Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Shrine Guide

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Shrine Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing the shrine and finding the Spirit Orb.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Shrine is among the nine shrines that find home in the Dueling Peaks of Hyrule. Completing the puzzles in Ree Dahee is all about precisely timing your actions, so a vigilant mind and proper control of your nerves are important while pursuing this shrine.

Zelda BOTW Ree Dahee shrine location

There is no long series of pathways for finding Ree Dahee shrine in Zelda BOTW. Simply head to the central part of the beautiful Dueling Peaks region, on the eastern side of the Dueling Peaks Tower. The shrine will already be exposed on the narrow grassy Ridge alongside the mountain wall.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Shrine walkthrough

As soon as you set foot inside the Ree Dahee shrine in Zelda BOTW, the Timing is Critical trial starts right away. As the name suggests, you need to keep the time factor in mind for moving forward and completing the tasks ahead.

There are a number of ramps/ slabs having small circular balls (orbs). The goal is to put the orbs in the slots on the opposite side of the ramps by curving them down. Let’s get to work now!

Step on the floor button to make the first ramp go down to the right. The orb on its surface will slide away and move into the orb slot. Now, wait for the flying lift to reach your ground and stand on it to approach the next area. (The lift will not work until the orb is placed in the slot)

There is a similar floor button ahead of you. But this time the number of ramps is two, one on the top and the other below it. Stand on the button to tilt the ramps to the right and step off instantly as soon as the orb is about to fall down. This way, the lower ramp will go to its original position, with the orb being placed in the slot.  

Now, jump onto the square platform adjacent to the button you were standing on. This is now your new ride for making it to the area ahead. From the flat platform, step on the button to trigger the last ramp. Now this is a real test of your timing techniques.

When you see the orb approaching the edge of the platform, step off the button immediately. This will make the orb fly and drop down in the opposite orb slot. Do not worry at all if the first attempt shows failure. You can try the same process again, as a new orb drops on the platform surface as soon as it tilts to its original position.

The top left corner of the next slab holds the only treasure chest offered by this shrine. There are two possibilities for approaching it. First, when the square lift comes near you, apply the Stasis ability on the button and step on the lift. When you reach the ramp, it will be in the right position to let you go above the corner.

botw ree dahee shrine

The second way is to ride the lift and move in front of the orb slot. Use Magnesis to lift one of the metal containers on the platform below and place it on the previous button. Now you do not even have to worry about running out of time. Interact with the Ree Dahee shrine chest to get the Climber’s Bandana.

Finally, get yourself on the ramp surface. Go to the other side of the pillar and climb the wooden ladder leading to Ree Dahhe Monk (Or manipulate the floor button to raise the platform parallel to the front ladder). At last, you will receive a well-deserved Spirit Orb for doing all that hard work.

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