Batman: Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Victim Locations

Do you hear the music?

The Perfect Crime is another Most Wanted mission that you can start right after taking Poison Ivy to the GCPD in Batman: Arkham Knight. Speak with Office Aaron Cash to learn about a murdered victim who was found on Merchant Bridge. Head over there and use your Deep Tissue Scanner to analyze the body for clues.

There are a total of six victims (two on each island) that you must find and investigate in any order. Each corpse requires three scans, one in each layer: skin, muscle, and bone. You can use “Aim Gadget” and “Crouch” to switch between layers. The location of the killer will be revealed once you have analyzed all six bodies.

Did You Know

Batman will comment that “this is not the victim mentioned by Aaron Cash” at every murder site if you do not find Anthony Lund—the first victim.

Except for the first victim which Aaron Cash marks on your map, the remaining five bodies have to be found on your own. They can be a bit difficult to spot due to their blending environments. If you hear opera music playing in the background, it means there is a Perfect Crime location nearby. Follow the music to the body which will always be put on display under a shining spotlight.


The scan identifiers below are according to the corpse’s perspective. So the right thigh means the right thigh of the corpse, or the left thigh from Batman’s perspective.

Victim #1 – Anthony Lund (Bleake Island)

You start Perfect Crime with the location of the first victim.

Location: The first victim can be found at the end of Merchant Bridge, in the northeastern corner of Bleake Island.


  • Left Ear (Skin Layer)
  • Lower Right Abdomen (Muscle Layer)
  • Left Pelvis (Bone Layer )

Victim #2 – Franklin Accardo (Bleake Island)

Location: The second victim on Bleake Island can be found hanging below the Gotham Radio Tower that is north of the GCPD building.


  • Left Upper Arm (Skin Layer)
  • Upper Left Chest (Muscle Layer)
  • Left Knee (Bone Layer)

Victim #3 – Robert Kincaid (Miagani Island)

Location: Check the eastern side of the roof of the Gotham Casino on Miagani Island.


  • Upper chest (Skin Layer)
  • Right upper arm (Muscle Layer)
  • Toes of the left foot (Bone Layer)

Victim #4 – Lisa Mendes (Miagani Island)

Location: Check the southeast side of the building next to Salvation Bridge.


  • Left Torso (Skin Layer)
  • Right Eye (Muscle Layer)
  • Right Upper Arm (Bone Layer)

Victim #5 – Ella Montgomery (Founders’ Island)

Location: The first victim on Founders’ Island can be found along the edge of the eastern boundary, south of Perdition Bridge.


  • Right Thigh (Skin Layer)
  • Right Abdomen (Muscle Layer)
  • Right Skull (Bone Layer)

Victim #6 – Alison Wears (Founders’ Island)

Location: You can find the last corpse north of Ryker Heights, or west of the main Trade House near the docks.


  • Left Thigh (Skin Layer)
  • Left Shoulder (Muscle Layer)
  • Left Pinky (Bone Layer)

Did You Know

The names of the victims are of Rocksteady Studios’ developers who made Batman: Arkham Knight.

Confront the killer – Professor Pyg

The killer behind the Perfect Crime victims is none other than Professor Pyg in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Once you have discovered all six Perfect Crime victims, the location of the killer will be revealed in Batman: Arkham Knight. Head over to the Pretty Dolls Parlor in Ryker Heights. The shop will be on the underground level.

Head inside the parlor and proceed through the backdoor to listen to the familiar opera music. Go down the steps and you will find Professor Pyg in a surgery room.

A short cutscene follows and after that, you are thrown into combat with Professor Pyg’s pain-resistant and stubborn “Dollotrons”. It is essential to be patient here since they require very lengthy Beatdowns or Environmental Takedowns to be subdued.

After you have successfully defeated the initial patients, Professor Pyg jumps into the fight himself, albeit from a distance where he periodically throws cleavers at you. Counter these cleavers to stun him and use that time to subdue the remaining Dollotrons.


Take care of all the Dollotrons first before dealing with Professor Pyg. Do not be tempted to attack him as soon as he jumps into the arena.

Knock out Professor Pyg using an Environmental Takedown after defeating all of his patients. Then head to the panel to free his hostages who you just saved from becoming more Perfect Crime victims. Place the Professor in your Batmobile, and take him back to GCPD to be locked for good.


Completing The Perfect Crime unlocks The Monster Machine achievement.

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