Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins Walkthrough

In addition to having a mini-boss fight, Waypoint Ruins in Elden Ring also has some precious loot-able items as well.

Waypoint Ruins area is located in the Limgrave region of the Elden Ring map. In addition to having a mini-boss fight and unlocking a spell merchant, this area also has some precious loot-able items.

To get to the Waypoint Ruins in Elden Ring, you first need to go to Lake Agheel, which is in the center of the Limgrave region. The Ruin is on the eastern side of this lake. This guide, including the boss fight, will take you through the Waypoint Ruins area.

How to get to Waypoint Ruins in Elden Ring

Waypoint Ruins can be approached from either the North or the South part of the Limgrave region. A road originates from the bridge over the stream going into the lake. This road goes from the center of Limgrave to the southern part. Waypoint Ruins area is across this road ahead of the lake.

Additionally, Waypoint Ruins Cellar is a Site of Grace located in the Waypoint Ruins. It can be used to fast travel to this area. This Site of Grace is underneath the Waypoint Ruins in Elden Ring. It can be activated by defeating the Ruins boss.

Waypoint Ruins walkthrough

Waypoint Ruins does contain a very toxic species of flowers known as the Spore Bloom around the entrance of the Waypoint Ruins Cellar. These flowers are capable of eating out all the protagonist’s health in a matter of seconds. They sprinkle poisonous fragments in the air that provides damage in case of contact.

In addition to these small plants, there are also Miranda Plants in Elden Ring, a giant flower of the same species. This giant flower can sprinkle these cloudy fragments for an extended duration compared to the small ones.

It can also drop rain-like toxic fragments of poison from the air. Due to its slow nature, you can easily predict and avoid their attacks. Attacking these small plants will only reward you with the Poisonbloom. However, defeating the giant one will reward you with Poisonbloom, Miranda Powder, and Immunizing Meat.

Another important loot item in Elden Ring is Trina Lily. It is resting alongside a corpse slung on a broken wall. To reach here, you need to take the protagonist up the hill using the double jumps of the Torrent. From above, jump precisely on the broken wall. Move over the wall carefully until you reach the dead body to get Trina Lily.

Once these flowers are dead, you can now access the underground area. The entrance to this Cellar region in Elden Ring is in the center of Waypoint Ruins. It is surrounded by some broken rock walls having a small entrance at a corner.

The Cellar entrance has a couple of stairs going underneath. Once you have passed the mist, you will encounter the boss of the Waypoint Ruins.

Defeat Mad Pumpkin Head

Once in the underground area, you will find the heavy-head boss, Mad Pumpkin Head, in Elden Ring. This giant boss has a Flail which acts as the primary weapon. This Flail has multiple sharp spikes, causing Bleed Damage.

Further, it also uses its heavy head for the attack as well. Dodging these attacks and punching back at the weak parts of the boss will drain its health quickly. Defeating the boss will reward the player with the Pumpkin Helm. It will also unlock the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace.

Sorceress Sellen, NPC spell merchant

Once the boss is defeated, there is a black door just ahead of where the boss is standing. Opening the door will let you access a small room where the Sorceress Sellen is residing.

Sorceress Sellen is one of the NPCs in the game. She is a spell merchant and becoming her student will let you buy sorceries from her.

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