Which Scarecrow To Pick In Batman: Arkham Knight?

To choose right or left?

Scarecrow will have one last trick up his sleeve after you thwart his evil plan to cloud-burst toxins all over Gotham City. Once you manage to infiltrate his Stagg Airship in the latter parts of the main storyline, you will surprisingly encounter not one but two Scarecrows hunched over some controls. You will then be forced to pick the real Scarecrow as part of a choice-based decision in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Did You Know

While assumed to be dead in the events of Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow survived his brush with Killer Croc but at the expense of a heavily disfigured and mauled face.

Which is the real Scarecrow: left or right?

The correct answer is neither. If you choose the left Scarecrow, he will turn out to be the Joker in disguise. The real Scarecrow will then attack from behind by spraying you with his toxins.

If you take down the Scarecrow on the right, the same sequence of events will follow. This is just an illusion of choice that fits right in with how Batman has been hallucinating following the events of Arkham City. It also echoes the crazed psychotic state of Batman’s mental affairs at that stage.


You need to lower the bridge to Founder’s Island to reach Scarecrow.

Hence, it does not matter whether you choose the left or right Scarecrow. In either case, you will end up fighting Scarecrow’s thugs while in your hallucinogenic state. Seeing you persevere will shock Scarecrow who will then pull away on a helicopter, leaving you behind to deal with your hallucinations.

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