Batman: Arkham Knight Two-Faced Bandit Walkthrough

You either die a hero or live long enough to start robbing banks.

Two-Faced Bandit is one of the many Most Wanted missions that you can complete on the side for upgrade points in Batman: Arkham Knight. It requires you to track down and stop Harvey Dent and his henchmen from robbing three banks across the map.

Each bank robbery is divided into two parts. You start by taking out the thugs before they can clear out the money. The blaring alarm will allow you to be loud, so there is no need to be stealthy. You can still do silent takedowns if you want though.

The HUD in the top-center of your screen displays the number of thugs you have to take down and the amount of money left in the vault.

In the second part, the thugs will become aware of your presence. You must then rely on silent takedowns to deal with the remaining enemies.

Did You Know

Two-Face can have different dialogues when you are taking him to GCPD, depending upon whether you have completed the main story or not.

You will automatically unlock the Two-Faced Bandit side mission after taking Poison Ivy to the Botanical Gardens as part of the main story mission of Batman: Arkham Knight. The second and third bank locations will only unlock after you have stopped the previous bank robbery.

Bank Robbery #1 – Chinatown, Bleake Island

While the alarms and sirens let you cause as much noise as possible, we recommend you remain unseen. Start by gliding into the caged vault in front of you which has three thugs. You can take them down quickly in a single combo.

Now exit the vault and hide in the floor grating. Something important to know here is that the Chinatown Bank has an excellent network of floor gratings. You can reach any room or area of the bank unseen by just moving underground.

Keep your Detective Vision enabled at all times to spot enemies that are by themselves. Jump out from a nearby grating for a silent takedown before going back into hiding. Rinse and repeat. This strategy should help you throughout the Two-Faced Bandit missions in Batman: Arkham Knight.


If multiple enemies are grouped up, use a Smoke Pellet to silently take down all of them. They will be busy robbing during the first part, so you can easily approach them from behind.

When the second phase starts, you will have to take out eight more thugs. There will be no alarms to cover the sound of your attacks, but you also do not need to rush since the money bar will be gone.


If you run into a situation where the enemies do not show up inside the bank, restart your game to fix this bug.

We still advise you to use the floor gratings instead of the high vantage points. This is because three of the armed thugs will be patrolling the same corridor. Jumping from above might make too much noise. So remain unseen under the floor and take them out as they come.


Stopping the Bleake Island bank heist unlocks the Two Faces of Fear! achievement.

Bank Robbery #2 – Drescher, Founders’ Island

The second heist will be a bit more difficult to stop. The Drescher Bank has a much larger and more complex layout than the linear one of Chinatown. You will now have to navigate between three floors that are connected by elevators.

Your objective here will be to take out 10 thugs before they clear a total of $2 million in cash. Once again you can be loud as long as the alarm is going off but make sure that the enemies do not see you. We recommend you start by finding at least 3 enemies close to each other and executing a Fear Multi-Takedown. Then quickly hide in a floor grate or grapple up to a vantage point to observe the remaining enemies.

Similar to the last robbery, use the environment, floor grates, and vantage points to take down enemies as fast as you can. Once you have taken out 10 of the enemies, Two-Face will cut the alarm, and the thugs will start hunting you. Stay hidden and take out the remaining enemies silently to foil another Two-Faced Bandit heist in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Stopping the Founders’ Island bank heist unlocks the Two Sides of the Same Coin! achievement.

Bank Robbery #3 – Kingston, Miagani Island

The third Two-Faced Bandit heist will become available after you have cleared the first two. The Kingston Bank is the largest one in Gotham City, meaning that you will have to deal with more enemies in a larger space. Thankfully, that also means you have more vantage points and opportunities for silent takedowns.

We recommend you to have the Multi-Fear Takedown x4 upgrade. You can immediately take out four enemies from the get-go and grapple up to a vantage point to observe the remaining enemies.


Use your Remote Hacking Device to drop the chandeliers on top of multiple enemies. These chandeliers are exclusive to the Kingston branch.

Once you have eliminated 15 enemies looting the bank, Two-Face will walk in with a fresh batch of goons including medics, a Detective Mode jammer, and a scanner. Prioritize taking out the enemy with the jammer so you can use the Detective Mode. Next, take out the guy with the scanner to avoid giving away your location. Take out the rest of the enemies before approaching Two-face. Despite Being a crime boss, Two-Face is just another human and will go down in a single takedown.

Next, you will automatically put Two-Face in the back of the Batmobile. Drive to the GCPD, while having a heart-to-heart with both Harvey and his better half to finally complete his Two-Faced Bandit mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Stopping the Miagani Island bank heist unlocks the Jekyll & Hyde achievement.

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