Cyberpunk 2077 Get It Together Walkthrough

You will meet Mr Hands from the base game again in Get It Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This time, you get to work for him and gain entry to the Black Sapphire Club.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty features a robust suite of interesting quests, such as Get it Together. This quest involves you running around Dogtown and completing gigs to gain Mr. Hands’s trust. He is an elusive fixer you first get to know in the base game.

This time, he plays a much bigger role in V’s story. And gaining his confidence is the key to recovering your missing uber-netrunner. This quest requires a lot of work and takes a lot of time.  

In this guide, we will be going over everything you need to do to complete the Get it Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. 

How to Complete Get It Together in Cyberpunk 2077 

Get it Together is the precursor to the You Know My Name Mission in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. It involves you gaining the trust of Mr. Hands so that he will help you find a way into the Black Sapphire Club.

This quest has three further sub-quests that you must complete to move forward. Do note that you can complete any three gigs of your choosing. The ones we have listed below are the easiest and fastest to compete. They are Dogtown Saints, Treating Symptoms, and Prototype in the Scraper.  

Call Mr. Hands 

Select the quest from the quest log under your journal in the menu to begin it. The first step involves calling Mr. Hands in the Get It Together in Cyberpunk 2077. V asks him for plans to the Black Sapphire Club to recover his/her missing uber-netrunner.


On consoles, hold up on the D-pad to bring up your phone to initiate a phone call. On PC, press T. Mr. Hands will then offer to give you the plans for the club in exchange for a few favors. He asks you to complete a few gigs around Dogtown to improve his reputation.

Once you do, the plans will be yours for the taking. You have to complete a minimum of three gigs.  

Gig: Dogtown Saints  

gig dogtown saints location

The first gig you must complete to acquire plans to the Black Sapphire is “Dogtown Saints”. This gig involves you rescuing Anthony Anderson, a Doctor tasked with saving lives. To begin this gig head over to Haven Clinic on Montana de Oro Ave.

When you reach the area, talk to Odell Blanco who will direct you to Anthony Anderson’s whereabouts and tell you that the Scavs are hunting him. Next, you will need to find a way inside the clinic. Follow the quest marker across the street to the clinic and remove any enemies. Towards the left side of the clinic, there is some scaffolding. Use it to get to the top.  

An open window right at the top will let you into the clinic. On the inside, there are even more enemies. Take them out before proceeding further. Next, you will need to make your way into the basement. To get to the basement, look for the giant blue neon cross in the middle of the clinic. It is very hard to miss. The door on its immediate right will lead you down.  

In the basement, you will encounter a few more enemies. After taking them out, you will be prompted to find Anthony Anderson’s office. Continue a few feet straight then enter the first door on your right. It’s marked by an orange light just above the door frame.

Entering this door will lead you to a corridor. Open the door on the left to find Doctor Anderson’s office. Not only will you find the Doctor, but you will also find Niko, a Scav holding him at gunpoint, trying to look for her brother.

Diffuse the situation and take out Niko before she can hurt the doctor. Then talk to Anthony Anderson. Exhaust the dialogue option and exit the clinic to complete the first gig.  

Gig: Treating Symptoms

For the second gig, “Treating Symptoms” make your way to the Voodoo Boys’ base in the area shown on the map above. Upon reaching the area, Mr. Hands will call you and task you with finding Miko Alexis. Head inside the base, then make an immediate left to force open a closed metallic door.

Take out the enemies present ahead and neutralize the robots and human enemies present in the area. From the metallic door, follow the corridor until you reach the end, then make a left until you reach a large open area with a lion statue in the middle.

From the statue, head straight until you reach a set of opposite stairs going up. Take the one on the left, then make a right when you reach the top. Follow the length of the corridor and enter the next area. 

This area contains some very powerful robots to take out to proceed further in the Get It Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Once you do, the door at the chamber’s very end will open. Follow the path, and it will lead you directly to the area where Niko Alexis is.

In the room where he is found, you will also find a net runner who will try to persuade you to let him live. Kill them both and pick up the Net Runner’s access card, which lets you use a shortcut to exit the area. Once you do, the second gig will be completed.  

Gig: Prototype in The Scraper 

For the third and final gig, “Prototype in the Scraper,” you must recover a piece of stolen prototype tech from a Scav Stronghold. Reach the area on the map above, then follow the quest marker to make your way to the Scav den in the scraper. The way to the den is littered with enemies and turrets.

You can take them out or run past them to the elevator that takes you where you need to go. Once you have used the elevator and are on the top, you must find the prototype. The main landing area of the elevator contains quite a few enemies.

Take them out, then follow the quest marker on your mini-map to locate the prototype implanted in a prisoner named Hasan Demir. You will not be able to extract the prototype from his head. Instead, you will have to free him. 

To free Hasan, you need to find the code to his cell. Follow the quest marker until you reach the investigation area, then use the laptop on the bench towards the room’s left. The code is 2573. Use the quest marker to head back to Hasan. Enter the code on the keypad on the right of his cell.

He will then ask you to follow him so you can recover the schematics for the prototype tech in question. Follow Hasan, and he will lead you to the tablet with the schematics. Next, you will have to lower the draw bridge at the end of the room, allowing you to escape the Scav skyscraper.  

Follow Hasan and talk to him again, where you will learn of his betrayal in the Get It Together in Cyberpunk 2077. Hasan planned to run away the entire time. Now, you can either let him go or call your fixer to come and remove the prototype from his skull. Choose the latter option to acquire the prototype and complete Mr. Hands’ third and final gig.  

Go to The Heavy Hearts Club 

Now that you have completed all three gigs, Mr. Hands will contact you and ask you to meet at the Heavy Hearts Club. Use the map image above to reach your destination. Once there, the quest marker will lead you to an elevator; enter code 2589 to reach the private floor, where you will meet Mr. Hands.

He will thank you for your services and assure you you have gained his trust. After an exhaustive dialogue involving the history of Dogtown and its politics, Hands will promise you opportunities for new gigs in the future. He will also offer the blueprint for the Black Sapphire Club.  

Call Reed and Send Him the Data 

Exit the Heavy Hearts club and call Reed to send him the Data Shard. After this, he will ask you to meet at the Moth. Before you can initiate a conversation with him, you will black out. When you come, exhaust the conversation until he asks you to follow him in the Get It Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

He will lead you to Alex, who will give you a rundown on effectively and covertly infiltrating the Black Sapphire Club. You can recover your missing uber-netrunner from there. After this, she will give you a diving suit and allow you to pick weapons from an armory.

Select whichever ones that suit your fancy. This is also a great time to stock up on ammo. Alex will then give you a strong handgun on your next mission, “You Know My Name”

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