Batman: Arkham Knight Founders’ Island Riddler Trophies Locations

Some of them require you to destroy blockades/checkpoints.

The Riddler has placed 38 Riddler trophies on the Founders’ Island and he will not face you until you have found them all. This is just one part of collecting all 179 Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham Knight to complete the Riddler’s Revenge Most Wanted side mission.

We have marked the locations of all the collectibles on Founders’ Island in the order they show up on the grid. This guide will help you pinpoint the exact location of each trophy and complete your collection.

Where to find all Riddler Trophies on Founders’ Island?

Riddler Trophy #1
Map Coordinates: 1963, 1793

You need to head over to the lower streets of Drescher, near the north port to find the collectible. You need to keep your eyes peeled for a destroyed double-story building to find the collectible inside.

Riddler Trophy #2
Map Coordinates: 2194, 1475

Head over to the streets below Ryker Heights to find a Riddler Sonic Device. Now use the Battle Mode of your Batmobile and activate the Scanner and a few question marks will start becoming visible on the road. Follow the question marks trail until you reach the Bruford Tower. Shoot the target on the wall to head inside gab find the collectible inside.

Riddler Trophy #3
Map Coordinates: 2419, 1456

To find this collectible, you need to have discovered Pyg’s lair during The Perfect Crime side mission. Head inside the Pretty Dolls Parlor in Ryker Heights and enter the floor grate to access the locked room on the left side. Now destroy the weak wall using Explosive Gel and pick the Riddler trophy inside.

Riddler Trophy #4
Map Coordinates: 2183, 1834

While crossing the Perdition Bridge from Bleake Island to Founders’ Island, look for a building with an anchor point on it. Use the Power Winch to pull it back, exposing a panel with 3 question mark signs that you need to hit to unlock the collectible. Hop out of the Batmobile and Quickfire 3 Batarangs and grab the trophy using the Batclaw.

Riddler Trophy #5
Map Coordinates: 2407, 1713

Head over to the cemetery on the lower areas of the Founders’ Island for this Riddler Trophy and search for a storefront with several Riddler Bots inside. Use the Voice Synthesizer to make one of the bots stand on the Pressure Pad nearby to open a new door and head inside.

Once you manage to head inside the newly opened area, blow up the wall using the Explosive Gel and enter the Ventilation shaft. Now before entering the room with all the bots, initiate a Fear Multi Takedown to reduce the numbers and then take out the rest of them to claim the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #6
Map Coordinates: 3306, 1456

Keep your eyes peeled along the water’s edge on the eastern side of Port Adams to come across a large crane hanging over the water. You need to find a small platform containing the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #7
Map Coordinates: 3008, 1172 (Trophy), 3253, 2136 (Pressure Pad)

Travel along the west side of Port Adams to find a container with the collectible attached to it. However, it is locked and you first, need to go to the Eiffel Tower-like building on Miagani Island.

There is a peculiar pressure pad with a checkered pattern on its rooftop. Stand on the pressure pad and you will get a waypoint and a timer of 40 seconds will begin. Now rush gliding back to the location of the trophy to grab it.

Riddler Trophy #8
Map Coordinates: 2613, 1593

You need to head over to the south side of Otisburg in Batman: Arkham Knight and park the Batmobile near the Bank of Gotham. Once you get to the area, fire the sealed wall nearby to gain passage inside and find the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #9
Map Coordinates: 2746, 1873

You need to head south from a Militia Blockade in Otisburg to find a Riddler Puzzle on a wall. The puzzle involves a pair of generators and 2 anchor points.

Use the Batmobile’s Power Winch to drag the top generator to the left and the right-hand generator to the top. Fire a Remote Electrical Charge on both generators to attract the ball and Use the Power Winch to move the top generator to the right.

Next, use a combination of attract and repel charges while moving the generator as needed, to move the ball into the hole in the bottom left corner of the mechanism. Now you are free to walk over and grab the trophy.

Riddler Trophy #10
Map Coordinates: 2843, 1712

You need to fly towards the south of the Founders’ Island to find a ruined building with a statue that contains the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #11
Map Coordinates: 2644, 1955

To find this Riddler Trophy, you need to check the lower eastern buildings opposite the Amertek Building of Founders’ Island to find a metal grating with a turret and a Riddler Bot on a rooftop.

Blind the turret and use the Voice Synthesizer to make the Riddler Bot pick up the collectible and lure him outside to claim it for yourself after defeating the bot.

Riddler Trophy #12
Map Coordinates: 2566, 1412

Head to the south of Otisburg and search the rooftops for a sealed-up wall; smash through the wall using the Batmobile and find the collectible waiting for you inside!

Riddler Trophy #13
Map Coordinates: 2641, 1385

Look for a circular Riddler Device planted near the old Cobblepot Manor and use the Batmobile Scanner to ping the Device. Once you have done it, follow the trail of question marks to drive off a ramp onto a far-off building and smash the hidden wall to find the Riddler collectible inside.

Riddler Trophy #14 
Map Coordinates: 2977, 1482

You need to drive towards Port Adams and head left to find a small building containing the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #15
Map Coordinates: 2312, 1682

This collectible is located directly under the ramp near City Vision Constructions that you raise during the Main Story to reach a Militia-controlled watchtower.

Riddler Trophy #16
Map Coordinates: 2997, 1345

You will come across an open container near the middle of Port Adams, protected by a horde of Riddler Bots. Use the Voice Synthesizer and select all the Riddler bots to have them stand on the container directly in front of them. Now throw a Batarang at the question mark button on the container on top of them to crush them all and grab the Riddler trophy.

Riddler Trophy #17
Map Coordinates: 2812, 1938

You can find this collectible near the docks in front of the Amertek Building on the east of the Island. Head over to the water’s edge by the Penitence Bridge and you will find it lying on a small platform.

Riddler Trophy #18
Map Coordinates: 2253, 1337

You need to make your way to the Wayne International Plaza next to the Lex Corp Tower and then to the balcony of the Wayne International Building. Once you arrive there, you need to head over to the balcony facing eastward near the airships to find another Riddler trophy on Founders’ Island.

Riddler Trophy #19
Map Coordinates: 2154, 1678 (Trophy), 2147, 1492 (Pressure Pad)

Head to a couple of circular towers near the Stag Airships and activate the red Pressure pad on one of the lower balconies. This will start a timer and you need to rush to the location of the trophy directly above the entrance to Killinger’s Department Store AKA Arkham Knight HQ.

Riddler Trophy #20
Map Coordinates: 2204, 1935

You need to head over to the water’s edge near the Perdition Bridge and find a locked gate with a generator nearby. You need to use the REC Gun to open the gate and head inside to claim the collectible.

However, do note that you will have to blind a couple of turrets inside the area. Picking up the trophy will spawn a bunch of red-colored robots and you need to use a Remote Controlled Batarang to reactivate the Sentry Guns to take care of the robots.

Riddler Trophy #21
Map Coordinates: 2064, 1673

Once you arrive at the mentioned map coordinates in the north Drescher, destroy the Militia’s roadblock and charge up the generator to find a cage with a Riddler Bot inside. You need to direct the bot to acquire the collectible and then destroy it to claim the prize.

Riddler Trophy #22
Map Coordinates: 2261, 1809

This collectible in Batman: Arkham Knight can be found on the outskirts of a Militia roadblock in Drescher district near the road leading to Perdition Bridge. You can also acquire it by climbing the small building bearing the ‘Gotham Pony’ signboard and dropping on the other side of the building.

Riddler Trophy #23
Map Coordinates: 1902, 1701

You need to head over to the north side of the Founders’ Island and make your way to the Trade House. You need to find and fly into a boarded-up wall near the water’s edge and smash inside to find the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #24
Map Coordinates: 1752, 1663

This collectible can be found on top of the lighthouse, overlooking the Ace Chemicals. You need to grapple to the top and search across the railing to find it.

Riddler Trophy #25
Map Coordinates: 2518, 1399

Head to the eastern end of the Founders’ Island near a blockade that you must destroy. Use the Power winch to pull the anchor point on the gate to destroy it. Head inside the alley and stand on the pressure pad. Now use the Batclaw to grab the Riddler trophy before heading to the next one in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Riddler Trophy #26
Map Coordinates: 2788, 1825

The next trophy is hidden behind a breakable wall on a bridge connecting 2 buildings in Otisburg. Use Detective Mode to identify the weak spot and shoot it with the Batmobile. Now head inside to pick up the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #27
Map Coordinates: 2372, 1411

This collectible is located on a balcony of the LexCorp Building with a couple of Pressure Pads and a Riddler Bot. You need to direct the Riddler Bot to one of the Pressure Pads and stand on the other one to find the collectible.

In case you have already done it, travel to the Pretty Dolls Parlor below Ryker Heights and head inside the floor grate inside the building to find the collectible in the adjacent room.

Riddler Trophy #28
Map Coordinates: 2564, 1802 (Trophy), 2456, 2663 (Pressure Pad)

You need to travel to the monorail platform near the cemetery to find the coordinates leading to the collectible; 2456, 2663. The coordinates will lead you to the back of GCPD right next to a generator. You need to power up the generator and complete the race within the allotted time limit to find the collectible.

Riddler Trophy #29
Map Coordinates: 1986, 1515

Look for a green Riddler mechanism directly below the Stagg Airships. Use the Power Winch of the Batmobile to pull the anchor point and glide into the room, stand on the pressure pad, and detach the Power Winch. Now Use the Line Launcher to get across and grab the trophy.

Riddler Trophy #30
Map Coordinates: 3286, 1279

Travel to the south end of Port Adams to find a large shipping container with 3 anchor points. Stand on the end of the container and use the Remote Batmobile Power Winch to pull all three anchor points quickly.

Now throw a Remote Controlled Batarang before the anchor points reset and guide it to hit the question mark button inside the very end of the container to unlock the door. Now you can simply walk in and pick up the trophy.

Riddler Trophy #31
Map Coordinates: 2231, 1086

You need to head over to the Gotham City Trains near the Wayne International Plaza in Batman: Arkham Knight. Once you arrive at the location, head over to the top floor of the building and search for the collectible on top of a yellow cabinet.

Riddler Trophy #32
Map Coordinates: 2520, 1389

This Riddler trophy can be found in Ryker Heights, near a large Militia roadblock with a lot of turrets placed along another Founders’ Island checkpoint. You need to search the staircases of a destroyed building near the blockade to find the collectible inside.

Riddler Trophy #33
Map Coordinates: 1975, 1466

This collectible is located along the water’s edge in Ryker’s heights, but further west along the island. You need to look for a large crane right next to a building under the airship and smash through a boarded-up wall to find the collectible inside.

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