Batman: Arkham Knight Riddle Solutions

Is the world’s greatest detective up for a challenge?

The Riddler has left behind various riddles across all of the main regions for you to solve in Batman: Arkham Knight. They are part of the Riddler’s Revenge mission which you must complete to save Catwoman and apprehend Nigma.


Completing all of the Riddler Challenges unlocks the full Knightfall Protocol ending.

There are a total of 40 riddles for you to find and solve. They are all words-based riddles in which you need to scan a nearby object or environmental scene. We recommend completing the main story before solving the riddles. This way you will have access to the complete map.

Bleake Island

Riddle 1: “Joining your mission can come with a cost, this empty reminder shows just what she lost.”
Map Coordinates: 2084, 2226

The solution for this riddle requires Batman to scan the Batgirl suit found in Oracle’s Clock Tower. Simply make your way inside the building through the roof and use the Remote Hacking Device to interact with the control panel to make a closet appear with the suit. Approach the suit and scan it to mark the riddle complete.

Riddle 2: “A souvenir from a previous life, why hold with a hand when a hook will suffice?”
Map Coordinates: 2330, 2599

Head inside the Maximum-Security prison cell in the GCPD building and scan the mug on Officer Cash’s desk with a Bat logo to mark this riddle complete in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Riddle 3: “Bones stripped bare beneath a warning light, pay heed, seafarers, not to feel his bite.”
Map Coordinates: 1269, 2022

The solution to this riddle is inside the lighthouse on the small island in the far northern corner of Bleake Island. Once reached, simply enter the lighthouse and scan the burnt piles of bones.

Riddle 4: “Business is best when Bats need killing, a mercenary’s file should receive top billing.”
Map Coordinates: 2330, 2599

Scan the whiteboard with pictures of Deathstroke, the Dark Knight, and Scarecrow in the Communications Room of the Maximum-Security prison cell of the GCPD lockup to mark this riddle complete.

Riddle 5: “An open house for bed and dinner, is this sanctuary run by saint or sinner?
Map Coordinates: 1620, 2241

Head to the northeastern corner of the map as shown in the image above. The marker will guide you towards the building with the Deacon’s Missions sign on ground level. Scan it and mark the riddle complete.

Riddle 6: “Always looking for names to besmirch, where does this newsman conduct his research?”
Map Coordinates: 2330, 2599

This is one of the easier riddles to solve in Batman: Arkham Knight. Scan the folders on the desk inside the GCPD lockup interview room to mark the riddle complete.

Riddle 7: “Overgrown, abandoned, the inmates set free, madness could never be held in me.”
Map Coordinates: 2326, 3158

Climb on top of the water tower in the southern corner of the Falcone Shipping building and look across the water to spot Arkham Asylum.

Riddle 8: “Hope shines brightly in a city this dark, find the source of that signal and you’ll soon hit your mark.”
Map Coordinates: 2366, 2640

Scan the bat signal on the western watchtower of the GCPD building to solve this riddle.

Riddle 9: “A bat uses these to see at night, the docs didn’t work and his cure caused a fright.”
Map Coordinates: 1634, 2160

Head inside Kirk Langstrom’s Laboratory and scan the whiteboard with the scribbled autonomy of a bat to solve this riddle.

Riddle 10: “I bet you weren’t invited to this lavish do, I wonder how many went dressed up as you?”
Map Coordinates: 2100, 2259

Glide inside the small opened window below the main clock on Oracle’s Clock Tower and scan the Masquerade Ball picture frame in the corner of the room to solve the riddle.

Riddle 11: “She stands at our center that we may not weaken, a symbol of hope, a towering beacon.”
Map Coordinates: 2470, 2290

The last riddle for Bleake Island can be solved by simply scanning the Lady of Gotham statue in the center of the three islands in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Miagani Island

Riddler 1: “It doesn’t take much to tame a Cat, make them wear this, and then call the bat.”
Map Coordinates: 3253, 1899

This riddle can be solved by simply scanning the collar on Catwoman’s neck while she is resting inside the main hall of Pinkney’s Orphanage.

Riddle 2: “Friends of the Waynes though not as wealthy, their memorial ward keeps Gotham healthy.”
Map Coordinates: 2892, 2201

Scan the Elliot Memorial Hospital main entrance from the southeast corner to solve this riddle.

Riddle 3: “The highest building in Arkham City. A Strange man worked here, who took no pity.”
Map Coordinates: 3342, 2896

The answer to the riddle is to scan the Wonder Tower building. Get to a good vantage point and look across the broken bridges to spot it.

Riddler 4: “The Prince of Gotham sits high in his tower, yet this picture recalls a happier hour.”
Map Coordinates: 3613, 2807

Scan the portrait of Bruce Wayne with his parents in his room inside the Wayne Tower to solve this riddle.

Riddle 5: “A former warden who had a Strange turn, his appointment as mayor was a cause for concern.”
Map Coordinates: 3165, 2627

Make your way to the marked location on the map image above. The marker will take you to an alleyway with a poster of Quincy Sharp being elected as mayor of Gotham City. Scan the poster to answer the riddle in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Riddle 6: “A natural cure for Scarecrow’s doom, your savior’s gone but still in bloom.”
Map Coordinates: 3149, 2199

Head to the Botanical Gardens on Miagani Island and stand in front of the tree to see a small red flower bloom. Scan the flower to mark the riddle complete.

Riddle 7: “Disarming, charming, quite the inquisitor. She’ll pull back the vale, whomever her visitor.”
Map Coordinates: 3378, 2406

Scan the Vicky Vale’s Show neon sign found on one of the buildings in the southwestern corner of the map to solve the riddle.

Riddle 8: “The League of Assassins stuck blades through hearts, now they impale each other’s art.”
Map Coordinates: 2907, 2618

Just north of the parking garage in Miagani Island, look for a small alleyway with a burning metal can. Right across the burning can, you’ll spot some markings on the wall. Scan them and mark the riddle complete.

Riddle 9: “Are you suffering from a mental split? Take out the trash before you defend it!”
Map Coordinates: 3246, 2293

Head to the marked location on the map to find yourself in front of the Hell’s Gate shop. Scan the front entrance of the shop to solve the riddle.

Riddle 10: “You forced this contraption over my brain, I’ll reward you with punishment, debasement, and pain.”
Map Coordinates: 3253, 1899

Use the Remote hacking device and interact with the console panel next to some demented stuffed teddy bears inside the Final Exam room of Pinkney’s Orphanage. This will open up a hidden room, enter it, and scan the green scribblings on the wooden panel to mark the riddle solved.

Founders’ Island

Riddle 1: “Far away the deflated brute roams, leaving behind what he couldn’t ship home.”
Map Coordinates: 2928, 1218

Head to the southwest corner of Port Adam’s to spot a half-opened container with wooden crates inside. Equip the Batclaw and shoot at the wooden crate inside the container to reveal Bane’s old suit from Arkham City. Scan the suit and mark the riddle solved in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Riddle 2: “An ancient order, lust for power consumed, their patron saint is here entombed.”
Map Coordinates: 2460, 1916

Make your way to the Church in the eastern corner of the island. Walk towards the western walls of the church to spot a small bat statue with Saint Dumas written above it. Scan the statue and answer the riddle.

Riddle 3: “He saved the date! All Hollow’s Eve! But his calendar killer took his leave.”
Map Coordinates: 2237, 1507

Travel to the marked location on the map image above to reach a construction site with a small opening in the roof above. Grapple to the small opening to reach a hidden area with a desk and whiteboard. Scan them to answer the riddle.

Riddle 4: “A million-dollar home for a spoilt child, his parents are dead but his parties are wild.”
Map Coordinates: 2262, 1064

Climb on top of the Monorail Station in the western corner of the island and look across the water to spot Wayne Manor from Batman: Arkham City. Scan it and mark the riddle complete.

Riddle 5: “This tumbledown ruin’s not looking its best, what do you expect from the Penguin’s old nest?”
Map Coordinates: 2654, 1357

Scan the Cobblepot Manor sign on top of the building west of the fire station in the northern section of Port Adams to solve the riddle.

Riddle 6: “Crusaders of old had a trusty steed. How much horsepower does a Dark Knight need?”

This riddle can be considered one of the easiest ones to solve in Batman: Arkham Knight. Simply step out of the Batmobile and scan the front end.

Riddle 7: “This cold corporation changed his life forever, curing his wife now a chronic endeavor.”
Map Coordinates: 2552, 1562

Scan the Gotham Corp sign in the center of Founder’s Island to answer this riddle.

Riddle 8: “He lives and dies in seven days, this beast you’ve tamed but his song still plays.”
Map Coordinates: 2198, 1832

Head to the marked location on the map to reach an old slum with fences covering the whole area. Climb over the fence with a billboard of a family above it to discover a secret interactable door. Interact with the door to find a hidden area with a few ritualistic items. Scan them to mark the riddle complete.

Riddle 9: “Roll up! Roll up! For the circus of strange, this porcine professor is clearly deranged.”
Map Coordinates: 2446, 1462

The answer to the riddle lies beneath the ‘Pretty Parlour Dolls’ salon in the eastern corner of the Island. To gain access to the salon, you must first complete the Perfect Crime Most Wanted mission and then enter through the parlor and head down to the Operating Theatre area.

As you enter the Operating Theatre through the staircase, turn around to spot a poster of ‘Circus of Strange’. Scan the poster to solve the riddle.

Riddle 10: “A psycho killer’s grim design, what has an angle but just one line?”
Map Coordinates: 1933, 1549

The last riddle’s answer can be found in the northern corner of Founder’s Island. Travel to the waterfront from the west side of the docks to find a group of three dead mercenaries posing as they were fishing. Pop a scan of them three to solve the riddle in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Stagg Airships

Riddle 1: “No Dark Knight, Stagg’s pet is no figment, it’s just lacking the usual pigment.”

Head to the Western section of Stagg Airship Alpha where the laboratory is present. Scan the monkey in the cage right next to the breakable object to mark this riddle solved.

Riddle 2: “A bragging reporter is worse than a narc, but perhaps the assassin has found his mark?”

Travel to the Biological Engineering deck in Stagg Airship Beta and go up the staircase to find a desk with a magazine of “How Do I Look Deadshot?’ Scan it and answer the riddle.

Riddle 3: “Need something moved quickly in a freezer? This company is owned by a cockney geezer!”

Just before entering Quarantine Labs in Stagg Airship, turn left towards the Testing Subjects portion of the Stagg Airship Beta.  You’ll find an airlock office with a white desk that has a poster that reads ‘You name it, we’ll freeze it’. Scan the poster to complete all riddles for the Stagg Airships in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Panessa Studios

Riddle 1: “A Father figure? Don’t make me laugh. You overwork and berate your staff.”

Scan the weapons dropped on the ground in the eastern corner of the Quarantine Cells area in Panessa Studio to answer this riddle.

Riddle 2: “She and her love are no longer together, she’ll keep the flames burning forever and ever.”

Travel to the backstage area of Stage A and walk across the cactus figure where you will find one of the Jack-in-the-box for the Riddler. Face the cactus statue and turn around to find a locked door that can be opened by a Voice Synthesizer. Open the door and scan the statue with Joker’s head displayed on a screen.

Riddle 3: “A visual artist with burning ambition: prove he made movies before his ignition.”

Scan the Inferno poster in the corner of the room located on the right-hand side of the entrance for Stage A to answer the riddle.

Arkham Knight HQ

Riddle 1: “With a fluffy white coat and ears standing tall, what burrowed the hole in which Alice did fall?”

Grapple to the Maintenance Sector area in Level 04 of the Arkham Knight HQ. The answer to the riddle can be found by scanning the cupboard with a few bunny-like dolls inside of it.

Riddle 2: “A psychotic doctor who caught the fear bug, the fruits of his research a powerful drug.”

In the main area of the Arkham Knight HQ where the final boss battle took place, look for a storefront in the southern section with a yellow gas emitting out of it. Scan it to answer this riddle.

Riddle 3: “Vengeance burns darkly inside the betrayed, as they stare at reminders of debts unpaid.”

Travel to the western section of Arkham Knight HQ as shown in the map image above to find pictures of Batman meeting with Azrael in the corner of the main computer terminal. Scan them to answer the final riddle for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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