imperative. After you do, follow the quest marker on your screen. At some points, you will be required to open latches to proceed further. Keep following the quest marker until you reach your destination.

Reed will be in your ear guiding you through the process. The path is fairly straightforward in You Know My Name in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Continue until you reach an area that requires you to lift up a large door.  

Find a way to Progress 

Once the quest objective changes to “Find a Way to Progress”, make your way up the ladder at the room’s far end. You will need to lower it first. Get on top, follow the catwalk on the right side, and push the red button to lower the platform.

Get on the platform you just lowered. You will find another similar button to lower another platform to your left. Get on top of the newly lowered platform and enter the narrow passageway in You Know My Name quest in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Proceed down the Tunnels 

Continue straight until you drop down into the water once again. A little in the distance, you will see a yellow ladder leading you to the club’s warehouse. Climb it to reach your destination. Here, you will come face to face with a few enemies. Take them out.  

Connect to the CCTV through the Security Computer

After successfully removing the guards, look toward your map to locate the security computer. At the end of the room is a flight of stairs that will lead you to it. After hacking it, you will be connected to the CCTV cameras, allowing you to track Reed. Open the gate for him so he can proceed further.  

Take the Elevator to the Maintenance Area

Proceed to the area marked on your map. At this point, the area will be swarming with enemies. You can either walk past them or kill them to make it to the elevator. Use it to go to the Maintenance Area, then follow your map to the meeting area.

Take out the guard present on the gun and Jack in. Take out the sniper present in the area and then locate Reed.   

Identify Immediate threats to Reed 

While you are on the sniper, you will have to guide Reed through the area. You can take a stealthy approach and take out guards quickly and quietly, or you can go crazy. If guards notice dead bodies, they become hostile and start looking for Reed.

At this point, you will need to take them out in quick succession. Cover Reed the best you can if you are in a sticky situation in You Know My Name quest in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Take the Elevator to the Top Floor

After you have guided Reed to safety, he will lower the bridge on your left, allowing you to rendezvous with him on the other side. Follow the quest marker to reach him. Once you reach Reed, follow him and take the elevator marked on your map to get to the top floor.

Follow Reed into the next room and put on your eveningwear to blend in with the people at the club. After this, Follow Reed as he leads you to the party. He will leave you be, and you can join him at the bar once you are ready. Talk to him once you are, and then wait until Songbird comes in contact with the two of you. Explore around the party to complete this section. 

Talk to Songbird 

Songbird will message you when she arrives at the party. She is present on the mezzanine floor. Follow the quest marker to reach her. Talk to her until Reed joins both of you. After a while, your party will be joined by Reed Hansen.

He will take Songbird away, after which she will contact you via the relic. She will ask you to take the shard from her glass. Reed will then remove himself and go to the bar.  

Join Reed at the Bar 

The Shard is at the table you were talking at. Pick it up and then return to Reed at the bar at the far end of the party. Use the quest marker on your map to reach your objective. Talk to Reed, and he will accuse Songbird of the swipe at Myer’s head.

Exhaust the dialogue options and hand Reed the shard. This will reveal the targets you need to take down. The targets are a brother and sister who are playing twin roulette nearby. 

Play Roulette with the Netrunners  

After discovering your targets, walk over to the area on your map and purchase 80,000 eddies worth of chips. Then, follow your marker once again to make it to the twins. Wait until the previous round is over, then join them. Alex loses contact with Reed, so you must keep the twins busy by stalling for time.

Play with them until the prompt to scan both Aurore and Aymeric pops up. Proceed with caution after this. Continue playing with them while treading carefully around their questions and discourse. Due to the drinks you ordered, the twins start opening up more and more. Follow whatever Alex says and continue talking with them. 

After a while, you will be joined by Hansen once more. He knows you are up to something but allows you to leave without a fight. Depending on your dialogue options, you will either have to fight your way out or leave peacefully.

If you want to leave peacefully, cash in your earnings when the dialogue options pop up. Choose “You Won’t Kill Us” and “Always Willin’. Once Hansen leaves, talk to Alex again. Cash in your earnings, and exit the club through the lobby. Follow the quest marker until you reach a guard who stops you, then follow him to the exit.  

Follow Reed 

You will meet up with Reed again when you are outside. Follow him and then talk to him to conclude the quest.  

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