Batman Arkham Knight Heir to the Cowl Most Wanted Mission Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Heir to the Cowl most wanted mission guide to help you complete all combat challenges.

After the crashed SUV incident during Chapter 3, you are informed of a suspicious man right next to a burning bat symbol. You are met with Azrael and decide to test him with 4 Combat Challenges of increasing difficulty.

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Batman Arkham Knight Heir to the Cowl Most Wanted Mission

You need to complete each Combat Challenge without being hit once to unlock and complete the next challenge. Completing the side mission rewards you with a total of 8 WayneTech Upgrade Points.

Combat Trial 1 – Just the Beginning
Location: Miagani Island, Kingston, rooftop west of Bank of Gotham

Speak with the kneeling man across the street from the parking garage to start the mission.

You will have to defeat a total of 6 soldiers to complete the mission and are allowed to use any melee weapons. The best method to complete the challenge is to counter and attack while keeping an eye out on attacking enemies.


Combat Trial 2 – Showing Great Skill
Location: Founders’ Island, Otisburg, south of Fire Station

This trial pits you against 7 thugs and a Brute on a lone building in Otisburg.

During this challenge, make sure to keep an eye out on thrown objects and melee weapons. In order to take down the Brute, use a Cape Stun followed by a Beat Down – just like with Batman.

Combat Trial 3 – A Competent Warrior
Location: Bleake Island, Chinatown, west of traffic circle

For this challenge, you will have to deal with 10 soldiers and a Medic. Like always, deal with the Medic before anyone else and use the Remote Electrical Charge or Counter Throw to take care of him while constantly looking for rest of the enemies.

If you fail the challenge, simply restart it!

Combat Trial 4 – The Final Challenge
Location: Lady of Gotham Island

The final challenge pits you against 6 Combat Experts who either charge with a sword attack or a dual-attack, both of which can be countered with relative ease.

There is another sword attack which can only be evaded with a Blade Dodge. Defeat all 6 thugs to complete the challenge.

Finale – Reconstructing Memories
Location: Bleake Island, Chinatown, Clock Tower

Grapple to the Clock Tower and drop down into a secret area. Once inside, use the console and look for date on Michael Lane.

While scanning, you will realize that the memories have been tampered with and you must scan 4 unique Order of San Dumas Lithographs – here are the time stamps that you need to scan:

  • 00:00:00
  • 00:05:55
  • 00:16:44
  • 00:28:92
  • 00:41:31

Once you have reconstructed the memory, the mission completes.

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