Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime ‘Corpse Locations Guide

Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Most Wanted Mission with detailed Corpse Locations and map to help you find them all.

After imprisoning Poison Ivy during chapter #1, Aaron Cash will inform you about a maimed corpse on Merchant Bridge.

There are a total of 6 of these victims which must be found and investigated to proceed through the side mission. You will hear slow opera music while approaching a corpse to aid you in your search.

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Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime

You will need to use the Deep Tissue Scanner to identify a victim. Open up the Detective Mode and use the circle for a unique identifier (more information below). You can use Aim Gadget and Crouch to switch between the skin, bone, and muscle layers in order to recognize a victim.

Below you will find a list of all victims, where they are found, and their unique identifiers to help you identify them:


Anthony Lund
Area: Bleake Island – Merchant Bridge
Identifiers: Left Ear, Right Abdomen, and Left Hip

Franklin Accardo
Area: Bleake Island – Gotham Herald building, northwest side
Identifiers: Left Upper Arm, Chest, and Left Knee

Robert Kincaid
Area: Miagani Island – Heavenly Hotel, east side of roof
Identifiers: Chest, Right Upper Arm, and Toes on Left Foot

Lisa Mendes
Area: Miagani Island – southeast side of building next to Salvation Bridge
Identifiers: Left Torso, Right Eye, and Right Upper Arm

Ella Montgomery
Area: Founders’ Island – south of Perdition Bridge
Identifiers: Right Thigh, Right Abdomen, and Right Skull

Alison Wears
Area: Founders’ Island – north Ryker’s Height near docks
Identifiers: Left Thigh, Left Shoulder, and Left Pinky

After examining all bodies, head over to Pretty Dolls Parlor in Ryker Heights. You need to head over to Founders’ Island in the underground level in order to find the shop.

Head inside the parlor and proceed through the backdoor to listen to familiar opera music in the area. Go down the steps to find Professor Pyg in a circular surgery room.

As soon as you see him attack you, perform a counter to knock him out. He will, once again, lurch to his feet to attack you which you need to counter and finish with a Ground Takedown.

Continue to attack the thugs inside the room while actively countering the knives coming your way to hurt the boss. As soon as you see the boss stunned, move in and perform an Environmental Takedown.

However, before you apprehend him, make sure to free victims inside the suspended cages above. Once the victims have been taken care of, throw Professor Pyg in the backseat of the Batmobile and drive him to GCPD.

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