Best Armor In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The world of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might look pretty but dangerous creatures roam this land and as such,...

The world of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might look pretty but dangerous creatures roam this land and as such, you need protective gear in the form of armors to help you survive. While Breath of the Wild offers plenty of gear options and armor sets, there are some armors that can be considered the best in Zelda Breath of the Wild and stand out above the rest.

To help familiarize you with these armors, we have created a list of the best armors in Zelda: Breath of the Wild so you can go and look for them to add to your inventory.

Every armor set in Zelda BOTW includes some unique items attached to it, including tunics, trousers, jewelry, etc. After obtaining an armor, players are free to upgrade it up to four stages, with each stage being stronger and more useful than the previous ones. A max upgrade (level 4) requires Link to visit all four Great Fairy Fountains.

zelda botw best armor

Ever thought Link is too nice and should have an evil streak? Well in that case the Dark Link armor awaits you. With this Dark Link armor set in Zelda BOTW, you can not only sweep the Princess off her feet but also run faster at night. Arguably, Dark Link armor is one of the best-looking armors in the game.

With this set, you can get from point A to point B in a quicker fashion, as well as save stamina considering how much stamina it would take with the slower sets at daytime.

How to get Dark Link armor set

You can obtain this armor by visiting Kilton at various locations of his appearance, particularly between 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM. In case you have not interacted with him before, you have to meet him at Skull Lake during the above-mentioned period.

Do keep in mind that Kilton will sell you this beautiful armor only after you have defeated all the divine beasts.

5: Climbing armor

Do you ever start climbing a mountain only to realize you do not have enough stamina left to make it to the top? The Climbing Set comes to the rescue in such a position.

Through this handy set, you not only get to climb mountains a lot faster but also reduces the amount of stamina used while climbing.

How to get climbing armor

You can obtain the pieces of Climber armor set by visiting three different shrines. The Climber’s Bandana is in the Ree Dahee Shrine; the Climber’s Gear is in the Chaas Qeta Shrine, and the Climber’s Boots are within the shrine quest called Secrets of the Cedars.

It may seem irritating to get all these items from so many different places, but bear in mind that you also get Spirit Orbs in this journey, which in turn contribute to your stamina wheels growth.

4: Stealth armor

zelda botw best armor

It is possible that you end up getting spotted every time you need to creep up behind a horse, walk by sleeping enemies or attempt to sneak strike. The Stealth Armor Set is about to change your entire life.

Despite the fact that you can get this set at the beginning of the story, it still works wonders regardless of how far you are. Compared to the other armor sets, the Stealth set provides stealth even by walking at a regular pace instead of crouching or walking slowly. Moreover, this set makes it super easy to collect critters or fairies that would normally run away/fly.

How to get Stealth armor

You can get the entire Stealth armor set at the shop inside Kakariko Village for 1800 rupees.

3: Ancient armor set

It is no surprise that fighting Guardians not only hurt your feelings but also depletes quickly an amount of your Hearts. The Ancient Armor Set will make your life a whole lot easier.

You get guardian resistance, meaning you take very less damage from getting hit by Guardians. This set also gives an attack boost as long as you are using guardian weapons. It is a sight to see taking down the enemies in a flash using guardian weapons.

How to get Ancient armor

The way you obtain this armor set is by heading over to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Be prepared to drop a lot of ancient parts and rupees (2000 for each set item). Don’t be worried about this high price range, as you will find yourself a beast after equipping this handy armor set.

2: Armor of the Wild

breath of the wild best armor set

This set has a massive defense stat of 84, making it one of the strongest life-saving armors in Zelda: BOTW. When you have equipped all three armor pieces and upgraded them twice, you will be awarded Master Sword Beam Up. This helps you throw “beams” of energy from Master Sword much farther, as far as it is at full health.

How to get Wild armor set

This set is one of the toughest ones to obtain in the game. You will only achieve this after completing all the Shrines in Zelda: BOTW. When you finish the last shrine, the Armor of the Wild will be the final gift from the monks that tested you in their shrines.

1: Barbarian armor set

zelda breath of the wild best armor

Finally, the best armor in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has got to be the Barbarian Set. An attack boost might seem quite simple and a little too underwhelming to be the best armor set in the game. But when you think about it, the benefits it provides to your gameplay are nowhere near simple or insignificant.

You fight quite a bit in the game, whether it be a boss or some random enemies you run into during your journey. You kill enemies often, and making it faster will preserve your weapon’s health largely. The Barbarian set has one more trick up its sleeves; it reduces the stamina consumed while applying charge attacks.

How to get Barbarian armor

You can get the Barbarian Helm at the Tu Ka’loh Shrine, the Barbarian Armor at the Dila Maag Shrine, and the Barbarian Leg Wraps at the Qaza Tokki Shrine.

With this set on, you are ready for any battle you have ahead of you, which is why we consider this the best armor in Zelda BOTW.

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