Batman: Arkham Knight Heir To The Cowl Walkthrough

Meeting an old friend.

Azrael returns in Batman: Arkham Knight to prove himself as a true “Heir to the Cowl” and to succeed the Dark Knight when he either retires or dies.

You can unlock the titular Most Wanted mission during the third chapter when you are investigating the last known location of the Oracle. Alfred will tell you about a mysterious person standing next to a burning bat symbol on a building rooftop.


Heir to the Cowl is a continuation of Watcher in the Wings from Batman: Arkham City.

Head over there to find Azrael who wants to prove himself worthy of becoming the protector of Gotham City. This will begin a series of AR Combat Challenges which you have to complete as Azrael without getting hit once.

Completing all of the challenges will give you 8x Upgrade Points, unlock the Azrael Atonement AR Challenge, and the Angel in the Dark achievement.

Azrael locations in Batman: Arkham Knight

There are four locations where you can find Azrael to complete Heir to the Cowl in Batman: Arkham Knight. Except for the first one, you have to find the other three locations on your own.

You need to look for a large burning bat symbol while gliding over Gotham City. For your ease though, we have marked all of Azrael’s locations in order on the maps below.

Trial of Azrael #1 – Just the Beginning

Map Coordinates: 3039, 2668

The first location to meet with Azrael can be found marked on your map. Head to the Kingstop building rooftop west of the Gotham bank on Miagani Island to spot him next to a burning bat symbol. Speak with Azreal to begin the combat challenge.


Azrael plays the same as Batman. You will have access to the same combat skills, gadgets, counters, and combos.

You need to defeat six thugs, two with bats, without taking any damage. The best method to complete the challenge is to counter and attack while keeping an eye out for attacking enemies. This should not be difficult to do at this point in the game.

Trial of Azrael #2 – Showing Great Skill

Map Coordinates: 2728, 1472

The next burning bat symbol location can be found on Founders’ Island. Head to the rooftop of the Otisburg building south of the Fire Station to start your next Azreal Challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight.

This time the combat challenge will be a bit harder than the first. A total of seven thugs and one elite brawler will come at you. Make sure to keep an eye out for the brute as he will throw objects at you. You can use a Cape Stun, followed by a beatdown, to take down the brute.

Trial of Azrael #3 – Competent Warrior

Map Coordinates: 1896, 2343

The third burning bat symbol is on a small rooftop opposite the Osamu Tower in Central Chinatown on Bleake Island. This is a much harder Heir to the Cowl challenge to complete in Batman: Arkham Knight.

You will have to deal with nine thugs and a medic who can revive downed enemies. Like always, deal with the medic before anyone else. Use the Remote Electrical Charge or Counter Throw on him while constantly looking for the rest of the enemies. If you fail, simply restart the AR challenge.

Trial of Azrael #4 – The Final Challenge

The last Heir to the Cowl location is on top of the Lady of the Gotham Statue in Batman: Arkham Knight. This is the toughest challenge to complete as Azrael.

You will be dealing with six sword-wielding combat specialists. They can charge at you to perform sword attacks as well as blade strikes. You can counter all of their attacks but be mindful of the sword attack which can only be evaded with a Blade Dodge.

Once the goons are taken care of, Batman will commend Azrael for his skills, and the combat challenges will end with a call from Alfred.

Alfred will inform Batman about the real identity of Azrael and what his true intentions are. A new marker on your map will pop up to visit the Clock Tower and analyze Azrael’s unusual Neurology.

Reconstructing Azrael’s Memories

Climb on top of the Clocktower in Chinatown, Bleake Island, and use the secret door to enter a hidden area. Interact with the console to turn the area into a portable Batcave and then approach the computer to begin reconstructing Azrael’s memories.

You need to scan five markers in the correct order while going through Azrael’s memories. This is important because if you miss even one, you will fail the Heir to the Cowl mission. The time stamps below tell you when and what to scan in order for your final confrontation with Azrael in Batman: Arkham Knight.

  • 00:00:00 – Scan the sigil that first appeared in Batman: Arkham City.
  • 00:05:55 – Scan the marker on the card.
  • 00:16:44 – Scan the shoulder pad.
  • 00:28:92 – Scan the top-left corner of the shield.
  • 00:41:31 – Scan the sigil in the lower right corner.

Heir to the Cowl ending choices

Once the memory is successfully reconstructed, Azrael will appear behind Batman. You will now gain control of Azrael and must make one of two choices. You, as Azrael, can either kill Batman using the sword or break the sword. There is also a third hidden ending choice in which you can choose to just leave the Clock Tower.

Choice #1 – Kill Batman

If Azrael decides to go in for the kill, Batman will counter his attack and knock him out. You will then gain control of Batman and take Azrael to GCPD where he will spend the rest of his days behind bars.

Choice #2 – Break the Sword

Azrael breaks the sword after picking it up from a shelf. He will then leave the Clock Tower in search of those who manipulated him. Azrael gave the sword to Batman earlier as a sign of trust, so this choice reflects how he sees the Dark Knight.

Choice #3 – Leave the Clock Tower

If you are not fond of either of the two given choices, Azrael can make a third choice by heading to the elevator to leave the Clock Tower. This ending is the same as the one where you break the sword. Azrael will head out to hunt the Order of St. Dumas for what they have done to him.

The sword will remain on the shelf for the rest of the game. You will also unlock the Angel in the Dark achievement regardless of whichever choice you make for Azrael in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Should you kill Batman or leave the Clock Tower?

There are no wrong choices to make here. They all will complete the Most Wanted mission without affecting the main storyline of Batman: Arkham Knight. If you want to know which is the canon choice though, breaking the sword or leaving the Clock Tower sounds reasonable. The Order of St. Dumas cannot go unpunished, but it also remains to be seen if Azrael survives with the chip in his brain.

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