Batman Arkham Knight AR Challenges Guide – Combat, Predator, Batmobile

AR Challenges return in Batman Arkham Knight, and this time around they are much more complex, involving a wide variety of missions that will have you knocking dozens of enemies down, completing time trials on your Batmobile, and taking down some of the most lethal enemy drones in the game.

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Batman Arkham Knight AR Challenges

Arkham Knight divides these challenges into 6 different sections.

  • Tutorial Challenges
  • Combat Challenges
  • Predator Challenges
  • Batmobile Race Challenges
  • Batmobile Combat Challenges
  • Batmobile Hybrid Challenges

Tutorial Challenges

Throw Counter
This is the first AR Challenge you will acquire after getting a new Batsuit early on in the game.

In order to complete this challenge, you will simply need to perform Throw Counters. These are done by pressing forward in the direction of a foe that is about to attack you, then press the Counter button. This will result in Batman throwing the foe forcefully aside.

Fear Multi-Takedown
In Arkham Knight, Batman can perform multiple stealth takedowns from behind by chaining them together. This AR Challenge will help you get familiar with that.

Fear takedowns are performed by the Strike button by sneaking up on enemies unaware of Batman’s presence. In the challenge itself there are four trios of enemies that need to be taken out by Fear Takedowns.

The first trio is fairly simple, standing in a semi-circle. The second and third trios need to be approached by using grates and crawlspaces. You will need to start the takedown from within the crawlspace/grate and then chain them together.

The fourth trio is up a ladder on a catwalk, and a little more spread out. Approach the ladder, wait for the foe to come near, then take him out. Immediately afterwards, look to the right and attempt to takedown the next foe, followed by the last one.

Predator Fundamentals
This is routine stuff for anyone who has played an Arkham game. Predator fundamentals will just get your familiar with the predator basics, and you’ll need to take out three guards in an area while avoiding being spotted.

The Detective mode like always is ever-useful.

Grapnel Boost MK II
It’s time to fly! This challenge will go over the real use and function of the aerodynamic design of the Batsuit. You will need to Grapnel Boost off a smokestack to spot a few Bat signals in midair.

The point of these are to give you a glide path – basically, you have to fly through them. Flying with this new suits involves diving down like a hawk to gain momentum, then spreading the wings to gain lift. Use this mechanism to fly through the Bat signals.

Summon, Eject & Glide
This AR Challenge demonstrates the new mechanic that allows synergy between the Batsuit and the Batmobile. Head to the area and call the Batmobile, then dive downwards. If you time it correctly (not that difficult), you’ll land straight into the vehicle.

Once in control, accelerate all the way to the bat sign, once near it, press the Run button repeatedly to eject yourself into the air. Hold the Run button to gain low altitude flight, and continue through the bat signs till the very end.

Weapon Energy Diagnostics
This is one of the earliest AR Challenges you’ll encounter, shortly after deploying the Batmobile for the first time. The whole purpose is to learn how to activate the Secondary Weapon. This is done by shooting at enemy drone tanks and dodging their incoming attacks.

This will build up your Secondary Weapon energy. Once it is full, you’ll be able to use the Secondary Weapon missile by locking on and firing using the Square/X button. This can be taken one step further by charging the Missile Barrage (Secondary Weapon) up to level 2, which can take out 4 enemies at once.

You will need to tap the locking-on button repeatedly to lock-on and fire at multiple enemies in quick succession.

Combat Challenges

Combo Master
Now the fun part begins. This challenge will include a regular rooftop brawl against a set of enemies. You need to chain combos together to earn yourself certain amount of stars.

Combos are changed by successive successful attacks that are uninterrupted. This means that a combo ends when an attack fails (misses or is simply blocked), when you manage to take a hit from an enemy, or when you take too long between attacks.

Chain up combos in this by avoiding being hit. Keep it simple for this challenge and try a mix of basic attacks and counters instead of anything flashy. A combo of x10 gives you One Star, a combo of x25 is worth 2 Stars, Combo of x50 is worth 3 Stars.

Tower Defense
This combat challenge is unlocked after Chapter 3 once you manage to pick up a floored foe and manage a Critical Beat Down. The challenge on paper is simple, but you’ll be overwhelmed fairly early on with half a dozen foes – some wielding bats and pipes.

The objective is to clear the wave of enemies and maximizing your score. Score is acquired by defeating an enemy, chaining Combos, avoiding hits, countering, throw counters, critical strikes etc.

After taking out the first set of enemies, a Brute will show up along with blade-wielding henchmen, you’ll need to take them out as well. 4000 points gives One Star, 8,000 is worth 2 Stars, and 16,000 is 3 Stars.

Azrael’s Atonement
This AR Challenge is only available after completing the sidequest “Heir to the Cowl”. In this challenge you will play as Azrael, and he pretty much has the exact same moveset and skills as the Dark Knight.

The objective of this challenge is not to get hit, which means Dodging and Countering is extremely important. You’ll start off against ten militia fighters at once, which can be easily countered.

After a few waves of those enemies, you’ll encounter the warriors with riot shields, followed by foes with electric rods.

The key to this challenge is to build up huge Combos to give yourself momentum and constantly keep the foes on the back-foot, especially after you have managed to get the riot shield and electric rod wielders dispossessed.

Avoiding getting hit in such a situation is difficult, but if you’re an experienced Arkham player you should get through it.

Gotham Knights
You will need to progress in Chapter 5 and use 3 Gadgets in a fight to unlock this mission. The fight is carried out in a tag-team styled combat with Batman and Nightwing. You can tag between the two with the L1/LB button, which can be done mid-combo.

Like Tower Defense, this one is all about points, and the way to accumulate large amount of points is similar. You’ll have a starting wave of standard fighters, but eventually riot shield wielders will enter, finally followed by a Brute.

The good thing is that Nightwing has his own moveset, along with a few unique combos which he can take use of greatly. Combine that with Batman’s gadgets and rack up large Combos to constantly have the upper hand.

Predator Challenges

Smash and Grab
This AR Challenge is available after the Two-Faced Bandit sidequest. Just like the sidequest, this mission will have you attempting to stop a heist. The success of the mission depends on how quickly you manage to dispatch all the foes.

There will be 20 of Two-Face’s goons in the bank attempting to carry out a robbery. You need to take out 10 of them in order to call their mission off. Note that even after you take one down, he will be replaced with another one quickly.

Use the familiar Predator techniques after carefully observing the environment. How quickly you manage to carry out the mission depends on your mastery of the Predator mode. Stop the heist in less than 3 minutes to earn One Star, under 2 minutes to earn Two Stars, and under 1 minute and 15 seconds to earn 3 Stars.

Terminal Velocity
In this AR Challenge you will have to complete three objectives in order to gain the best score. This challenge is available after Chapter 5 if you have managed to eliminate a Brute or Minigunner with an Environmental Takedown.

The area is Grand Avenue Station, and it’s a pretty complex place with several sentries, a Minigunner, and a sentry gun as well. The objectives are:

  • Use a Remote Hacking Device Takedown point to K.O. a militia thug
  • Perform a Fear Takedown through a weak wooden wall
  • Take out the militia Minigunner with an Environment Takedown

There is also a sentry who holds Detective Mode monitor, and he is in an area that should make it very easy to complete the second objective. This is also the first objective you should be completing so that you can take your time to spot Portable Generators to take out from the Remote Hacking Device.

The Minigunner is the real challenge here, as you need to perform an Environment Takedown. It is recommended to clear the area entirely and only then go after the Minigunner. Using the Voice Synthesizer is an effective way into luring him wherever you want.

Revive and Shine
This AR Challenge is available after you perform a multi Fear-Takedown after Chapter 3. Like the Terminal Velocity challenge (although you’ll get this earlier), you’ll need to complete several objectives.

  • Take no damage during the challenge
  • Take out the militia Medic last
  • Perform two separate Fear Multi-Takedowns

The area is basically the support for the monorail, with various catwalks on different levels. You will need to use your predator skills to maintain stealth (best way to take no damage). The real issue though is the Medic, who keeps on reviving anyone you take down.

Because of him and the required objective, you will need to use the Voice Synthersizer for this mission to lure enemies into a single cluster, and then perform two Fear Multi-Takedowns through this method.

However, make sure you perform these takedowns as far away from the Medic as possible so he has no chance to revive anyone between the Takedowns.

Under the Pale Moonlight
This AR Challenge is unlocked in Chapter 7 by using the Voice Synthesizer to lure an enemy into a Takedown.

In this mission, you will have the following objectives:

  • Perform a x4 Fear Multi-Takedown
  • Use the Voice Synthesizer to K.O. a target at a weak wall primed with Explosive Gel
  • Take out the Boa drone controller last

The AR Challenge takes place in the Panessa Film Studios, which is filled with advanced armed militia which need to be cleared out. The real challenge comes from the Optic Deflection armor worn by some of the troops, which make them undetectable in Detective Mode.

There is also a Boa Drone controller, which needs to be taken out last. The best way to stay out of the Drone’s line of sight is to be on the rooftop. However, keep an eye on its location constantly and always try to avoid revealing yourself.

The area is filled with weak walls and opportunities for Fear Takedowns, so utilize your experience from previous Predator challenges and in-game experience to do complete this challenge.

Batmobile Race Challenges

Midnight Fury TT
You’re heading to Bleake Island in your Batmobile for this Challenge, which is unlocked during Chapter 3, once you eject successfully from your Batmobile and glide over 300 meters.

The Batmobile racing challenges are rather simple, because they involved timed races. You will simply have to drive through the Bat signals.

While on the way though, you’ll encounter several hour-glass type pickups. These will reduce 3 seconds from your time, so make sure to pick them up to get the proper stars.

It is important to maximize the use of the Afterburner at right times, such as jumps and inclines to finish the lap as fast as possible. Complete the course under 2 minutes and fifteen seconds for One Star, under 2 minutes for Two Stars, and under 1 minute and 45 seconds for Three Stars.

City Heat TT
This Batmobile AR challenge is unlocked during Chapter 7 if you use 3 different gadgets during one Glide Kick attack.

This time trial is set in Miagani Island, and is almost purely about speed. The roads are a lot more straighter and it is significantly easier than Fury TT, as long as you stay on course and pick up the hour-glasses as often as possible.

Complete the course under 1 minute and 25 seconds for One Star, under 1 minute and 15 seconds for Two Stars, and under 1 minute and 5 seconds for Three Stars

This highly fun and intense challenge is tied to the Riddler sidequests. You’ll need to complete the fourth Riddler cave during “Riddler’s Revenge” side mission to unlock it.

The objective is pretty much the same: time trial. However, this time you’re in Riddler’s infamous high-pressure course, and there are plenty of blockages that you have to deal with. Also, you earn time bonus by drifting along corners now instead of simply grabbing hour-glass pickups.

The path here is marked on the walls with arrows, and blocks line the track and block it in various places. You will be the one controlling whether white or red blocks are active at a given time to make sure which blocks are withdrawn and which are extended when you are going through the course.

There are also places where green blocks smash in place repeatedly. If you are in a green spot when it is coming down, your Batmobile will be smashed. Just race these areas with good Afterburner timing to avoid the blocks and get a good time.

Complete the course under 1 minute and 20 seconds for One Star, under 1 minute and 10 seconds for Two Stars, and under 1 minute for Three Stars.

Mental Blocked
This is actually the first Riddler-based AR Challenge you unlock, after completing the first Riddler cave in the Riddler’s Revenge side mission.

This time trial is what will teach you how to switch between red and white blocks, but the only main difference is that instead of blocking the path, these blocks will also form the floor. This means that you’ll need to be extra careful, or else you’ll end up pulling off the turf right underneath you.

Complete the course under 1 minute for One Star, under 48 seconds for Two Stars, and under 42 seconds for Three Stars.

If you though the Crushonator was challenging, wait till you take a bite at the Condamned AR Challenge. This is once again a Riddle-based time trial. You’ll need to complete the seventh Riddler cave to unlock this challenge.

This time around it is Riddler who is in total control of the environmental insanity, meaning he’ll bring up spikes, blockages, and all sorts of stuff to prevent you from having an easy time.

You’ll also have instances where the track transitions into completely vertical banks, but Wayne’s fantastic engineering ensures the downforce of the Batmobile is enough to keep it stable even at near-impossible angles.

The key to this time trial is to be constantly on the pedal, avoiding everything you can and afterburning through the green blocks and spike traps. Good luck!

Complete the course under 1 minute and 30 seconds for One Star, under 1 minute and 15 seconds for Two Stars, and under 1 minute for Three Stars.

Batmobile Combat Challenge

One Man Army
This AR Challenge is unlocked during Chapter 1, after Lucius activates the Afterburner on the Batmobile. You will have to perform a jump over 50 meters with the Batmobile to unlock the challenge.

This challenge will have you facing off against a set of Rattler drones, and the entire objective is to rack up as big a score as possible. Use your Dodge Thrusters to avoid incoming attacks, and pile up your Secondary Weapon energy to the max, and release them missiles to get as much score as possible.

There’s no real complexity involved as long as you keep your tank Combo up (which also increases the point accumulation) and keep on destroying drones.

2000 points get you One Star, 4000 points get you Two Stars, and 8000 get you Three Stars.

Now the real fun starts! This AR Challenge is unlocked during the Chapter 3, after you perform 3 Critical Shots in one tank battle.

Your Batmobile will have almost no health left whatsoever, and you have to survive until its inevitable destruction. Yes, that means avoiding getting hit for as long as possible. Initially, you’ll start off against a very basic set of drones that you will need to take care of with your turret.

Use your Dodge Thrusters to avoid attacks and simply take out the drones. However, make sure you are saving up your Missile Barrage for the later part. After clearing out the first few waves, the real enemies are going to start to come up, and that is when you’ll need a fully energized set of Missile Barrages.

Having the upgrade for the Dodge Thrusters will help a lot, as will any upgrade to the Missile Barrages. Surviving for 1 minute give you One Star, 3 minutes gives Two Stars, and survival for 6 minutes grants Three Stars.

Natural Selection
This AR Challenge is pretty much the same thing as One Man Army, except that it pits you against stronger tanks such as Diamondbacks, Mambas, and advanced Rattlers. It is unlocked after completing Chapter 3.

You’ll be facing off against powerful drones in the Botanical Gardens, and the objective is to rack up as many points as possible. You should have an upgraded Batmobile for this one if you want to get a three star ranking.

2500 points get you One Star, 5000 points get you Two Stars, and 10,000 get you Three Stars.

Slumdog Billionaire
The clever reference to the Academy Award winning Slumdog Millionaire exists because you’ll be battling against a set of drones in Old Gotham. To unlock this, you’ll need to progress in the Most Wanted part of Campaign for Disarmament.

Like One Man Army and Natural Selection, your objective is to take out a large set of tanks and rack up a high score.

You’ll have airborne Dragon drones to contend with as well this time around, but if you have the Vulcan Gun and lots of upgrades for your Batmobile (which you should by this time), you should have no problem whatsoever.

8000 points get you One Star, 16,000 points get you Two Stars, and 24,000 get you Three Stars.

Batmobile Hybrid Challenges

Seek and Destroy
For this pretty intense AR Challenge, you will need to score three Vehicle Takedowns without using the Batmobile during Chapter 5.

This challenge will have you chasing a large amount of militia across Founders’ Island in a limited time, and you’ll need to take them down in order to gain time on the clock. Note that unlike drones, these are manned vehicles, so using stuff like the Immobilizer Gadget is important if you want to take them out.

Of course, it’s good to mix this up with some classic road rage action, which will also help in taking down vehicles. In fact, that should be your primary, since mostly militia trucks will take two Immobilizer hits before shutting down, whereas the Batmobile’s strength and power allows you to KO a vehicle with a good thrust – that too without putting it out of control.

4 Takedowns will grant you One Star, 8 will grant Two Stars, and 12 will give you Three Stars.

Knight Time Strike
This is a true hybrid of a time trial and Batmobile combat challenge. You can unlock this by performing 2 Perfect Shots in a row in a drone tank battle.

You’ll have to race through a number of Bat signals like any time trial challenge you’ve done, except that in between you’ll have various tank battle encounters in which you will need to destroy a set of drones.

The first encounter will have you facing off against 4 Rattle Drones. Take them out (they should be simple enough provided you’ve been upgrading your Batmobile), but remember that you don’t get timed toward your result from these instances.

However, you will get penalized for getting hit. Each hit will add 5 seconds to your final time. Ouch. Avoid getting hit and continue the race after finishing the drones.

The second encounter is pretty much the same as the first, except that there are 5 Rattler Drones instead of four. Take care of them, but don’t use your Secondary Weapon charge just yet.

The final encounter involves 5 Rattlers flanked by two Diamondbacks. Unleash your Secondary Weapon on these guys while avoiding getting hit.

Complete the course under 3 minutes and 30 seconds for One Star, under 2 minutes and 45 seconds for Two Stars, and under 2 minutes and 15 seconds for Three Stars.

Road Rage
Much like the above Seek and Destroy AR Challenge (though found a lot earlier), you’ll need to be taking down militia vehicles while racing against the clock. This one is unlocked if you perform a continuous drift for 3 seconds with the Batmobile during Chapter 1.

Big Game Hunter
This AR Challenge will pit you against the powerful elite Cobra tanks, which can decimate the Batmobile if they lock on to you. The challenge is unlocked during Chapter 7, after unleashing any Batmobile Secondary Weapon powered up to level 4.

The key to this challenge is stealth. Cobra vehicles have scanner upfront, which if spots your Batmobile means annihilation. However, their rear side is blind, which allows you to sneak up on them and take them down from the back.

For this reason, stealth becomes a necessity in this challenge. You will also have to be extra speedy and cautious after taking out a Cobra unit, as immediately afterwards backups will swarm that region in an attempt to hunt you down.

Take out six Cobra units in 5 or less minutes for One Star, in 3 minutes and 45 seconds or less for Two Stars, and in 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less for Three Stars.

David and Goliath
David and Goliath is unlocked after you perform 3 Throw Counters in one FreeFlow Combo during Chapter 5.

This idea is basically the same as Big Game Hunter, with the requirement of taking out 6 Cobra units. However, unlike Big Game Hunter, you don’t have to practice stealth, although it is better to do so in order to avoid being hit, which can result in 30 seconds (!) being added to your final time.

Note that each Cobra you destroy will be replaced with 2 additional ones, so make sure you get out of the area as quickly as possible.

Take out six Cobra units in 5 or less minutes for One Star, in 3 minutes and 45 seconds or less for Two Stars, and in 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less for Three Stars.

Drone Zone
This is exactly like Knight Time Strike, with a time trial race being interrupted by several drone encounters. You will need to call in the Batmobile while gliding high above Gotham during Chapter 5 to unlock this. Like Knight Time Strike, every hit will have a 5 second penalty, so be careful.

Complete the course under 4 minutes and 30 seconds for One Star, under 3 minutes and 45 seconds for Two Stars, and under 3 minutes for Three Stars.

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