How To Get The Carian Slicer Spell In Elden Ring

Carian Slicer is a useful spell in Elden Ring and you can obtain it either from Sorceress Sellen or Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

Carian Slicer is a Sorcery Spell in Elden Ring that allows you to slash enemies at short range using a magical longsword.

This spell is used by players who like to use magical attacks along with a melee weapon. This spell doesn’t actually use a weapon, instead, it brings a weapon when cast. This is also the best spell in Elden Ring and it is available from the early game.

You should get the Carian Slicer Spell and if you don’t know how, then we will tell you the process through our guide.

How to Get the Carian Slicer Spell

The Carian Slicer spell in Elden Ring is acquired by purchasing it from the Sorceress Sellen or the Miriel Pastor.

But before you do this, you have to find the Royal House Scroll and give it to Sorceress Sellen or Miriel Pastor depending on from which NPC you want to purchase the spell.

To obtain the Royal House Scroll, find it at the top of a cliff at the Limgrave near the coast of the Caelid Sea. You have to slay a guardian knight to get the Royal Hosue Scroll.

Royal house scroll

After acquiring the Scroll, visit the Sorceress Sellen in the cave. You can enter the cave by going into the waypoint ruins from the north of the location where you got the Royal House Scroll.

Go deep inside the cave and give the Royal House Scroll to Sorcerrer Sellen. She will allow you to study two spells. You can study both the Carian Slicer and the Glintblade Phalanx spells. You also have to pay her 1500 Runes to get these spells.

Alternatively, you can take the Royal House Scroll to the Miriel Pastor in the Church of Voes on a cliff west of Liurnia.

Give the Scroll to him and 1500 Runes and get the Carian Slicer Spell.

What does the Carian Slicer do in Elden Ring, Is it Any Good?

Carian Slicer is an all-magic spell that is used to inflict a slashing attack on the enemy by using a magical longsword.

When you cast it, it will bring a blue magical sword in your hand which you can use for a sweeping slash attack on the enemy.

In simple words, it allows you to melee an enemy by using magic. However, casting this spell will require you to have 14 Intelligence. The spell can easily be an alternative to a melee weapon if you are playing as a mage. It doesn’t cost much FP to cast so you can use it often if you are in need of doing some melee damage to enemies so keep it in your arsenal as a mage in Elden Ring is a good idea.

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