Elden Ring Best Spells Guide

In this guide, we will tell you about some of the best spells Elden Ring. We’ll list some spells that will be useful in the early game and some that are useful in the late game.

In this guide, we will tell you about some of the best spells Elden Ring. We’ll list some spells that will be useful in the early game and some that are useful in the late game.

Elden Ring Best Spells

Elden Ring has a wide variety of incantations and sorceries that your Tarnished can use. While there are so many spells, you only have a select few memory slots so choosing which ones to use is important.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best spells in Elden Ring both for the early and late game along with their locations.

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Best Early Game Spells

The Spells given below are some of the best spells you can use early in the game.

Glintstone Pebble

Requirements: FP Cost 7, INT 10

Location: You can buy this Sorcery Spell from the Sorceress Sellen at the Waypoint in the Limgrave. This will cost you 1000 Runes.

This Glintstone Pebble sorcery is used for throwing a magical projectile at the enemies for dealing damage. You can use this sorcery while moving and in succession. A definite early game staple for sorcery builds.

Magic Glintblade

Requirements: FP Cost 12, INT 14

Location: You can buy this spell in the northeastern Liurnia of the Lakes from Miriel, Pastor of Vows at the Church of Vows for 3000 Runes.

The Magic Glintblade is a sorcery spell that creates a magic sword projectile and the enemies will try to dodge this early on. The delay on this spell makes it harder to dodge and successive casts means a volley of blades will rain upon them.

Carian Slicer

Requirements: FP Cost 4, INT 14

Location: To get this spell first of all you will need to go to the southern Limgrave and get the Royal House Scroll from a corpse. After that, you can take that scroll to Sorceress Sellen and she will sell you the spell for 1500 Runes.

Carian Slicer is a Melee Sorcery in Elden Ring that has very low FP Cost. This spell is used to shred enemies into pieces. However, its range is not much, but the high DPS compensates it quite well.

Rock Sling

Requirements: FP Cost 18, INT 18

Location: To get this spell, from the Central Caelid you have to go towards the northern part of the Street of Sages Ruins. This Spell is inside a chest in an underground cellar and surrounded by poison mages as well.

Rock Sling is a sorcery spell that does physical damage to enemies and you can also use gravity magic to throw three boulders at the enemies. This spell will help you in breaking enemy stance and give you and your allies a chance to land some critical hits to the enemies.

Lightning Spear

Requirements: FP Cost 18, FAI 17

Location: In the eastern Liurnia of the Lakes you have to kill the Leyndell Knight moving around the south of the Artist’s Shack. He will drop a Dragoncult Prayerbook that you can take to the Miriel, Pastor of Vows in the church of Vows for getting that spell.

This Lightning Spear is one of the best incantations in the Elden Ring. It has a great range and does a lot of damage. Its FP cost is not much which makes it an even more useful spell in Elden Ring.

You can also charge this spell by holding the casting button that will increase the damage done to the enemies after the hit.

Ambush Shard

Requirements: FP Cost 16, INT 23

Location: There are two locations where you can find this spell. One is Weeping Peninsula and the other is Witchbane Ruins.

Ambush Shard Sorcery is used to launch a projectile from a distance that hits the enemies from the backside. You can cast this sorcery again and again in a short interval of time.

Bloodflame Blade

Requirements: FP Cost 20, FAI 12

Location: This one can be found in the Liurnia of Lakes and you can also get it as a drop from the Teardrop Scarab.

The Bloodflame Blade incantation spell is used for engulfing the armaments in the right hand with bloodflame. This allows you to stack bleed, an especially useful affliction that decimates most enemies and bosses in Elden Ring.

Best Late Game Spells

The Spells given below are some of the Best late Game Spells in the Elden Ring.

Comet Azur

Requirements: FP Cost 40, INT 60

Location: Head to the eastern Mt. Gelmir Hermit Village and from there you will need to go north. After crossing the Demi-Human Queen miniboss you will get to the Primeval Sorcerer Azur Site of Grace. There you will find the spell and Azur’s corpse next to each other.

Comet Azur is the best sorcery that you can use in the late game. It is a massive energy beam that can deal very high stance and health damage to the enemies. It can be used to stagger bosses and is very good for PvP.

Erdtree Heal

Requirements: FP Cost 65, FAI 42

Location: In the southern part of the Lyndell, Royal Capital you can find this one close to the Queen’s Bedchamber Site of Grace after you progressed the story ahead of the Mountains of the Giants.

It is the best healing incantation in the game that has a huge AoE. It can be used for restoring a large chunk of HP for both you and the allies.

However, you should be using this spell in the latter part of the game since its FP cost is also on the higher side.

Great Heal

Requirements: FP Cost 45, FAI 15

Location: This incantation spell is sold by Brother Corhyn. You just have to visit him and buy this spell from him.

Great Heal is an incantation in Elden Ring that is used for healing the HP for you and your allies within a range. This spell helps you greatly in restoring the HP so it is very useful in the latter part of the game.

Lord’s Heal

Requirements: FP Cost 42, FAI 20

Location:  This one is also sold by Brother Corhyn.

The Lord’s Heal incantation is used for restoring a huge chunk of HP in the late game. This spell will restore the HP of allies as well and you can hold the continue praying button to delay its activation.

Ranni’s Dark Moon

Requirements: FP Cost 62, INT 68

Location: You can get this spell by defeating Ranni at the Liurnia of Lakes.

The Ranni’s Dark Moon Sorcery is used to incarnate a cold called dark moon and then launches it towards the enemies and it will dispel all sorcery that touches it and lower the magic damage negation for those it hit temporarily.

Rennala’s Full Moon

Requirements: FP Cost 55, INT 70

Location:  This Sorcery Spell can be found at the Roundtable Hold.

This Sorcery also works like Ranni’s dark Moon spell. It also lowers the magic damage negation of enemies it hit.

Blessing’s Boon

Requirements: FP Cost 30, FAI 24

Location: In the northeastern Liurnia of the Lakes you can buy this spell from the Miriel, Pastor of Vows at the Church of Vows for 4,000 Runes.

The Blessing’s Boon incantation allows you and your allies to restore HP for 90 seconds and the FP cost for this is also on the efficient side. This works as a support spell before the boss fight, so it is recommended in the late game.

Frenzied Burst

Requirements: FP Cost 22, FAI 22

Location: In the northeastern Liurnia of the Lakes, south of the Church of Inhibition you can get this spell by killing the Golden Teardrop Scarab.

Frenzied Burst is the best PvP incantation in the Elden Ring. It is a strong laser beam attack that inflicts the madness status effect and deals heavy damage to the enemies.

It is very difficult to dodge attacks because of its speed. You can also charge up this attack to deal even more damage to enemies.

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