Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Guide

If you’re looking to learn more about the complex crafting system in Cyberpunk 2077, then we’ve got you covered with this guide, where we’ll walk you through all the information you need to know about the crafting system in the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting

CP 2077 has a ton of different items for you to craft. These include mods, grenades, weapons, clothing, consumables and quickhacks. All of these items are categorized into two distinct categories:

Crafting Gear

This category includes all the different types of equipment, like weapons, mods, clothing, etc. The crafting specs in this category require standard components.

To craft items of a higher rarity in this category, you’ll need to level up your Technical Ability attribute and your Crafting skill by putting more points into them.

Crafting Quickhacks

This category is all about the Quickhacks. The crafting specs in this category require quickhack components.

If you want to unlock specs in this category, you’ll need to level up your Intelligence attribute and Quickhacking skill by putting more points into them.

The level of your Crafting and Quickhacking skills will enhance the grade of the respective items that you craft. The items will get a bonus of 0.2 per level of the skill.

Say your Crafting skill is sitting at level 15. If you craft some gear, its level will be improved by 3 (15 x 0.2).

How to Craft Items

Each craft-able item in Cyberpunk 2077 has its unique components, which you need to craft it. These are the item’s blueprint (crafting spec) and the required ingredients.

Once you have all of these items in your inventory, you’ll be able to craft that item in CP 2077.

How to Get Blueprints

The crafting spec of an item, AKA the blueprint, is needed to craft an item because it’ll show you all the ingredients you need to do so.

The best way to get these blueprints is through the different vendors scattered around Night City, like Weapon Dealers and Junk Shops, etc.

The blueprints sold by these vendors will be random. If you want to refresh the vendor’s inventory, wait two in-game days and then visit them again.

You can also get these blueprints as drops from enemies and as rewards for leveling up certain perks.

How to Get Standard Components

You’ll obtain standard components throughout your exploration of Night City. You can get them from looting item caches and enemy corpses.

The rarity of the loot from the item caches will depend on where you found the cache itself.

So, the random item caches you find in the open world will have less rare loot than the ones you find during your mission playthroughs.

The rarity of the loot in these caches is signified by its color:

  • Common Loot: White
  • Uncommon Loot: Green
  • Rare Loot: Blue
  • Epic Loot: Purple
  • Orange Loot: Legendary

Another great way to get standard components is by disassembling equipment in your inventory.

Open up your inventory, select the equipment that you want to disassemble and hold Triangle if you’re on PlayStation or Y if you’re on Xbox.

If you look on the left of the Backpack screen, you’ll see all the items you’ll get if you disassemble the selected equipment.

The rarity of that item will determine the number of items that you get from disassembling a weapon or armor.

Once the equipment is disassembled, you won’t be able to fix it back, so make sure you only disassemble the equipment that you have no use of.

If you find yourself disassembling items very frequently, then make sure to get the Mechanic and Scrapper perks from the Technical Ability Attribute chart.

The Mechanic perk will allow you to get more items from your equipment, while the Scrapper perk will save you a lot of time by giving you the ability to disassemble equipment instantly.

How to Get Quickhack Components

To get yourself some quickhack components, you need to beat the Breach Protocol minigame. This minigame won’t be available all the time, so make sure to complete it whenever it is.

Before attempting the Breach Protocol, make sure to put some points into the Datamine Mastermind perk to get more quickhack components from the minigame.

Some other important perks for getting rarer quickhack crafting specs are School of Hard Hacks, Hacker’s Manual, Hacker Overlord and Bartmoss’ Legacy.

Crafting Requirements

Before you unlock the following perks, you’ll only be able to craft Common and Uncommon items.

To craft higher rarities, you need to unlock the following perks:

  • To craft rare items: True Craftsman
  • To craft Epic items: Grease Monkey
  • To craft Legendary items: Edgerunner Artisan

How to Upgrade Equipment

To upgrade your equipment, you’ll need to feed more components into it. Every single clothing, armor and weapon in your inventory can be upgraded.

Furthermore, you can upgrade each item several times. This will take a lot of resources, so only upgrade the most powerful items that you have.